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Nightmare Fuel / Fear the Walking Dead

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Even freshly turned walkers can be creepy.
"Before she brought you in, she made me promise that I would not harm you, that we would talk, and that I would exchange you for my wife's return. That is not gonna happen."
Daniel Salazar preparing for a torture session

These examples really put the Fear in Fear the Walking Dead...

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    In General 
  • First off, there's the walkers. Secondly, it only took a few weeks to kill off pretty much everything. By Season 2, which is around a week or two in after the outbreak got rolling, and they're already resorting to firebombing the entire east and west coastlines to stop the infected. And as we know, their efforts to thin them out was in vain.
  • Freshly turned zombies are particularly creepy cause they still look humannote , except they're slightly off due to their Zombie Gait and vacant cloudy eyes.

    Season 1 
  • Griselda getting injured as the group tries to escape the rioting city. A broken leg is never pleasant to deal with in the first place, but in an apocalyptic world, it has become a death sentence.
  • The slow collapse of Los Angeles. And watching the power grid go out over the city, block, by block.
  • Daniel ends up torturing Adams for information, by cutting the latter's arm and attacking what's inside. While we only see bits of it, the pain of this situation is spelled out in brutal detail:
    Daniel: The outer layers have less nerves. The deeper, the more sensitive. You need a steady hand.
  • At one point, Nick and Strand are stuck in a hallway where the door is closed. Meanwhile, walkers are closing in on them. This situation is scary enough, but there is also the flickering lights, where one instance makes it look like they teleported a short distance.
  • After Adams shoots Ofelia, we see a whole new side of Travis. He pummels the shit out of Adams until Madison tells him to stop. By this time, his knuckles are very bloodied. It's just so jarring to see this peaceful man suddenly become violent when the situation calls for it.

    Season 2 
  • The plane crash that left all but one survivor dead or mortally injured. Chris has to Mercy Kill one survivor who has been pinned to his seat with his torso broken in half.
  • The Hotel filled with zombies. Especially Alicia being trapped on one of the top floors with them roaming around.
  • How Chris meets his end. After crashing the car with his new "friends", Brandon and Derek, he ends up incapaciated, and then gets shot in the head by his buddies.
  • And when Travis learns of this, he goes batshit insane over Derek and Brandon to the point of beating them to death with his bare hands, and when a fellow hotel occupant tries to intervene, Travis slams his head with the door, and the guy dies from the wound soon afterwards.

    Season 3 
  • The scene where a crow was eating a man's brains. WHILE THE MAN IS STILL ALIVE.

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