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Penny's New Same Life by Skauldrich

  • Recommended by: Canzet The Coyote
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A written version of Destiny 300's "Penny Changes into Female Bolt."
  • Pairing(s): Bolt X Transformed dog Penny
  • Tags: Transformation
  • Notes: An excellent transformation fanfic where Penny transforms into a female version of Bolt. Also, there's this one minor OC character in it who completely stole the show for me, an emotional NASCAR fan Chinook dog named Kurt. Every single time I read those two scenes where Kurt cries, I fantasize licking every last tear rolling down Kurt's muzzle with my tongue til he stops crying. I have a huge, HUGE furry crush on Kurt.

The Bolt stories of PenNameSmith

  • Recommended by Macgyver 644200
  • Synopsis: A series of stories set after the conclusion of the movie, giving a brief overview of what happens next.
  • Pairings: BoltXMittens
  • The author touches on a variety of topics that the movie didn't fully resolve (Bolt adjusting to normal life, what happens to the show, etc) and does it very well, with a bunch of original ideas thrown in as well. The characters stick to their canon personalities and the author's very good at keeping the story interesting all throughout. Humor, action, and heartwarming moments galore, I was never bored with the stories and was sad to see that the author had stopped writing Bolt fanfics. Give it a whirl.

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