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Like many anime crossovers, this one has a bunch of shout-outs.

In General

  • There are references to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children such as Canon!Shu being Cloud, Canon!Ayase is Tifa, and Canon!Inori is presumably Aerith. Not to mention 2015 is the movie's 10th anniversary. Kirito and Asuna play the roles of Denzel and Marlene.
  • The author mentions that Code Geass references Jurassic Park (when the anime first premiered and gain universal acclaim for its uniqueness) and The Lost World: Jurassic Park (for R2 due to both have divisive opinions, despite R2 is enjoyable than The Lost World). Guilty Crown references Jurassic Park III due to both are original stuff and how they are mediocre to viewers. Shinnen:New Year with Guilty Crown playing a major role is going for a direction to tribute Jurassic World. 2013 was Jurassic Park's 20th anniversary and it's also the time when Guilty Crown released its English dub.
    • Indeed, when Canon!Shu regains his powers in Chapter 12, he will play the role as the T. rex in reclaiming his kingdom.
  • A few 'series finale' references.
    • Going by the trend of the first three character corner fics (House of Madoka is like Suburban Knights), this as the fourth reminds the author of To Boldly Flee as the Grand Finale.
    • The crossover references Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show since both EEnE and Kanius Production Abridged have their own pages of their respective final stories.
  • There are various characters that dress up as Hunter × Hunter characters. It reference how the 2011 series of the anime ended and the author has experiences of many cosplays in Anime Boston to support this.
  • The League of Extraordinary Da'ath's name parodies The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The group pays tribute to the Brotherhood of Evil.
  • The Da'ath Heavenly Kings has various references:
    • Their role relates to the Four Heavenly Kings from House of the Dead: Ribbons is The Magician, Oberon is The Emperor, Makishima is The Wheel of Fate, and Ragyo is The World. If HOTD5 happens, then Yuu & Kriemhild share the role as The Devil.
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    • There's The Four Gods: Ragyo is Seiryuu, Oberon is Genbu, Makishima is Byakko, and Ribbons is Suzaku. Yuu/Kriemhild are the Golden Dragon.
    • Next are certain decades: Ragyo - 1970s, Oberon - 1980s, Makishima - 1990s, Ribbons - 2000s, and Yuu/Kriemhild - 2010s.
    • Then there's Chess Motifs: Ragyo - Queen, Oberon - Bishop, Makishima - Rook, and Ribbons - King. Yuu/Kreimhild can be the players. The rest of the Da'ath members are Pawns and Knights.
    • Another Jurassic Park/World reference: Ragyo - Indominus rex, Oberon - Pteranodon, and Makishima - Velociraptors, Ribbons doesn't have a representation since it focuses on Anime villains of the 2010s.

Chapter I

  • Canon!Shu having a bad encounter with two random classmates from Tennouzu references the first chapter of Reclaiming the Throne, except this time his newfound friends defend him.

Chapter II

  • The prologue shows Deadpool referencing Princess of Deadpool, one of Guilty Crown's side-novels.
  • Sasha D'Anjou is seen performing The Ring of the Nibelung.
  • The Digimon characters talk about how horrible Young Hunters is that nearly ruined the franchise.
  • Canon!Shu being ignored by the YYGDM founders and how one of the reviewers mention he's hated to the public is a meta-nod to how Guilty Crown had a mix reception.

Chapter III

  • Spider-Man gives the reminder of his past actors and his recent one.
  • Lightning mentions the remake of Final Fantasy VII, bonus points that a polygon version of a Cloud cosplayer is seen.
  • As of 2015, with the scenes showing Sailor Senshi lesbians, Kanius mentions that all of the US accepts LGBT rights.
  • Joey Wheeler and his group says "Brooklyn Rage!"

Chapter IV

Chapter V

  • Sasuke signing autographs to his fangirls pays homage to all the yaoi jokes with Naruto.
  • Da'ath is mentioned for some viewers reminded them of SEELE and the Geass Order. Even the Third/Fourth Impact and Gendo are referred.

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