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GM Rank

  • Let's start with the obvious: Achieving the Grand Master rank, whether it's the comparatively simple GM rank in the original TGM or the world-class GM rank in TGM 3.
  • One player achieved GM rank in The Absolute PLUS on an emulator, but a few technical screwups altered the RNG seed of his replay, screwing it up. Fortunately, he and the TGM community were able to fix his replay, allowing him to upload it on YouTube.
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  • TGM 3 Classic GM without using the hold button.
  • TGM 3 Classic GM without clearing any Tetrises.
  • KevinDDR, a western TGM 3 Player, being the FIRST Western player to become Classic GM! Watch here!
    • His reaction upon reaching Classic GM is glorious. He immediately starts shedding Tears of Joy when seeing that he had passed the GM Exam, before having an absolutely magnificent "Hell, Yes!" Moment.

Everything Else

  • In TAP, getting the RE (Recovery) medal, which requires first having 150 blocks in the playfieldnote  and then dropping back down to 75 blocks.
  • Also in TAP, completing Doubles mode. Due to the game forcing 20G on the first player to reach level 300 in a mode where the playfield is extra wide, playing Doubles requires both players to work together with a strong sense of cooperation.


  • After 17 years of the series' No Export for You status, Tetris: The Grand Master 3 Ω being scheduled to have a location North America.

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