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The following pages list the tropes for the many characters, factions, organisations and races present in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Tropes for characters solely, or originating from, novel series, Gaiden Games, computer games, etc. with their own pages, and without much of a presence in the Tabletop Game background material, should be placed on those pages rather than here.

Forces of the Imperium

  • The Imperium of Man: The fascist theocratic galactic empire which currently controls almost all human-held planets.
    • Founders: The Emperor, his right-hand man Malcador, and the Primarchs of the Loyalist Space Marines, who founded and helped shape the Imperium into its current state.
    • Adeptus Astartes: The Space Marines, biologically- and cybernetically-enhanced super soldiers who serve as the Imperium's most powerful warriors.
    • Astra Militarum: The Imperium's standing army, also known as the Imperial Guard: uncounted legions of simple human soldiers fighting in most of the Imperium's wars.
    • Adepta Sororitas: An army of female nun-warriors serving as the chamber militant of the Ecclesiarchy.
    • The Inquisition: The shadowy secret police organization which polices the Imperium for signs of corruption beyond the frontlines of battle.
    • Adeptus Mechanicus: A cult of cyborg technicians who maintain the Imperium's technology and worship a machine-god called the Omnissiah.
    • Other Imperial Factions: Various organizations and armies serving the Imperium beyond the aforementioned.

Forces of Chaos

  • The Forces of Chaos: The corruptive force of terror and death that has permanently tainted the Warp.
    • Chaos Gods and Daemons: The major evil deities that have sprung from the Chaos energy in the Warp and the hellish entities that spring from them.
    • Chaos Primarchs: The leaders of the Space Marine Legions that sided with Horus during his rebellion.
    • Heretic Astartes: Space Marines that have cast aside their loyalty to the Imperium and pledged themselves to the service of Chaos.

Xenos Races

  • Xeno Races: The aliens that exist in the galaxy and are seen as a threat by the Imperium.
    • Aeldari: Elf-like aliens with great psychic power and technology but are remnants of a fallen empire; also known as Eldar.
      • Asuryani: Aeldari living in immense worldships called Craftworlds, respecting a disciplinarian lifestyle.
      • Drukhari: Pain-addicted Aeldari raiders who delight in tormenting the lesser species of the galaxy.
    • Leagues of Votann: Short-statured but incredibly hardy abhumans who are almost completely independent of the Imperium of Man, and relentlessly pursue resources in the name of survival.
    • Necrons: An ancient race whose every soul was transferred into living metal automatons, awakening now to reconquer their lost domains.
    • Orks: Green-skinned barbarian xenos genetically programmed to make war, who can be found everywhere and fight anyone for sport, including themselves.
      • Orks Characters: Particularly notable warmongers and marauders in the Orkish hordes.
    • T'au: An upstart and ambitious race of blue-skinned xenos whose ambition is to unite all in the galaxy for "the Greater Good".
    • Tyranids: Monstrous extra-galactic invaders, united by a Hive Mind driving them to eat all organic matter in their path.
      • Genestealer Cults: The vanguard organisms of the Hive Fleets and the cults they create to subvert planetary defenders.



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