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  • Channel Hop: R.E.M. switched to working with Warner (Bros.) Records starting with this album, in part due to I.R.S. Records' dismal international distribution.
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: Green received a promotional special edition release that packaged the album in a blue-gray digipak with a cloth case (meant to mimic the texture of tree bark), the band and title logo embossed, and the 4's debossed above the R's; the colors and texture tie in with the album's Green Aesop themes. From this album onwards, every one of R.E.M.'s albums until Accelerate would feature a special edition release.
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  • No Export for You: Despite its success in Europe and as a promotional release on American radio, the "Orange Crush" single went unreleased in the United States.
  • Screwed by the Network: A big factor into why R.E.M. left I.R.S. Records for Warner Bros. starting with this album was because I.R.S' distribution of their material overseas was dismal at best. Peter Buck elaborated on this in an interview, stating that R.E.M. came to feel that, despite constantly pressuring them to sell well, MCA Records (who was the main distributor for I.R.S.) didn't consider the band enough of a priority to bother giving them sufficient exposure outside of America.
  • Throw It In!: As mentioned on the main page, the 4's superimposed over the R's on the front cover and the listing of "Stand" (the fourth track on the album) as track number R stemmed from a typo made when typing out the album title; since the 4 key is right above the R key on a typical keyboard, the title ended up being spelled G4een, and the band liked the effect enough to make use of it.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • R.E.M. originally envisioned Green as being a Distinct Single Album, where one side would contain electric guitar-driven songs and the other acoustic songs. This never came to fruition due to a lack of good acoustic material, but the band would eventually release an acoustic album in the form of Automatic for the People four years later. These original plans may be partly why the LP release of Green features an "Air" side and a "Metal" side, in addition to the Green Aesop themes in the lyrics.
    • Some promotional cassettes of Green contain different mixes for "World Leader Pretend", "Turn You Inside-Out", and "11." than what was ultimately included on the final release.
  • This album was the first by R.E.M. to feature lyrics printed in the liner notes; however, the lyrics only cover the song "World Leader Pretend". Later albums would continue leaving the lyrics absent, until Up in 1998 finally broke the trend and printed all the lyrics to every song in full. This would be continued on the band's post-Up albums all the way until Collapse into Now.


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