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  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality contains a few examples:
    • Harry's army is called the Chaos Legion.
    • When meeting with Draco Malfoy before the first battle, Harry is seated on a golden chair that he insists on calling a throne.
    • After a few months of fighting with the Chaos Legion, Neville christens himself a Chaos Hufflepuff.
    • Harry performs a showy ritual involving apparently sacrificing the Chaos Gods to intimidate bullies.


  • In an unpublished epologue to the final Doctor Who New Adventures novel, The Dying Days, a future incarnation of the Doctor teases Jason Kane by claiming that the last time he saw Bernice Summerfield, she was being inaugurated as God-Empress of All Human Space.

Live-Action Television

  • Doctor Who: The human culture depicted in "Nightmare In Silver" is an empire with an "Imperial Guard" that casually destroys whole planets to deal with alien infestation, and their Emperor is virtually worshipped. Even the uniforms bear a substantial similarity, and they wield laser weapons. As a Mythology Gag within a Shout-Out, the Emperor's full name is Emperor Ludens Nimrod Kendrick Cord Longstaff the 41st.


Video Games

  • In Civilization: Beyond Earth, the Purity LEV-Destroyer looks like a cross between a Battle-Barge and a BOLO.
  • Heroes of the Storm: One of Kael'thas's quotes makes reference to the popular Khornate battlecry: "Blood for the Blood Elves! Sun for the Sun King!"
  • Mass Effect 3 has the turian leader called a "Primarch".
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption contains a reference to a conflict called the "Horus Rebellion."
  • Paladins:
    • Atlas' armor design (his pauldron and backpack) seem to draw inspiration from 40k Space Marines, which has not gone unnoticed by some players.
    • When playing Viktor in his V1-KTOR skin, he says: "In the grim darkness of the grim dark, there is only grim darkness."
    • When Terminus goes on a killstreak, he says: "Kill! Maim! Burn!"
  • Piratez: Some weapon names, most notably the lasgun and the chainsword. Also the race of ratlings.
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  • Warcraft: One of the Stop Poking Me! quotes from the Gryphon Rider (Warcraft III) says: "This Warhammer costs 40k!"

Web Comics

Web Original

  • SCP Foundation: SCP-3973 (A Safe-Class SCP) takes the form of a Space Marine Miniature (Ultramarine's Chapter).

Western Animation


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