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Every one of the game's 19 bosses are sequential. Here's how each one goes:

  • The fight against The Root Pack starts out with you attacking Moe Tato (a giant potato who spits dirt clods and worms), then Weepy (a giant onion who takes up the middle of the screen and attacks with weaponized Ocular Gushers that fall from above), and then finally Psycarrot (a giant carrot who fires tracking carrot projectiles and a powerful psychic beam). Post-Patch 1.2, if you manage to Sheathe Your Sword when Weepy appears, he will skip out and leave on his own accord, but a radish boss will now appear alongside Psycarrot, making the battle tougher than before.
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  • Goopy le Grande is initially about the same height as Cuphead and Mugman, but after enough damage, he flips a pill into his mouth and doubles in size. When that form's finally worn down and dizzy, he's squashed by his own falling tombstone, who proceeds to try and crush the duo into powder.
  • Hilda Berg attacks with the aid of smaller zeppelins and by spitting the words "HA HA" at you. When she's taken enough hits, she attempts to change into the astrology-inspired, cloudy forms of Taurus (a giant bull with a charging attack), Gemini (a pair of dancing women dressed in clouds who fire energy-shooting discs), or Sagittarius (a cherubic buff centaur with a bow), any of which have to be defeated separately. When she's on the verge of losing, Hilda finally goes mad and morphs into a giant clockwork crescent moon that spawns UFOs.
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  • Cagney Carnation simply starts out with extending his face to punch you (which becomes quicker and harder to dodge in the patched version) while shooting projectile seeds that either become giant vine stalks or piranha traps on the ground, then starts firing out boomerang maple seeds and homing turnips once he gets enough damage. In the final phase, his vines cover the entire bottom half of the arena while he sports an even more deranged Slasher Smile. And he even shoots fuzzies at you, which will cause the screen to get blurry and distorted along with the music for a second or two if they hit you in the patched version.
  • Ribby and Croaks start out alternating between Ribby launching boxing glove-shaped projectiles and Croaks spitting out flaming fireflies. Once they take enough damage, Ribby rolls out as they attempt to attack Cuphead and Mugman from both sides by Ribby sending out sound waves with his claps while Croaks turns into a fan to blow Cuphead and Mugman towards Ribby. After more damage, they do a Fusion Dance into a giant coin-spitting slot machine that can only be made vulnerable by parry-slapping its handle, which causes it to spit out one of three types of puck-shaped projectile.
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  • Baroness von Bon Bon starts off sending her court attendants after you — a cupcake that slams the ground to send waves of frosting, a large kernel of candy corn that floats around spitting smaller candy corn, a chomping gobstopper that follows you while being followed by a row of gobstopper cores, a gumball machine flinging gumballs everywhere, and a flying waffle that attacks by exploding and reforming. Jellybean soldiers start coming out of her castle after defeating one, and von Bon Bon herself starts shooting a cotton candy shotgun at you after defeating two. Once you beat three of her attendants, she tugs at her castle's towers, enraging it into an advancing beast that spits large peppermint boulders while von Bon Bon throws her head at you (which then starts tracking you down).
  • Beppi the Clown starts out by trying to run you over with a bumper car, while shooting-gallery ducks that deal contact damage and occasionally drop light-bulb bombs pass overhead. Once defeated, Beppi crashes and falls over the arena, and comes back up as a balloon pump that sends balloon dogs at you as the roller-coaster activates. Beating that causes his head to float upwards, and he regains his form offscreen as he comes back down riding a carousel horse that spits out beams of horseshoes. Defeat that, and Beppi falls down once more...only to come back up, transformed into a massive swing chair ride that spits out penguins that throw baseballs at you.
  • Djimmi the Great first attacks you with a treasure chest that spits out its contents (while occasionally firing his skull at you), then he summons a mystical corridor laden with buzzsaw traps and stone pillars in his likeness (of which only the face is vulnerable). Once you get through that, he sends in a sarcophagus, which opens to reveal a portal that mummy ghosts fly out from while he shoots his eyes at you as a blob-like form protruding from the portal. He then reads Cuphead's mind and creates a marionette in his image that shoots at you while his hat floats around shooting bullets everywhere. Finally, he assumes a massive form that surrounds you and sends bullets at you, with pyramids with eyes that circle around you while shooting lasers. Post-patch 1.2, however, if you remain shrunk while he's reading your mind, he'll pull out a mini-marionette which will stay during the "massive form" phase.
  • Wally Warbles starts out by spitting eggs that explode into smaller eggs, and (somehow) turning his head into a hand to fire out bullets, while small birds with nails on their heads fly at you. After taking enough damage, he shifts into flinging feathers at you, which you must likewise dodge alongside the birds. After you eventually take down this form, you're suddenly beset by his son, who floats around in his nest and takes potshots at you with a blaster while eggs orbit around him. After you defeat him, Wally still isn't done; he's now on a stretcher being carried by two smaller medic birds. He attacks you by kicking his stomach — which causes his heart to jump out of his mouth and fire a projectile at you — and once more shifting his head, this time into a trash can, to spew projectiles at you. Likewise, you have to avoid homing shots from the medic birds in the form of pills they spit out of their mouths. Only then does he finally go down.
  • Grim Matchstick starts out spitting fire, shooting orbs from his eyes, and attacking you with his tail, while you have to keep hopping from cloud to cloud. After he takes enough damage, he flies to the opposite bottom side of the screen, opens his mouth, and summons little fire soldiers marching on his tongue, making the bottom of the screen a makeshift pit of death. They can fire projectiles at you and jump on occasion, too. After you deal enough damage, suddenly the dragon's head splits into three, and you're dealing with attacks from a hydra who spits fire projectiles that split in four different directions if struck, and occasionally attacks with a fire blast that crosses the middle of the screen.
  • Rumor Honeybottoms first sends her officer to attack you with needle bombs (along with some passerby worker bees), only joining the fight once he's down with her magical scepter and occasional bullet blasting. Once she takes enough damage, she uses a magic spell to transform herself into an airplane with mechanical buzzsaws and fist launchers.
  • Captain Brineybeard starts out by taking pot shots at you from his boat while a crate dangling from a rope tries to crush you. Soon he starts calling in his maritime buddies, a shark that will bite you if you're standing too close to the left side of the screen, Dogfish that run along the floor, and a squid that will temporarily cover the screen in ink. After a while, his boat will start spitting cannonballs at you. Get far enough and his ship gets mad, tosses him into the water, and turns into a narwhal to fight you.
  • Cala Maria, the mermaid boss, starts by spitting up pirate ghosts, using fish as ammo (one red fish spits out projectiles, some of which are pink and parryable in the patched version) and attacking with the aid of a variety of sea creatures. She eventually turns into a gorgon (via electric eels); her octopus hair becomes snakes and she starts using a petrifying gaze attack against Cuphead and Mugman, while her eels spit dense clouds of projectiles (some of which, again, are pink and parryable via patch). In the final stage, her head detaches from its body and Cuphead and Mugman have to chase her through a cave lined with spikes.
  • Werner Werman pilots a tank that shoots cannonballs and launches small objects at you. After enough damage, he tries and fails to send a firework at you, busting the tank open, leading to him using flamethrowers and spinning bottle-cap saws against you. After you deal enough damage, the cat behind the wall suddenly bursts in and swallows up Werman, and you're forced to deal with it (as well as the ghost mice that float out of its mouth) for the final phase.
  • Each one of Sally Stageplay's phases is an act in her current play: Act I is an interrupted wedding, where she tries to dropkick you repeatedly, uses Teleport Spam, and throws deadly fans and kisses at you. Then, she drives off and Act II begins: Married life, where she replaces the fans with apparent windup toys and her children join in tossing milk bottles at you. (Post-Patch 1.2, however, if you manage to stand on the cherubs that will activate the Falling Chandelier of Doom on her husband, she will cut the first act to mourn him before moving on to the nunnery scene in Act II, where a Stern Nun in the background will throw homing projectiles at you instead.) Once damaged enough, she "dies", acquires instant angel attire, and flies off; Act III begins, where she has apparently become a cardboard Valkyrie that assaults you with cardboard props, the attacks helpfully announced by signs next to her before they happen. (Post-Patch 1.2, the cardboard cutout of her husband and the baby will fight alongside her, the baby shooting out "fireballs" toward you, if you had squished the husband earlier.) Defeat this, and the play ends; the final phase is her basking in adoration still hanging from ropes while the audience applauds and throws deadly roses onto the stage (some of which are pink and parryable), and her parasol tries to kill you all on its own in a trashed set.
  • Dr. Kahl's Robot starts by attacking you with a powerful death ray on its head, launching barrier-producing drones from its chest that have to be parried to deactivate, and launching a small row of attack drones from its belly. After destroying all three components (each of which is replaced by an alternate attack), the robot's heart becomes vulnerable. Destroy that, and the robot's head bursts off of its body and starts flying around, shooting electric homing bombs everywhere. Upon taking enough damage, the head stops flying around and opens the cockpit door, turning into a flying capsule for Dr. Kahl, who uses the power of gemstones to send out Bullet Hell patterns as partitions attempt to block the player (thankfully, many of these projectiles are pink and now parryable in the patched version).
  • The Phantom Express starts out with you fighting an eyeball-shooting ghost in the rear carriage, then a giant skeleton conductor who pops out from the next 3 carriages who tries to flatten you, followed by two monsters whose heads spew lightning at you from the carriages after that, ending with the locomotive coming to life, which tries to shower you with burning coals.
  • King Dice's "fight" is actually different from the others. Mainly you're playing a dice game with him. You Parry slap a pink die he provides. Whatever roll you get determines how many spaces your arrow moves on the board. The goal of the game is to get to the end of the board. However, the King doesn't make it easy, since when you land on a red space, you have to fight a quick fight against 1 of 9 random casino-themed minibosses.
    • The Tipsy Troop: a shot glass filled with whiskey, a martini, and a cognac bottle, each with their own attack, and each must be killed. The whiskey will simply fall forward spilling his drink, the martini will spawn flying enemies, and the cognac will shoot his drink up and it will fall down where you're standing.
    • Chips Bettigan: a stack of casino chips with a face on top. He throws his chips at you in random patterns, and you must maneuver through the open spots while attacking the head.
    • Mr. Wheezy: a giant fire-spitting cigar that teleports between two ashtrays set above a roaring fire. Lit cigarettes fly out of the space between the ashtrays, making it difficult to jump across when he switches sides.
    • Pip and Dot: a two-faced domino whose fight takes place on a conveyor belt rigged with spikes. It spits bouncing dice and summons small dominoes to harass you as you try not to get spiked up.
    • Hopus Pocus: a crazed magician rabbit who makes a circle of rabbit skulls close in on you, and makes the symbols of the different card suits fly across the screen, with the hearts being pink.
    • Phear Lap: an undead horse skeleton, who acts as a bookkeeper for the casino's horse racetrack. He is fought in an airplane above the track while a race is in progress. He attacks with gift boxes that explode and send out horseshoe projectiles, and some of the jockeys on the track will fly up towards you.
    • Pirouletta: a ballerina in the shape of a roulette wheel. She bounds across the table and spins to drop roulette balls on your head in very tight patterns.
    • Mangosteen: a giant 8-ball with a face on it. It spits energy blasts and summons chalk cubes to stomp on you.
    • Mr. Chimes: a cymbal-banging monkey who lives inside a crane skill game and is fought in your plane. To make it vulnerable, you must use your Parry move to flip cards over until you get a match, then shoot the monkey while dodging the shockwaves of its cymbals until the cards reappear.
    • King Dice himself is fought at the very end. He only has one attack: he summons an army of playing cards to trample you, and you must Parry off the pink Heart cards to avoid damage as you shoot his head.
  • The Devil pulls out all the dirty tricks. He summons goat hooves to smash you (and not even ducking down can save you in the patched version!), stretches his neck out at you, summons fireballs and crystals in various patterns, and turns his head into a spider to drop in on you from above, all while purple imps attack from the sides of the screen. And just when you think you've got him on the ropes, his skeleton leaps down a hole which you have to follow before you're burned up by enclosing walls of fire. There, the Devil grows gigantic to the point where all you see is his head glaring at you as burning chips, demons, axes, and bombs attack you to no end. When he's on his last legs, though, he becomes a Clipped-Wing Angel where he begins crying parryable tears as well as dropping a single burning chip on the sole platform left.


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