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  • Billing Displacement: Miley Cyrus is Billed Above the Title but is a supporting character at best while Susie Essman (the voice of Mittens) is lumped into the "also starring" list of actors.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: The primary members of the argentine music group Les Luthiers give their voices to the pigeons in the spanish dub note . It is a very notable case as they voice the pigeons in both the Spanish and Latin American dubs, even having to record new lines due to dub differences. This is a feat that is practically unheard-of, as Latin American and Spanish dubs practically never share voice actors.
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  • Executive Meddling: John Lasseter, who felt that Chris Sanders' original treatment for the film was "too mature", strongly suggested several changes, which Sanders refused, causing some considerable behind-the-scene drama resulting in Sanders leaving Disney after 18 years and moving on to DreamWorks Animation. According to some Disney insiders who saw previews of Sanders' American Dog, the meddling was not without justification.
    "I saw the latest reel (yes, I worked at Disney then) and it was the most disjointed, confusing, quirky, weird, unmarketable movie Ive [sic] seen. It was rife with plot problems, the characters were unappealing... it just wasn't working and Sanders wouldn't fix it."
  • The Other Marty: Chloë Moretz was the first choice to voice the role of Penny, and apparently voiced the character for the entire film. But she is quickly replaced by Miley Cyrus, who went on to re-record most of Penny's dialogue, even though Moretz's voice for Penny as a child still remains.
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  • Permanent Placeholder: Rhino's voice acting was done by story artist Mark Walton who was just supposed to do the scratch voice. He was so hilarious, however, that he was asked to do the actual voice for the movie. He was just as excited as his character.
  • Stunt Casting: As mentioned above, the majority or Penny's lines were already recorded before the studio decided to recast Miley Cyrus to voice the character. Recasting to feature their current teen star in the movie—not really a coincidence.
  • Troubled Production: The film was originally helmed by Lilo & Stitch director Chris Sanders, who wanted to make another quirky animated family film. To that end, he envisioned American Dog, which followed a popular television star dog named Henry who (after being knocked out and waking up on a train to Nevada) enlists the help of two other talking animals, including a cat and oversized bunny rabbit, to drive him back home (while believing he's still in a television show). The film went through several different cuts (and suggestions from John Lasseter and other Pixar directors on how to improve the film), but Sanders reportedly rejected all of the changes. Lasseter then fired Sanders from the project, causing the latter to jump ship to DreamWorks, and the film was drastically reworked (under a constrained timeframe) into the final product. Tellingly, American Dog is not mentioned anywhere on the film's DVD features, and only receives a passing reference in the making-of book The Art of Bolt.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The film (originally named American Dog) started as a far cry from what it would become. It began as Chris Sanders' follow up to Lilo & Stitch, with him serving as director and production designer. Story-wise, Bolt was a Funny Animal secret agent character, Rhino was a giant radioactive rabbit and Mittens was a male cat with an eyepatch named Ogo (the last character would later be recycled for Sanders' webcomic Kiskaloo). See Executive Meddling for the rest.
    • Former NFL player Todd Marinovich was in talks to do the voice of Bolt.
    • Mitten's original Kick the Dog backstory originally revealed that not only had her family declawed and abandoned her, but her name was Mr. Mittens because they never bothered to check if she was a boy or a girl.


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