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Roleplay / A Game Of Gods: Infinities

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"It will not be an easy road, " he said, old voice somber. "I can only be grateful for the fact that I was able to escape here to tell you of the danger. There will be no reward other than survival. Even so. Will you help us fight in this Game of Gods?"

Yee, played by troydenite in A Game of Gods Infinities.

Launched in summer 2011, A Game of Gods: Infinities is the third installment in the Chronicles of the Gods series. It is also notable for being the first direct sequel, as opposed to a spinoff, and for delving into the past to explore the origins of the Nomads and their culture.


A year after the events of A Game of Gods, a group of new Challengers are summoned by a mysterious force to an ancient crystalline city. However, they are soon caught up in a storm of new events, and are forced to travel across the multiverse as they fight for their lives. Soon they encounter the Remnants- distant ancestors of the original Nomads, who seem to have a dark secret of their own to hide...

The roleplay can be found here.


A Game Of Gods: Infinities contains examples of:

  • Aborted Arc: Both the Magical Girl challenge and the Tetris challenge ended early due to troubled production.
  • Breather Episode: Two instances that were enforced by the GMs.
    • The Magical Girl challenge, contrasting with the predecessor, which was more whamish than usual.
    • The MST3K challenge as well, mostly because it's a MSTing of cheesy fanfic.
  • Call-Back: A few thus far. Notably the reappearance of former Champion Eddie Riggs when a challenge occurs in his world.