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Trivia / Fear the Walking Dead

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  • Actor-Shared Background: Travis is revealed to be Maori, like Cliff Curtis, the actor playing him. However he's apparently American-born or spent most of his life in the US.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Frank Dillane (Nick's actor) has said that he didn't like the changes that Season 4 brought to the storyline, didn't want to do the crossover, and was worried about being stuck working on the show for several years, an issue that other The Walking Dead actors encountered.
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    • Michael Greyeyes, Qaleteqa Walker's actor, was shocked by the departures of several actors including Kim Dickens and was disappointed by the turn Season 4 took with the show.
  • The Danza: Two partial examples:
  • Fake Nationality:
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Principal Obama for Art Costa
    • Fear the Floating Dead, reflecting that season 2 is set at sea (at least initially).
  • God Never Said That: Prior to the series premiere, many sites misattributed a quote from actress Lexi Johnson (who played the undead Gloria in the pilot) and believed that she was "Patient Zero" for the outbreak. This is not true at all - the morning after Gloria tries to attack Nick in the church, Tobias tells Madison that he has reports of the dead coming back to life in five states, showing that the outbreak had been spreading long before Gloria was infected and turned. However, this hasn't stopped some fans from believing the articles to be true.
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  • Playing Against Type: Cliff Curtis has spent most of his career playing tough guys, but here he's playing a mild, idealistic and decidedly nonviolent English teacher.
  • Those Two Actors: Kim Dickens (Madison Clark), Dayton Callie (Jeremiah Otto), Ray Mc Kinnon (Proctor John), and Garrett Dillahunt (John Dorie) were all previously in Deadwood (as Joanie Stubbs, Charlie Utter, Reverend Smith, and Jack McCall/Francis Wolcott). Dickens, Callie, and McKinnon also appeared on Sons of Anarchy (as Colette Jane, Wayne Unser, and Lincoln Potter).
  • What Could Have Been: As explained by Dave Erickson here, he reveals a few details that he would have done had he stayed as showrunner for Season 4 and beyond:
    • Proctor John would have been the Big Bad of Season 4.
    • Alicia, Madison, and Nick would continue to be the main characters.
    • It was considered at one point that Troy was supposed to live a little longer instead of dying at the end of Season 3, but it was decided that the aftermath of the Ottos vs. Clarks story would be about Madison and Nick coming to terms with it.
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    • Madison's arc would have seen her evolve into a villain, and in Erickson's opinion, he would have ended the show with Madison still alive.
    • Nick, "in any version" of the planned story, would still be alive.
    • Daniel would have stayed and part of his arc would be seeing Lola as his Replacement Goldfish for Ofelia.
    • The original base for the Season 4 plan was that Madison, Nick, Alicia, Strand, Daniel, and possibly Troy were supposed to reunite.


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