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Tearjerker / If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device

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  • The Emperor reminiscing Malcador the Sigillite's last words prior to taking his place on the Golden Throne. It's one of the few scenes in the series that is played absolutely seriously.
  • During the second Q&A video, when asked if the Sanguinor is Sanguinius, the Emperor is still very clearly heartbroken over his death 10,000 years later and still loves him very much.
    Emperor: I was there when my son died. I saw his body, felt no life from his flesh. Whatever fucking Horus had done to him he could not be brought back. Sniff. If this Sanguinor is really even a fragment of the only one of my children that laid his life down for me, hopefully he knows that Daddy misses him very much. Sniff sniff. Sob.
    • While it's hidden among hilarity and barely noticeable, the Slaaneshmas Special has the Emperor more or less stating he spends the entirety of Sanguinala every year doing nothing but crying.
  • Magnus' flashback. In sequence it is "my brothers pick on me" and "I failed to save my brother Horus, but I can still warn father!" and then at the end, he is shouted at by the Emperor. Even with the comical stuff like Tzeentch's petty bullying, it still rings of Tragic Hero.
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  • Malal's Situation. The Retconnian is effectively a black void of non-existence, where retconned out or in Fucking Horus' case, killed so hard their soul was erased from existence characters are effectively dumped in, with only a Small (on their end) hole to look out into the 40k verse.
  • The events of episode 22. Kitten is forced to cede his position as the caretaker and due to malice on Fab Custodes' and Magnus' part, both him and Emperor are now convinced that the other doesn't care for him and is happier without him. Keep in mind the only thing to make the Emperor cry before this was thinking back on Sanguinius and his death.
    • Perhaps the worst part is that, even though he lied about the particulars otherwise Magnus is right. The Emperor really is casually cruel to his own children for little to no reason all the time, and even though he does care about them it is filtered through his all-consuming narcissism.
  • While it is quite short, the scene immediately after Calgar's duel with the Hive Tyrant in the second part of BEHEMOTH is painful. Calgar just lost all of his limbs and his left eye, and can only watch as the Tyranids utterly butcher his Ultramarines. It is another one of the few scenes in the TTS universe that is played absolutely seriously for how short it is. No wonder he made a deal with something to win.
  • Magnus unintentionally killing Vulkan by psychically throwing the Engine of Woes at him in an effort to make him stop hugging him. For one of the few times in the series, Magnus actually sounds distraught.
    • Of course, it's somewhat mitigated by the fact that Vulkan, being a Perpetual, pops back up moments later none the worse for wear (save for his chestplate being caved in). Of course, there remains the fact that Magnus wasn't around to see it happens, and so still thinks he killed his brother.
  • Corax's speech to the Raven Guard and the rest of the Imperial forces when he prepares to sacrifice himself to save everyone from the deadly toxins that will be released by the Greater Catachan Barking Toad. The Raven Guard are all but in tears at the prospect of losing their gene-father, and it is only thanks to Sly Marbo that such a massive catastrophe and tragedy was ultimately averted.
  • Very minor, but one gets the impression the real reason Dorn cannot help but hate the Black Templars isn't because they're maniacs, but because even today after several thousand years he just cannot get over the incident with Sigismund, when he outright disowned him (on top of Sigismund himself offering his neck for execution as a penance for failing him, which he turned down). And the Black Templars themselves, having stuck closely to Sigismund's teachings, constantly remind him of that moment.
    Custodisi: Just out of curiosity, could you please inform me as to WHY you are so insistent on not covering the Black Templars?
    [A long beat, as Dorn's seat creaks under uneasy shifting]
    Rogal: ...I am not close to prepared to a meeting with my wayward sons. This is too much to ask of me at this time.
    • And while it might cross the line twice, hearing Boy sobbing after getting a shard of porcelain in his eye from Helbrecht smashing his teacup is awful.
  • Nearly all of the first part of episode 26 is one tearjerker after another
    • In case you didn't get closure for Dominique his appearance at the end of episode 26 part 1 is this as much as it is heartwarming because this time he's finally getting that finality, but it genuinely is the last time we get to see him. His final words are to wish Fyodor a happy new year before Celestine takes him to the afterlife. The final moments of this is set to Fyodor's new theme: Chairbound Prankster, which is itself a melancholy turned triumphant mix of Requiem for Dominique.
      • Horrible people they may have been, but Elirush and Adrielle's deaths are sobering affairs. Elirush dies in sorrow and anger over the death of every Grey Knight under his command, his final desperate bid for revenge being about as effectual as throwing a wet tissue at a hurricane. Adrielle on the other hand spends the entire battle sauced out of her mind, oblivious to what's going on right up until Skarbrand crushes her hard enough to turn her into a small fountain of gore.
      • Donklas is the last surviving member of the Inquisition trio after Elirush and Adrielle meet their fate, and he's clearly broken up about it. While he has never been a good or nice person, him mourning their deaths while spontaneously begging not to die as well in such a horrible place is more than a little sad to listen to. The horror he's seen seems to have broken the man, turning a brave if quite kill-happy Inquisitor into a wreck.
      Donklas: All my friends are dead... I don't want to die in this horrible magical hell...
      • Calato and Wilford's Deathwatch squad don't fare much better, as they're wiped out by Epidemius and his Plaguebearers prompting Wilford to quite literally have to drag Calato to safety while his brother in arms cries out for vengeance.
    • And then you consider why the daemons had even been there, they weren't trying to break through the Gate of Khaine, they wanted revenge for the Inquisition's relentless pranking/marauding
  • Episode 27 has Magnus realize that not only did his father know everything he was doing, but that generally he was doing exactly as his father planned the entire time. He's clearly upset to still be a "puppet on a string".
  • In the Special about the Flesh Eaters Chapters inception, the Emperor hears of how the chapter was founded after seeing a vision of Sanguinius following consumption of Ork flesh. Almost immediately after this, the emperor demands "All the Ork they can find" so he can see his son. While played for laughs, the desperation is clear and shows just how much he misses his winged son to the point that he'd be willing to risk the equivalent of a drug trip just to be able to see him.
  • In a brief yet shocking moment, Boy mentions casually towards the end of the "podcast" reviewing the novel "Inquisitor" that many of his siblings were sent to work in the pilgrim line, and were all trampled to death. The kicker is the way Decius is shocked by this revelation, letting out a quiet, horrified little "What?" when Boy says this. And before this, Boy mentions that one of his friends was sent to work under the palace on the blood pumps. A place that the book describes as being manned by children suffering from tuberculosis. It's clear that Boy's friend died down there. You can probably expect sweeping conditions to the Palace's work environment after this podcast as Decius is horrified to hear of all of this. Apparently, he was unaware of all of this happening because no one bothered to tell him or the other lords (or the other lords didn't care). You can imagine that he might blame himself for this as he later comes to the realization that he's a privileged bastard because he doesn't even know the name of slum city directly outside the Imperial Palace.


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