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Tear Jerker / Captain Planet and the Planeteers

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  • "The Conqueror": Zarm makes all the Planeteers, except for Ma-Ti, fight with one another and nearly succeeds in having them destroy some nuclear missiles. What the four kids don't know for quite a long time, is that by obeying Zarm, they betrayed Gaia, who consequently became mortal (and apparently lost a great part of her powers). Seeing Ma-Ti cry of helplessness and hearing Gaia's almost resigned voice is heart-breaking. Thankfully, it's followed by a heartwarming part.
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  • "Two Futures": In this two-part episode, Wheeler goes to an alternative future where he didn't join the team. He sees a dystopian world and the other Planeteers living different lives such as Ma-Ti being a beggar who uses his power to get passersby to give money to him. Wheeler then goes to Hope Island to find something even worse.
  • "Heat Wave": Gaia's life is in great danger, due to the greenhouse effect of Dr. Blight's force-field dome over Hope Island. When the Planeteers, after saving Linka and stopping the toxic fumes from being pumped under the dome, return to the island, they find Gaia close to dying.
  • "Mind Pollution": Thanks to Verminous Skumm handing out drugs called "Bliss" to everyone, Linka's cousin Boris goes crazy, jumps out of the window of the second story of a building, survives his injuries and ODs on the whole bottle of Bliss that was given to him before he dies of a fatal overdose. Linka's heartbroken reaction to it makes it even worse.
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  • "Summit to Save Earth, Part I": After Zarm turns Gaia into a very old mortal woman, she looks as if she were dead. No wonder the Planeteers start crying; especially as the context implies that rescuing them from Zarm was one of the main reasons for her arrival.
  • "The Great Tree Heist": Captain Planet is so badly wounded by Greedly that when the Planeteers try to bring him back, he can't manifest. The Planeteers think he's dead; the conversation that follows - inability to say "dead," denial and crying - is heartbreaking. Even worse is that 3 out of the 5 Planeteers are orphans and Captain Planet is implied to be their surrogate/adoptive father. NOW go watch the scene.
  • "A Formula For Hate": A young high school basketball player Todd Andrews finds out that he is HIV positive, this of course makes him concerned and depressed. Then Verminous Skumm uses this as means to take over the world: by lying by townspeople about AIDS and spreading lies about it. He becomes a victim of bullies, his own best friend rejects him, he lies to his girlfriend to protect her and she thinks that he dumped her and later townspeople attack him, his mom and their living place and his little brother was beaten. In the end of episode, with the help from his coach, everyone accepts him and feel guilty about their treatment towards him and there is An Aesop that HIV positive people need care and support, not scorn and harassment. However despite the fact that everyone accepted Todd, episode's ending is Bittersweet Ending at best, because Todd will not have a chance to marry his girlfriend and have kids because he'll infect his potential kids with HIV and Todd probably won't live very long if his HIV turns to full-blown AIDS, and even if he lives to 1995, where the first HAART were used, he'll still have to spend the time and money for his treatment.
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  • "Planeteers Under Glass": While in a simulation featuring different bio-domes, simulating a few centuries in minutes. The Planeteers get trapped inside by Blight who changes everything into a hellish nightmare version of the earth. At one point a simulated animal saves Gi from drowning, and the pair become friends until they get separated. Sadly, as Blight continues to make things worse. The group runs into Gi's new friend, only for it to die moments later.
  • "Numbers Game": Wheeler's dream has some comedic moments in how over-the-top it is, but think about it. Wheeler came from a broken home in which his abusive father constantly told him that he was a failure and a loser. In the dream, the friends he sees as family, including Gaia and Captain Planet, have stopped caring about him or anything else, making Wheeler's worst fear - everyone he loves turning away from him - horribly real. Still funny?
  • "Whoo Gives a Hoot?": The Planeteers attempt to stop Looten Plunder with a court injunction against clear-cutting an old growth forest where an endangered species of owl lives. They fail and the episode ends on that note, with Plunder taunting them to try and stop him again. Still wanna root for the eco-villains?
  • "If It's Doomsday, This Must Be Belfast": Verminous Skumm plants nuclear devices in areas of ethnic conflict and gives detonators to one member of each sides, hoping one person will set it off. When the Planeteers' initial attempts to get each opposing person to work for a solution fail, Ma-Ti uses heart to show the various people the result of this. It's quite depressing.
  • "101 Mutations": Dr. Blight's treatment of animals in the episode can be depressing enough to make any animal lover cry.
  • The ending of "Population Bomb", where Wheeler tries in vain to save Piebald and his family from dying with the rest of the mouse people, only for Piebald to tell him that his people are doomed and that all Wheeler can do is make sure that his race doesn't doom itself through overpopulation as well.


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