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The Devil is beaten.

Main Game

  • Credit where credit is due, you gotta give the boys props for managing to get the contracts within a day before their midnight deadline and likewise beating the Devil too and saving the Inkwell Isle inhabitants.
    • Not only did they beat the Devil, they actually beat him so badly that he's left crying for the whole final phase.
    • Equal credit must be given to the residents of Inkwell Isle. They all owe their souls to the devil, so they know either he or someone else would eventually come around to collect them. And not a single one is going down without a fight.
  • Many of the bosses define the word Determinator:
    • Wally Warbles' tenacity to keep fighting even when featherless and being carted on a stretcher. What a trooper.
    • Cala Maria keeps fighting even when she's been reduced to a floating head.
    • Goopy Le Grande, whose gravestone continues to fight and try to crush the boys.
  • Werner Werman for that Bait-and-Switch. Seriously, who saw that coming?
    • Double points for being one of only two bosses not to undergo any Voluntary Shapeshifting and instead rely solely on mechanical prowess. Werner is definitely Inkwell Isle's resident Badass Normal.
      • The other is Sally Stageplay, who's "Third Act" is a cardboard cutout. You can see strings attached to the hands and legs of the cutout, making her and Werner both bosses who fight on their merits for the most part — but only Sally fights without any massive upgrades to herself like Werner's Tank, Cap Buzzsaws, or Katzenwagen, albeit recieving a bit more outside assistance than he does.
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  • At the end of the Phantom Express level, after the Blind Specter, T. Bone, and the Blaze Brothers have been defeated, The Head of the Train has had enough. So what does it do? It pulls itself away from the rest of the train, sprouts legs, and starts galloping after the boys. During the fight, it starts shooting fireballs from the literal burning heart in its engine, as well as rings of flaming bones. And it never loses that colossal Slasher Smile even once. Creepy Awesome at its finest.



  • The fact that the game went from a small-time indie project to such an anticipated phenomenon right on par with AAA games. Not many indie games can say that, especially to one starting out. Even better with Microsoft recognizing the team's talent and giving them more backing to make the game even better. Indeed, the 3 years were worth the wait. You could say they took a gamble with Microsoft and it paid off!
  • Even better: Not only has Studio MDHR successfully released the game to great success and acclaim, but also got an official endorsement from King Features Syndicate themselves! If that's not proof of love for vintage art, nothing is.
  • And in case that wasn't convincing enough, the game won Best Art Direction at the 2017 Game Awards! Best Independent Game and Best Debut Indie Game, too, but that's not as important...
  • On October 13, 2017, it was announced that the game went platinum. In just two weeks, it sold over one million copies, making it an absolute success for the company.
    • Over two months after its platinum status, it was announced that Cuphead had now gone double-platinum, with over two million copies sold, to date.
    • And on August 10, 2018, it had now gone triple-platinum, selling over three million copies.
  • The simple fact that everything in the game was painstakingly hand-drawn for the sole purpose of staying true to the style of the era.
  • To show how determined the devs were to make the game they wanted a reality, not only did the devs rebuild the game on a grander scale after an E3 2015 showing, but they also remortgaged their homes to fund the rest of development. And with how successful the game has been, odds are they should be able to pay it back without issue. Now that's commitment.
    • Are you talking about Cuphead or Snow White and the Seven Dwarves? Yup - the story of how MDHR Studios made their groundbreaking run & gun is astonishingly similar - if not downright equal - to the story of how Walt Disney made his first feature length animation film - go figure!
  • A few months after the game's release, Alana Bridgewater uploaded a video on her YouTube channel promising that, if the channel reached 1,000 subscribers, she would upload a video of her singing "Die House" live. She got the subscribers she asked for, and about a week later, she delivered on her promise. The best part is that she and the band are clearly having a great time playing.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Cuphead will be heading to the Nintendo Switch. Even the creators themselves were surprised by this move.
    • Furthermore, the Switch port has gotten onto Japanese Top 10 eShop charts before the game is even out.
    • Speaking of the Switch, there's now a Cuphead Mii costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, becoming the first fully Canadian character to be more-or-less playable in Smash, and only the second indie costume behind the face of the indie scene at the time, Sans. The Cup really knows how to get around.
  • The game was already great enough, but then along came the 1.2 patch. Now we have fully animated mid-game cutscenes and some extra bits of difficulty for The Root Pack, Djmmji and Sally Stageplay if you do certain actions.
  • Two words: animated series. Yes, Cuphead and Mugman will have a brand new show on Netflix called The Cuphead Show!
  • On July 28, 2020, the game surprise-launched on the PlayStation 4. This way, everyone can enjoy the game on the big three major consoles.


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