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"Welcome to Monoworld, the most Despairing place on Earth! upupupu..."

Monoworld is a forum and Skype based roleplay based on Danganronpa. In it, 17 students of Hope's Peak Academy were brought to the titular Monoworld, an amusement park. In order to escape, one student has to kill another while getting away with it in the resulting Class Trial. As students are killed and executed, new areas open.

The game started on November 29th 2015. The game entered its final chapter, Chapter 4, on May 24th 2016.


The game officially ended on July 17th 2016, with the successful defeat of the Mastermind. The sequel, Monoworld 2: So You Think You're An Ultimate is in an indefinite hiatus due to inactivity and lack of interest.

The game can be found here:

The page for the sequel is found here.

There is also a RPG game based on Monoworld in development, made with RPG Maker MV, which features the cast of the roleplay, plus characters not found in the roleplay itself.


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