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By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!
Captain Planet, upon his every arrival

Go, Planet!
The Planeteers, every time they summon Captain Planet

The power is yours!
Captain Planet, returning to the rings

You'll pay for this, Captain Planet!
Looten Plunder, in Last of Her Kind and the closing credits

Ma-Ti, yours is the greatest power of all; because without a Heart to guide them, the other powers are useless.
A Hero for Earth

The feeling that one person can't make a difference is the greatest obstacle of all.
Rain of Terror

Blaming each other is a waste of time. The only thing that matters is changing what's wrong.
Deadly Ransom

To save the planet, we need to work together – and share.
The Conqueror

Children. They make a mother proud.
— About the Planeteers rushing to stop Sly Sludge, in Volcano's Wrath

What's the matter, Zarm? Afraid you'll melt?
— Countering Zarm's energy blast with a snowstorm, in Summit to Save Earth, Part I

Planeteers... The rings are not the source of your power. The real power to save Earth comes from within; inside you. It always has.
Summit to Save Earth, Part II

You don't know how lucky you are, until you lose everything.
No Place Like Home

You know, this has been a very weird day. One minute, I'm a kid from Brooklyn; then next minute, I'm some sort of cock-rate super-hero, flying off to battle some pig-faced polluter.
Hero for Earth

Everything is connected; so we need everyone to keep this planet going. Including us... I mean me... you know what I mean.
— Explaining the Aesop to his past self, in Two Futures, Part II

What's next? Endangered rocks?
— When the team tries to "save" endangered animals by adopting them, in Wheeler's Ark

Man, you changed my mind. Heart is the coolest power of them all!
— To Ma-Ti, in Future Shock

    Other characters 
I do not trust him. Zarm's heart is so... empty.
Ma-Ti, in The Conqueror

Dr. Blight again? Even mad scientists call her crazy!
Gi, in Two Futures, Part I

Wheeler! Only you would have pizza delivered to a museum.
Gi, in Trouble on the Half Shell

At last! The Earth is finally polluted enough for me! [accidentally hit with the door by Plunder:] No-one sneaks up on me!
Zarm, in Summit to Save Earth, Part I

Maybe you can withstand my attacks, Gaia. But how about your precious Planeteers...?
Zarm, in Summit to Save Earth, Part I

I cannot stop you, Zarm. My ring is the power of Heart, which allows us to love. Heart to care for our planet and friends. My ring will not touch you because... you have no heart!
Ma-Ti, being forced to "fight" against Zarm, in Summit to Save Earth, Part II

Well, that was touch-and-go, but you all came through. And speaking of touch-and-go – I'm touched; and it's time for Zarm to go! But first, I think I'll pack Zarm a little lunch.
Captain Planet, in Summit to Save Earth, Part II

I've been working in the Skumm lab
All the live long...
♫ Oops! How clumsy of me! Heh. I hope Skumm won't be too upset!
Captain Planet, making a mess in Skumm's lab, in Bug Off

Uh... Family reunion. [soft chuckle] Sort of.
Captain Planet to Marge, about the Planeteers swarming over Gaia, in No Place Like Home

Gaia: Welcome to Hope Island.
Wheeler: Yo, say lady, you wanna explain what's going on here?
Gaia [with a chuckle]: So much for drama.
A Hero for Earth

Kwame: What do you think your power is, Ma-Ti?
Ma-Ti: I already know. [telepathically:] Mine is Heart. I can sense you all. Hear your thoughts. Feel your feelings.
A Hero for Earth

Linka: Verminous Skumm. Ya bolen! I am sick!
Gi: I have no idea what you just said, Linka, but I know I agree.
Skumm Lordnote 

Gi: But do we have the right to destroy something like that?
Zarm: Right? Ha! Might makes right! You must either conquer, or be conquered!
The Conqueror

Ma-Ti: You cannot go there now! Your life would be in danger!
Gaia: I know. But peace requires a brave heart.
The Conqueror

The Planeteers have just made up with Gaia and one another.
Zarm: What is this sentimental slop? Where are my young conquerors?
Kwame: I am not a conqueror. I am a Planeteer. [throws his Iron Fist to the ground]
The Conqueror

MAL: Someone must have broken your force field!
Dr. Blight: Impossible! [notices a huge wave closing in on her speedboat] WHAT?!
MAL: Are you sure that you still want to melt the polar ice-caps?
Dr. Blight: Quick, MAL, tell me everything I need to know about surfing!
MAL: Just two words, Doctor. WIPE OUT!
Heat Wave

Linka: How can you think about pizza, with what is happening to those turtles?!
Wheeler: I don't know. Turtles, pizza – must be something subliminal.
Trouble on the Half Shell

Linka [giving Wheeler a peck on the cheek]: There may be hope for you yet, Wheeler.
Wheeler: Oh, yeah?
Linka: I said "hope", not "fantasy".
Trouble on the Half Shell

Ma-Ti [laughing at Wheeler's backfired prank]: You are right, Wheeler! That is a top-of-the-line practical joke!
Gaia [appearing as a hologram]: I don't even wanna know. Wheeler, Ma-Ti, I need you in the Crystal Chamber. We have an eco-mystery.
The Blue Car Line

Gaia: You wanted to see me, Zarm? Well, here I am. You can leave right now, or I can help you leave. But mark my words: I will not let you destroy this planet.
Wheeler: You tell him, Gaia!
Zarm [to Gaia]: Not only will I destroy this planet – I will destroy you!
Summit to Save Earth, Part I

Zarm: Who will you save, Gaia? The Summit? Or the Planeteers? Choose!
Gaia: No! Leave them alone!
Gaia frees the Planeteers who fall to the ground, and leans over Ma-Ti to check on him.
Ma-Ti [weakly]: Gaia... no...
Zarm: Now I've got you! [breaks Gaia's crystal; she falls to the ground] Wrong choice, Gaia! Now you lose it all! [hits Gaia with an energy blast]
Summit to Save Earth, Part I

Linka: What have you done to Gaia?!
Zarm: Gaia is simply starting to show her true age. [mockingly:] What is it, Gaia? Five, six billion years old?
Summit to Save Earth, Part II

Commander Clash: I can't believe it! I thought you guys were history!
Gi: We were in Zarm's ship. He's got Gaia; but she only has a few hours left to live!
Kwame: You have to help us save her, Commander Clash.
Commander Clash: I couldn't stop Greedly and Sludge. I don't know how much good I can be against Zarm. But I'll give it my best shot.
Ma-Ti: I knew you would help us, Commander Clash!
Summit to Save Earth, Part II

Zarm [attacked by monkeys and birds]: Get away, you vermin!
Captain Planet: You're the vermin, Zarm! No, vermin's too good for you. You're trash, and this is one time I'm not recycling!
Summit to Save Earth, Part II

Gi: That's killing! That's... that's...
Gaia [putting her forehead on the top of Gi's head]: Cruel, dishonest, inhumane, and in this case – illegal. That's why I want you to put a stop to it.
Gi: You don't have to ask twice. Let's go!
Gaia [watching the Planeteers rush off]: If the rest of the world were like them, I could take a permanent vacation.
Fare Thee Whale

Gaia [showing the adopted baby whale]: Our newest Planeteer!
Gi: Oh, Gaia! The orphan!
Gaia: There's no way I could see this little one die.
Gi: But... how are we going to feed it?
Gaia: Just leave that to a mother. [makes two other whales appear] A mother whale, that is.
Gi: That's what I call one big, happy family.
Fare Thee Whale

Dr. Blight: MAL! How could you miss?!
MAL: I tried to tell you – we're out of range!
No Place Like Home

Gaia: Wh-where am I?
Marge: You got Alzheimer's or somethin'? You know WHO y'are, don't ya?
Gaia: I-I think so... I-I mean, yes! I'm Gaia! The Spirit of the Earth!
Marge [to herself]: Oh. She'll fit right in.
No Place Like Home

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