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Tangled Family Tree for Child of the Storm. Because when mixing at least two canons with tangled family trees themselves and an author who claims to understand them (yes, even the infamous Grey-Summers family tree) and thrives on complexity, with the de facto Author Avatar, Doctor Strange, arranging for as many connections among the nascent superhuman community as possible, what did you expect?

This page contains spoilers for both books! Read at your own risk.


  • As in Harry Potter canon, the pureblood Wizarding families of England have intermarried to such a degree that they are all related.
    • Agent Coulson is revealed to be "Molly's accountant squib cousin", tying him to the their family tree and making him one of Harry and the Weasleys' extended relatives.
    • The Frost Clan - yes, that clan - is descended from a squib of the Malfoy family.
  • The Phoenix is one of the Endless, more specifically Destruction. This makes the Phoenix siblings with Death, Destiny, Dream, Despair, Desire and Delirium.
    • After their deaths, Lily Potter became Destruction and Luna Lovegood became Delirium, connecting the Endless to Harry and the pureblood families.
  • Harry Potter/Thorson:
    • From his father's "James Potter" side, he is a wizard and heir to the Potter clan, as well as related to all other pureblood families in England, including the Malfoys (this is brought up early on when Thor and Loki are concerned that Narcissa Malfoy will try to claim the Potter fortune).
      • On top of that, Sirius Black is his godfather, tying him in even further. Not to mention Peter Wisdom a.k.a. Regulus Black.
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    • From his father's Asgardian side, he is a demigod, nephew to Loki, grandson of Odin and Frigga. Given that all pantheons are descended from Gaia's children with the various Allfathers, Harry's extended family is every pantheon in existence. This includes the incest-happy Olympian Pantheon (Odin and Zeus' mothers are sisters, making Diana a third cousin of Harry's) and Jesus. The absurdity of the latter is lampshaded.
      • Since he is Loki's nephew, he is also related to the Frost Giants, and Hela. Oh, and Sif and Loki are dating.
      • In Chapter 50 of the sequel, Harry also finds out that he also has a half-uncle (from a relationship Odin had prior to his marriage to Frigga) named Vidar aka Donar Vadderrung aka the current bearer of the mantle of Santa Claus. He also finds out that he has a half-sister named Torunn that Thor sired through a brief relationship a thousand years ago; she's long dead and now serves as a Valkyrie in Helheim, working for her sort-of cousin.
      • From the Olympian side, Word of God confirms that a guy named Lennox is Zeus's son, and therefore Diana's uncle. So Harry is related to an organic rock.
      • One of Harry's Asgardian ancestors, known as Sunniva, married the Elder God Ishvara and produced the Trimurti and the rest of the Hindu pantheon.
      • Thor is also in relationship with Jane Foster, whose mother has divorced her father and then remarried. She mentioned at one point that her foster-brother is a "real daredevil" named Matthew.
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    • It is theorized that at some point way back in Asgardian history, Odin's ancestors and the House of El intermingled, making Harry an extremely distant relative of Clark Kent. What this ties him with is explained below.
      • On top of that, one of Clark's ancestors, the first Kal-El, was Odin's foster brother.
    • Harry's mother Lily was Jean Grey's first cousin once removed, tying Harry to the infamous Grey-Summers family which is not yet quite as complicated. The exact details will be stated below. This is where he gets his psychic and telekinetic powers from, as well as the Phoenix Force, and the family's signature green eyes. This mutant heritage also pops up in Dudley, who becomes the Blob.
    • Also from his mother's side, Harry's grandparents were agents of SHIELD, which is how Nick Fury knows the family- Fury himself was described as being like a Cool Big Bro to Lily, and was in line to be godfather to Lily and James' second child, if they'd had one.
    • And after Lily's death, Harry ended up being the son of Destruction herself, and therefore connected to Death, Delirium etc. With Delirium being Luna Lovegood, he is connected to this family yet again, the first connection being from the pureblood part.
    • His godmother is Wanda Maximoff, tying him to Magneto and his family, which are pretty tangled themselves.
    • And then Harry himself becomes the godfather of Ada Potts-Stark, tying him into that family as well.
    • After the Forever Red arc, Harry is revealed to have multiple clones, and he destroyed all of them.
    • Harry also encounters himself from another reality at one point (said self calls himself "Nate" and "Nathan" for the sake of convenience), and gets to see many more. It doesn't affect things yet...
      • In the exact same scene, Harry sees versions of himself in various relationships, such as with Ginny.
  • Clint Barton is the grandson of Bucky Barnes who is the Winter Soldier and Minerva McGonagall. They generally avoid talking about this.
    • From his grandmother, Clint is tied to the chaos that are Britain's Pureblood families, and thus Harry.
    • His mother from that union was adopted by the Kents, with her adoptive brother becoming the adoptive father of Clark Kent, which ties Clint to the House of El, and probably - distantly - Harry. Again.
  • Wanda Maximoff:
    • She is the daughter of Magneto and has two half-siblings, each of different mothers. Those are Pietro (based on his X-Men: Evolution incarnation) and Lorna. They're all mutants. Magneto also has a de facto ward in Ruth Aldine a.k.a. Blindfold.
    • As stated above, Wanda is Harry's godmother, tying her into/contributing to the insanity that is his family tree.
    • In the past, she was in a relationship with John Constantine, which resulted in Wanda having Hermione and being forced to give her up for adoption due to circumstances. Hermione for her part, has no idea that she's adopted or that there's any sort of familial relationship. Constantine is also said to be the latest in a line of 'Laughing Magicians.'
  • Tony Stark, while not quite as complex, gets on with this too.
    • His godfather is Charles Xavier, who, as in X-Men: First Class, had Mystique - mother of Kurt Wagner a.k.a. Nightcrawler - as his adopted sister.
    • It is revealed that Tony's mother was actually Tessa a.k.a. Sage, a mutant, working for Charles Xavier and with Howard to get at the Hellfire Club. Tony himself has no idea about this, and doesn't have any abilities either.
    • Tony's father, Howard, was the godfather of Alison Carter, who in turn was Tony's godmother.
    • His daughter's godfathers are Harry Thorson and Steve Rogers, forming yet another connection with the latter, and tying him to the chaos that is the former.
    • The godmother is Natasha.
  • The Grey-Summers family, while nowhere close as crazy as in the comics (the Grey and Summers parts aren't connected by blood or marriage, yet, but there are hints that they're heading that way), is definitely in this list.
    • As stated above, the Greys are related to Harry Thorson through Lily, and carry all that baggage that comes with it.
    • The Phoenix Force runs in the family, which also ties them to Death, Delirium etc. Even more so, with Destruction and Lily fusing. And Delirium is Luna Lovegood, forming another connection with the pureblood Britain chaos.
    • Alex Summers junior existed in this canon (named for his grandfather, who was part of the First Class of X-Men), though is confirmed to be dead.
    • Jean is revealed to have a Long Lost Sibling, her twin sister Rachel Grey aka Maddie Pryor, who is initially a Living Weapon under the control of Sinister.
    • Scott has a clone. Said clone is Remy LeBeau a.k.a. Gambit.
      • And the two spoiler individuals above are sort of dating.
    • Like canon, Scott has a massive crush on Jean and everybody ships it, in spite of Jean being Oblivious to Love. Now that Maddie has caused Jean to break up with Duncan, the chances of that ship are increasing.
    • Just like Harry, Maddie also has several clones which were destroyed by Harry.
  • Steve Rogers: While his family tree progresses as normal families do, the circumstances put him in this list as well. Made more complex by the fact they all are alive, which creates huge issues due to the generation gap (among other things).
    • Unbeknown to him, he fathered Alison Carter. Due partially to the stigma of the era, and mostly because of the potential value of his blood, Alison was presented as Peggy's much younger sister. Her godfather was Howard Stark, tying the two families together, then she in turn became Tony Stark's godmother.
    • Steve also becomes the godfather of Ada Potts-Stark.
    • Alison had two children, who in turn had kids on their own. That makes Steve a great-grandfather while he's biologically and mentally in his 20's, which he takes time to adjust to.
    • One of those great-grandkids is Carol Danvers. The others have no idea they're related to Steve, but Stevie more or less puts it together after the Bloody Hell arc.
  • Harry Dresden, who is currently dating Wanda, has a half-brother Thomas, their maternal grandfather Ebenezer McCoy, and Thomas' half-siblings and other relatives in the White Court. Ebenezar, however, doesn't know about Thomas' relationship to Harry.
  • After the Forever Red arc, Harry reveals that there were clones of every prisoner of the Red Room, and he destroyed all of them.
  • Daken shows up towards the climax of Child of the Storm, and based on his powerset Dumbledore immediately speculates that he is somehow related to Logan. The author notes of the next chapter confirm that Daken is Wolverine's son and X-23's brother.

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