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For trivia from the TV show, see here.

For trivia from the video game, see here.


  • Fan Nickname: Skinwalkers or Walkie Talkies, for the unusual walkers that are actually survivors who wear the skins of the deceased.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally, Negan was only going to be a short-lived Arc Villain, with Rick killing him at the end of Something To Fear and sending his severed head to Maggie as an apology for not being able to save Glenn. However, Kirkman found he enjoyed writing the character and decided to keep him alive longer, resulting in Negan becoming the default Big Bad of the series.
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    • Kirkman admitted his original ending was to show a close-up of a statue for Rick much as in the final issue. It would then pull back to show it covered with vines as zombies roam about, indicating that all Rick did was to stave off the inevitable end of the last humans. Kirkman decided that would be far too dark an ending and make all the struggles of the characters pointless. Had Kirkman gone with this ending, it would have happened at the end of the "No Way Out" story arc.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Walking Dead Wiki.
  • Word of Gay: According to Kirkman, Martinez from the Woodbury arc was gay, but he never found a good moment to reveal it.




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