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A Modern World at its greatest extent.


A Modern World is a vast NationStates Play By Post Game 'world' - a scenario where RPers group together to create an alternate earth filled with their own countries.

A Modern World incorporates around thirty different countries. It uses the same roleplay techniques as its parent game, but adheres to using real world geography, climate, natural resources, and population as opposed to NationStates more ambiguous set up. Founded by Drapol in 2003/2004, the group has included three different incarnations starting on Jolt and surviving on to the new forums.

The main site can be found here, which is membership-only. It can also be found on NationStates here.


A Modern World contains examples of:

  • Dirty Communists: In shorter supply than the real-world, but there's still Dra-pol and Beddgelert.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Beddgelert ostensibly went to war with Tsalland because the latter was dumping Bibles across the borders of the former.
  • The Empire: Several, though the nation most like the trope is the Principality of Gandvik.
  • Empire with a Dark Secret: The Grand Empire of the Shield, which has now turned into a realistic, struggling Republic.
  • Expy: While there are no countries identical to their real-life counterparts, many states fulfill a similar purpose in AMW.
  • Mega-Corp: Most of the Persian Gulf states were once controlled by a private company.
  • Nuclear Weapons Taboo: Averted, though no nuclear weapon has been used against a city so far, Walmington and Nibelunc went on to Nuke 'em with tactical weapons in Dra-Pol and Areopagitican.
  • People's Republic of Tyranny: By the truckload. Choist People's Republic of Dra-pol and the Federal Democratic Republic of Beddgelert all play this straight.


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