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Orkish really is cockney accent English
Since 40k is so far into the future languages would have to have changed dramatically. English in it original form was a dialect of proto-germanic which would be pretty much extremely difficult if not impossible to be understood by any modern day English speaker. And that is a mere difference of 2000 years, in the 40k verse languages would change a lot and it would not be totally unreasonable for the English langauge to have gone extinct like Khitan, Roman-latin, Nesite or (ironcilly) real life Gothic (the language spoken by the Gothic Tribes that eventually brought down the Western Roman Empire). Any modern English speaker would probably sound rather almost bestial to someone from the Imperium. Since 40k take place in the far future, this means that modern tv broadcasts would have already traveled almost halfway across the galaxy making it extremely like for a group of of Orkz would randomly picked up these TV single a long time ago and were amazed at these actual langauges (Orkz at the time probably didn't have a proper language at the time) and would experimented with trying to find a suitable one that was easy enough for them to learn yet fitted their warring nature and just so found English (specifically Cockney accented) English to be the best one.

The Tyrant Star's prophecy does not refer to humanity being overcome by Chaos. It refers to the Imperium descent into superstition and cruelty
The prophecy's signs may already be occurring and may refer to the Imperium's current state of events or a progression of it.

There are C'Tan-loyalist Necrons
The new depiction of Necrons as independent and largely opposed to their old star-gods gives them a lot more variety and character, but doesn't fit the many appearances in the fiction of creepy, single-minded Mecha-Mooks to the C'Tan, including speaking Lords who express veneration towards them. Given the division between Lords that has been introduced in the newest codex, it's entirely reasonable that some of the Necrons never rebelled, or reverted to loyalism when Szarekh relinquished his control as the race began to enter suspended animation. They secretly aided in combining some of the C'Tan Shards into more powerful and aware beings(although greatly reduced from their past selves) before entering the Great Sleep. Those greater shards, on awakening, were able to assert control over some fraction of the Necron Overlords, producing the forces seen in earlier editions and appearing as the Special Character versions of the Nightbringer and Deceiver. Also, these are the Necrons interested in cutting off the Warp from the Materium, and in harvesting limited quantities of sentient life for enslavement.
  • Alternatively, the rest of this is true, but there are no loyalist Overlords—the tomb-world Lords awoke first as per another WMG somewhere on the site, and many, without contact with their superiors, reverted to earlier patterns. Some of these remain loyally C'tan-ist due to contact with the greater shards or just centuries of independence.
  • Implied to be true. Transcendent C'tans regain their intelligence and personality and should be capable of acquiring a Necron Tombworld via subtle means or sheer might. There is also a certain Phaeron who is rumored to be a disguised C'tan shard since 5th edition.

The Necron tendency to destroy everything down to the microbe is a sign of damage to their programming
Since their "gods" are trying to harvest sentient life as a tasty treat, it doesn't make sense to make the worlds completely unlivable, instead of doing what the Wraith do, leave survivors that can't defend themselves to repopulate. Since they have lifespans in the eons, it's not like they couldn't leave a few hundred or thousand worlds within their grasp to feed their gods, viciously defend them to the point where only the very stupid would go within 100 light years of them, and consume them at their leisure. They could expand the menu every so often (the Pariah project indicates they have the capacity for meddling).
  • Glitch, or rebellion? Necrons might be fighting back against their oppressors the only way they can.
    • Exactly. Their programming certainly doesn't cover sparing something which in millions of years could have developed into something sentient, so in the long run, the Necrons could be denying the C'Tan all future sources of food once they've expended the current galaxy's sentient population.
  • Or maybe they just realize that the galaxy is a big-ass place. Having a large empty sector around your base of operations will strain the supply lines of any attackers while you can just rush out with your faster ships and harvest at will. There are stories of ships harvesting and not killing entire planets and taking them away, so it's possible that there are "farm worlds" full of captured beings being bred for harvest. We just haven't seen them because the systems around those worlds are full of necrons on barren planets, thus making it so no one wants to go any farther if they survive the experience.
    • There's a quote that says the Necrons will enslave after they kill enough people.

The Old Ones Are Just Hiding and will return to save the day...
...for themselves, of course, since this is Warhammer 40k. They'll come back and decide that if they want a livable galaxy, everything's going to need to go. Yet another front is added to the war and the status quo remains more or less exactly the same, aside from shuffling around of who owns what planet.
  • Hmmm. What are the Tyranids running from, again?
    • What if the Old Ones are the ones who created the Tyranids in the first place?
      We know that Old Ones can engineer entire races, they've done so in the past with Eldar, Orks and Jokaero. Tyranids also seem to be a great way to clean the galaxy of life and start over. They exist only to kill and eat. Tyranids don't care about losses, as long as they can consume the biomass of the planet and they can rapidly adapt to take on any foe. They are a psychic race, like other races that Old Ones created, but their psychic effect also conveniently messes up with other psykers. There's also a bit of lore that shows that Tyranids took a detour to avoid a Dyson Sphere that had the mad C'Tan Outsider in it. C'Tan aren't psychic, so there's no real way to sense them, which implies that Tyranids knew that there was something super dangerous there, and Old Ones are one of the few beings(aside from Necrons) who know that C'Tan even exist.

      My theory is that Old Ones want Tyranids to take out all the sentient life, rapidly adapt into a life form that can destroy Necrons, and then just slowly linger as Chaos dies out and Warp calms. After that, Old Ones can stride back, and use all that Tyranid biomass to make new races.

It will get better, then worse, just give it 14,000 years
Specifically, 14,000 years after the end of the year 40,999.

It gets better because:All the Chaos gods except Tzeentch will die, and the Tyranids will enter the warp forever to feed off the energy, waging an eternal war with the Daemon hordes of the three dead chaos gods. This will eliminate these threats. Then, the Golden throne will finally fail, but the Emperor will resurrect. He will take command and slacken the Imperium's xenophobic, anti-innovation policy. The Imperium will form an alliance with the Tau, and then Tzeentch, the "good" chaos god, will join them, and the Emperor will redeem all traitors under him. The fallen Primarchs, Horus included, will be redeemed or resurrected. The Eldar will already have been wiped out by the dark Eldar, who in turn become extinct. The Necrons as they are now will be exterminated by the Imperium-Tau-chaos alliance, and their remaining tobworlds will need millenia to wake up. Many Orks will join the Imperium under "Warboss Emprah". The ones who don't get wiped out from too much fighting with the alliance and each other, until the last independent warboss has a prophetic dream and takes his WAAAGH! off on a crazy quest out the galaxy. They never come back.

It then gets worse because:The factions and species of the alliance trade technology to build new weapons, and get ready for the arrival of whatever the Tyranids are running from. It arrives in the 56th millennium. Fortunately "Warboss Emprah" just achieved something resebling enuff dakka. The setting gets Grimdark again because of this war between the new arrivals, the now-fully awakened Necrons and the alliance. Cue Warhammer 55,000.

  • May I ask, why that specific year? Is there something in the lore that states 14,000 years? If they want to make a sequel series (set thousands of years after to get more money) why not Warhammer 50,000? 55 is just an odd number to use.
    • Because the Orks become able to counter any Evil Plan within the Imperium with their cockney football jargon, and an ancient truth is realized: all Sisters of Battle are descended from Buffy Summers. So there.

There is one thing the Ruinous Powers fear more than the Emperor. Death
Obviously everyone fears death, but the Chaotic powers, for all their power and immortality, fear it more than anything in the universe because it is the ultimate order. And I'm not just talking about physical death, but complete death of both the body and soul. No change. No plans. No unpredictability. Simply the yawning void of potential unending non-existence. It's why they fear and despise Blanks and the C'tan. They have no souls, thus no presence in the warp. They are like an invisible force they cannot see or even properly perceive. Like a black hole, they bend and suck the powers of the Warp until it ceases to exist. They are to Daemons as the undead are to humans. Even Nurgle, the embodiment of the living's fear of inevitable death and disease, fears true death because he is like an infernal version of the fourth and fifth stages of the Kubler-Ross model of the five stages of grief. He may relish in his acceptance of death and decay, but he still has no real idea what it is like to experience the true cessation of existence. He is merely a representation of mortals reactions to death, but he is not death. The same applies to the other three gods as well. When Horus had his soul eradicated by the Emperor, it sent a shock wave through the Warp that felled numerous chaos legions and sent Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Titans into absolute panic. Remember, for all his power and accomplishments, Horus was only one man with one one soul and his death was enough to save the Imperium of Man from near certain destruction by the daemonic powers. Imagine if that was done with a whole world of people? The warp would be sent into, well, chaos!

The Space Marines are actually hybrids of sorts
And many implants are from different alien races:
  • The Ossumodula (Bone growth), Preomner (poison prevention), Oolitic Kidney (again, prevents poison), and Biscopea (Muscle growth) are taken from Orks.
  • Betcher's Gland (Acid Spit), Progenoids (Geneseed collection), and Omnophagea (Learning from Eating) from Tyranids.
  • Black Carapace (Greater armor interface) from Necrons.
However, the Emperor's power kept them from going berserk.
  • The Tyranids are just now showing up, 10,000 years after the Emperor created the Space Marines. For that matter, Emps had been isolated on Terra for 10,000 years and didn't have access to any aliens to take bits from.

The victory of Chaos is hollow and empty
It's heavily implied that chaos has already won the battle over the Imperium, with the latter being a slowly dying shell staving off the inevitable. Yet it is also a hollow victory, because with no more meaningful enemies to fight against, chaos will ultimately turn against itself. There is no true unity in chaos, such things are simply the ramblings of Chaos cultists too deluded to see the obvious. Even when the Ruinous powers ban together to rid themselves of a common enemy, they will immediately go back to their bickering and civil wars when the mission is over (or even when it's not fully complete). And despite their power, it's unlikely that the Chaos gods have complete control over their Chaotic legions. Emotions are constantly changing, so who knows if some other power rises up and takes their place. Heck, who knows if they will remain the same as they did before in the next millennium? As their emblem shows, Chaos goes in many different directions, yet they all ultimately lead to nowhere.
  • You're right, but for the wrong reason. Chaos's natural state is an endless conflict and disorder, and this manifests by most of the Dark Gods' time and attention being spent fighting each other in the Great Game; a conflict that naturally can't end and can't have any permanent victories. The cycle of conflict can be broken by an outside force acting on it, and the Emperor was becoming that mutual threat/stabilizing element, and the Chaos Gods stopped fighting just long enough to bring him down together. When Big E was cut down, the Chaos Gods went back to the the Great Game, only occasionally putting some attention on realspace. An individual Chaos God does take swipes at the Imperium and Emperor, but in the end, it won't feel too torn up if that problem goes away and loses a persistent secondary threat, not when it's main three enemies are still around and right on its doorstep. Chaos's victory was hollow in that all Chaos did was preserve it's own status quo, it didn't evolve, unify, or change in any real meaningful way. Chaos is still getting stronger each day though, and one day it will overwhelm the Imperium and the rest of the forces still in realspace.

There is no Emperor never was, never will be
I'm basing this WMG on fluff from the earliest concept version of the WH40k canon known as Laser Burn it was a basic ruleset for playing with 15mm miniatures. Basically it states that while there was an Imperium which was ruled by the High Lords of Terra, the Emperor himself isn't mentioned not even ONCE.

To boot the Imperial Council of Terra is portrayed as horrifically racist, openly planning the genocide of most of Earths racial minorities (predominatly Blacks, Asians, and those of middle eastern decent). The near overwhelming majority of seemingly exiled minorities live on off world colonies termed by the game itself as "Dark Worlds".

Basically imagine if our current Warhammer game had lines like "Kill the Ni**er, Purge the Chink! Games Workshop would have a far smaller fanbase. GW must have realized that either by intention or accident they had made Klu Klux Klan 40k and promptly never made another version of the game. Although oddly enough both miniatures and original rule books are still sold on a seperate website.

However if you include this backstory (which I'm calling 40k 0th edition) into current Warhammer canon it shows that in reality the great Emperor of Man never really existed and was only a monumental piece of propaganda created by the High Lords of Terra either to terrify or inspire the common Imperium citizenry into a fanatical devotion to the racist lords of Terra and to the common ideal of "Imperialism" itself.

However this also does not completely mean that the Emperor did not exist. There are only 3 possible scenarios of how the Emperor could exist in within current canon which are...

1. The "Emperor" is only some poor fanatical bastard who willingly sacrificed himself to be plugged into the golden throne to be used as a symbolic effigy for future generations or...

2. He was some even poorer bastard who was murdered by Terran High Lord order then placed against his will in the Golden Throne as a braindead vegetable for over 10,000 years. This would mean that everything from Rogue Trader to now is complete Imperium bullshite. The Horus Heresy, Warp chaos, traitor marines, Chaos gods all Never Happened. And finally...

3. The "Emperor" was either one of the lords of Terra or an unseen Imperium noble whom literally had both extreme delusions of godhood and enough Ax craziness to start his own "Great Crusade" to overthrow the original lords of Terra and place himself as"Emperor" of all mankind.

He creates 20 genetically modified near clones of himself whom he calls his "sons" and for paranoid reasons that his "enemies" were out to get him scatters them across across the galaxy. Meanwhile the "Emperor" goes about creating a North Korea like Orwellian society along with a religious cult of personality with his most fanatical followers declaring him "God Emperor".

After several years later the now "God Emperor" retrieves his sons and orders them to be given massive amounts of possibly crippling enhancement surgery in order to become newer upgraded versions of space marines. 2 of the "Emperor's" sons die in the process. The newly created space marines lead the imperial armada across the galaxy for the second stage of his "Great Crusade" burning Xenos worlds and purging human colonies who don't align themselves with the new "Emperor"

However as was stated above this Emperor is Super Robot Hitler levels of racist. With every new triumph the "Emperor's" madness and lust for power grows by the minute. With every success he demands more minority purging and more alien genocide and more godlike devotion to him. Finally one of the "Emperors" sons have had enough of his fathers and the Imperiums insanity

Horus leads nine space marine legions against the "Emperor" and the imperial fleet. This war is known originally as the "Horus Mutiny" or Rebellion (millennia later this changed into the more religious version of "Heresy"). Horus allies himself with 4 native Warp space alien species originally targeted for exterminatus they are later termed by the Inquisition as "Deamons" and "Chaos"

Horus is ultimately defeated but he somehow manages to allow the survivIng marines to escape into warp space. He also manages to nearly kill the "Emperor", However the Emperor has a final ace up his blood covered sleeve.

Years previously the Emperor becoming increasingly obsessed with immortality due to his self believed godhood had secretly ordered the creation of a life support system never before seen as it would keep its occupant alive indefinitely. As the imperial madman plugged himself into his "Golden Throne" he made a silent vow to destroy all his enemies and finish what he started.

And so the mad emperor sits on his throne keeping him in a state of slow physical decay leaving him a living corpse for 10,000 years possibly within a state of unimaginable insanity that possibly could rip the very universe apart. While the seeming death of the "Emperor" should have ended his mad reign his deathless sleep only appeared to reenforce it. The Imperium went on a slow decay of technological, social, and mental collapse.

Tzeentch is NOT the God of Hope
What Games Workshop wrongly called Hope is more accurately called Ambition, and considering how the Chaos Gods are gods of Selfishness, and ambitious people are easily corruptible to becoming arrogant Machiavellian manipulators, it best describes Tzeentch most accurately. Because in the grim darkness of the far future, actual selfless Hope should be for all intents and purposes dead, and if Tzeentch really was the Hope God he should be weaker than even Slaanesh. Then who is the true God of Hope then? The local Messianic Archetype of the setting, the God-Emperor of Mankind. He once brought Hope to Humanity but in the 41st millennium that God of Hope is now a rotting carcass.
  • there just a problem, Tzeentch is the God of change, think when you have hope to the future, it's because you want something to change, like if you lived in a crapsack world, you hope for the future being you want change...THIS IS THE PROBLEM...
  • ...gods of selfishness? It says everywhere that isn't Imperial propaganda that the Chaos gods have benevolent aspects, and besides, ambition is morally neutral. It's what your ambition is for that can be good or evil.
  • Yet the Emperor Himself is a God of Hope, and he is now a rotting corpse...
    • No he isn't. He's just a hyperpowered psyker.
      • You're wrong, he is actually an example of mankind if we had evolved as the Old Ones did, which does make him a superpowerful Psyker, but also a nascent Warp Entity.

The God-Emperor of Mankind cannot escape his fate to become Chaos Undivided
Look at the God-Emperor and you have characteristics of almost all the four major Chaos Gods. Khorne? Well during the Great Crusade instead of diplomacy the Emperor chose to exterminatus all Xenos to the last. Slaanesh? The Emperor loved to build all kinds of golden monuments and palaces to his vanity, and he is often depicted by remebrancers to be human perfection. Tzeentch? Lots. Psyker? Genius? Ambitious, Manipulated Mankind for millennia? Brought Hope and Change? Of course. Nurgle? He's now a rotting corpse. In other words, the Emperor now exemplifies traits of Chaos, and if he is ever allowed to die the universe is F*cked.
  • To be fair, most of the xenos were incalculably cruel alien overlords. There's no chance of getting along peacefully with Orks or Dark Eldar. And the Emperor didn't build monuments to his vanity, that was mostly the Word Bearers. And he put a stop to it. It's also natural for rememberancers and other records to glorify the Emperor. He was basically the greatest human to ever live.

Khorne was the Abrahamic God.
Note that this isn't expressing my opinions on Abrahamic religions, but rather the canon of Warhammer 40,000. Khorne came into existence during humanity's Middle Ages, from Terra. What are the most famous wars and conflicts fought about back then? Religious differences. The Crusades, the Inquisition, both Christianity and Islam wholeheartedly believing that Sex Is Evil...the darkest aspects of fanatic and zealous warfare germinated into what would eventually become Khorne, easily the opposite of the sensual god Slaanesh. The Imperium, easily the most warmongering factions, is basically a Catholic dictatorship turned to its darkest extreme. Yahweh started off as the Caananite War God and retains that position even today, but Khorne has lost the traits which make Him admirable, with the exception of a sense of honour. Or if you believe God Is Evil, He may just have become Ax-Crazy. Also, who do you usually think of as a bastardization or evil counter to God? Satan. And what are the things associated with Satan? Sex and temptation, both aspects of Slaanesh and therefore anathema to Khorne.
  • Pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that it was the Mongols, not the Christians, whose actions caused the giant mass of psychic rage and aggression to form into Khorne... Also sure Games Workshop has implied that the Abramahic Religions where all made by the Emperor, in attempts to unite humanity through laws then love and finally discipline.

Farsight's Dawn Blade
So, the planet Arthas Moloch, where Farsight finds his epic magical sword, is a dead world. There exist ruins, mostly unadorned, that contain small geometric figures that repel daemons and Warp phenomena in their vicinity. The blade itself is composed of "chronophagic alloys" which steal the victim's lifespan with each stroke, adding it to the wielder's. It has an elegant, simple aesthetic that is nonetheless alien to the Tau, inscribed with a symbol that looks like a half-circle that radiates rays in all directions.

Farsight has looted a Necron tomb world. It's probably best that he doesn't find out.

Tzeentch is Games Workshop's least favorite of the Chaos Gods
Lore related to him gets the least attention, his units tend to be the least useful, and even pyskic powers, which are supposed to his area of expertise, Slaanesh tends to do better than him.

The Tyranid are Nurgle.
They are called the Great Devourer....
  • ...what?

The missing Primarchs are missing due to the Thunder Warriors.
Either because they found out about them and rebelled against the Emperor for his callous disposal of them (possibly because they believed the same would happen to them once the galaxy was united) or because they performed illegal gene-seed experiments with them, either way, this interaction required their immediate removal. Unlike with the Traitor Primarchs, knowledge of their existence wasn't widespread, so it wouldn't have been an impossible undertaking to delete them from the records.

The Emperor was Emperor Justinian the Great, Suleiman the Magnificent, and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
Seeing what had happened to the realm he had helped form, and he had observed changing through its various periods, he decided, as Justinian, to try to reconquer what he could as the Roman Empire and rebuild it to what he could. While in some counts he succeeded, he felt the model wasn't durable enough, even if the Eastern Roman Empire lasted longer than the western.

Because of this, he took on a new model for the Ottoman Empire which he helped build, as Suleiman, and took work to rework the laws and civil underpinnings that had previously worked, but at the same time changed some tactics used, and with it observed the Janissaries, who he would later use as models for the Space Marines, and also looked over matters such as taxation, which he would later similarly adopt for the Imperium.

But as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, he felt the religious model of state did not work, and broke it into something else, and observed Turkey as it was, and used the model of secularism along with reforms done as Justinian and Suleiman, and worked them into one state for his ideal of the Imperium.

The Tyranids are running from Leman Russ.
We know that the Tyranids are escaping their galaxy because there's something following them. We also know that Leman Russ left the Imperium after having a vision and that he haven't been heard from since. So this theory is: he had a vision of Tyranids attacking the galaxy and decided to do something about it. He left, he went to Tyranid galaxy and somehow found himself with means to eradicate them (perhaps some ancient xeno weapon, or he finally managed to get his psyker powers under control).

Fast forward ten thousand years and he got so good at killing them that Tyranids were forced to flee. Sadly, as usual in W 40 K-verse, his vision was a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and by trying to protect the Imperium from Tyranids, he instead herded them there for Great OMNOMNOMNOM.

The Emperor and Malcador go rather further back than most people think.
The Emperor's MO, right up until he finally got fed up with humanity blowing itself to bits and decided to take over, was to guide humanity from the shadows. Malcador was already the Emperor's oldest friend when He started the Unification Wars on Terra, so it is extremely likely (if not outright canon) that Malcador was a Perpetual, along with being a stunningly powerful psyker in his own right.

Malcador was born Yeshua of Nazareth, and the Emperor, when he first met him, was known as Judas Iscariot. They cooked up the idea of trying to create what would become Christianity as something of an experiment on the power of belief, and basically ran a con. All those miracles? Either Yeshua/Jesus/Malcador's own psyker abilities, or his buddy Judas pulling off bigger tricks from the background. The nascent religion needs a betrayer to curse, and a martyr who comes back from the dead for a central figure? Pretty easy to pull off when when the martyr can't actually die under normal circumstances.

  • I believe it's almost-canon that it was the Emperor who was Yeshua. And out of sheer curiosity - why would he be Judas?
    • Mostly because what we see of him in the Horus Heresy novels shows him to be way too much of a bastard to be Jesus, even as a con, and being the man behind the man instead of the man himself fits the way he tried to do things before he actually took over.
    • No, being the guy in front doing things is exactly the God-Emperor's MO. He possesses massive charisma sufficient to charm basically anybody, so the more candid depictions of him in HH should be taken as just him letting his guard down around people he was comfortable with. If anything, Malcador would be Judas, as being the man behind the man is literally his entire schtick. We're talking about the guy who founded the Administratum and what would become the Inquisition.
      • Remember, he only did that after the society he painstakingly created via manipulating society basically crashed and burned around him.

The Interex have not been destroyed.
They have managed to flee beyond the borders of the Imperium. Adrantis Five was an outpost of theirs. The main population is still out there, waiting to move in and tidy things up once the Astronomican fails.

The primary factions represent the Seven Deadly Sins
  • Imperium: 40, 000 years of stagnation and lack of innovation, and turning its back to new ideas in exchange for worshipping a dead god and throwing countless lives for nothing (Sloth)
  • Eldar are Lust. They birthed the sex god Slaanesh after all.
  • Orks are Wrath. They want to slaughter every other species, but when there are no others to fight, they immediately riot between each other in brutal combat.
  • Chaos is Greed. They want to corrupt everything. Most Chaos followers are often driven by a selfish desire to acquire more Power.
  • The all-devouring Tyranids are Gluttony.
  • The Necrons are Envy. Remember the backstory: the reason why the Necrontyr became the way they are was because they Envied the Great Old Ones and their Immortality. That was the reason why they forged the contract with the C'tan to become Immortal Robotic entities.
  • And finally, the Tau are Pride. Sure, they have the innovation tradition that the slothful Imperium lacks, but then again, they were confident that they had the best philosophy to apply to the universe, and if anybody refused to accept the Greater Good, they committed orbital bombardment and mass brainwashing, just to make them believe that they were right. Other wiser races, such as the Imperium and Eldar, often engage in deconstructing the Tau's naive philosophy in the context of the reality of the 41st Millennium.
The Emperor is much, much younger than he claims.
Specifically he was born towards the end of the Age of Strife, a genius and a mutant psyker of great great power but otherwise a regular human who was simply the most cunning and capable of the warlords and who thus 'won'. It was his self experimentation with now lost technology, both created by himself and plundered from his rivals that increased his lifespan and already powerful psychic abilities though without the Golden Throne he would be long dead of old age by the 'present' of the setting. The legend of being tens of thousands of years old and numerous historic figures was always a fabrication, designed to cement his cult of personality after crushing his rivals.

This is the real reason the man who would become the Emperor stood aside for most of the Age of Strife - he wasn't alive for the vast majority of it.

Tzeentch is, or rather was originally the entity eldar described as Saim-Hann The Cosmic Serpent.
The Cosmic Serpent is said to know all secrets, past and present, an attribute of Tzeentch. Curiously the name "Saim-Hann", means "enlightenment", and the Craftworld with same name, named themselves after Saim-Hann. Saim-Hann Eldar are also seen as wild and somewhat dangerous by other eldar, being close to what caused the original fall. Both also sound dangerously close to Tzeentchian, or at least Chaotic ideals.Not to mention, Tzeentch is often visualized as a serpent.As some sources claim Tzeentch is the oldest among the 4 Chaos Gods, this would also solve the potential problem with Saim-Hann helping in war against C'Tan, as Tzeentch could be old enough to participate in it, if he's indeed the oldest of the Chaos Gods.It was also mentioned that the Chaos Gods were worshipped across the cosmos in more benevolent forms, which would explain Tzeentch/Saim-Hann's more beigin role in eldar mythos.Another possibility is that Tzeentch/Saim-Hann, was originally a more benevolent entity, but god tainted by the same decadence and moral decay that created Slaanesh, as well as the emotions of humanity during the Dark Age of Technology and the Age of Strife, or possibly even earlier in the violent Middle Ages.

Not all Thunder Warriors were stated for being executed by the Emperor, the most mentally stable of them became some of the first Custodes.
The first Custodes are described as the first genetically and psychologically altered warriors created by the Emperor during the Terran Unification Wars, a descrption which obviouslly fits Thunder Warriors more, unless the first Custodes actually were Thunder Warrriors. Emperor could take those rare of the Thunder Warriors who weren't suffering from violent insanity and/or psychpathy, and fix their genetic flaws for them to become Custodes. While the hidden dark truth is that the Emperor ordered execution of all Thunder Warriors, this could be in part a lie, for the Emperor to seem more ruthless than he really was to his close underlings. This would line up with the historical Emperor Augustus playing up his ruthlessness, as seen with Augustus' last words: "Have I played my part well in the comedy of life? Then applaud!.
  • The Thunder Warriors were culled by the Adeptus Custodes. The Emperor probably made the Custodes first, then after having an army of ageless Super-Soldier bodyguards, started mass-producing an army of barely-stable psychotic berserkers.
    • That is the official story, but it could very well be that its metaphorically true in the same way Darth Vader killing Anakin is true

The Golden Throne isn't just a life support system
It's the control hub of a gigantic dreadnaught powered by The Emperor's spirit.

The Emperor is long dead but the Golden Throne itself is a sentient, incredibly powerful machine spirit.
It is the spirit of the throne rather than empty husk it is nominally keeping alive that is the real 'God Emperor'.
  • A revived Guilliman spoke with the Emperor, unless the spirit is masquerading the Emperor probably jossed.
    • or maybe the Mechanicus is right and the Emperor was merely an aspect of the Omnissiah that dwells in the golden throne

The Tyranids are running from the Carcharodons

The carcharodons are said to come from "the black void of space beyond the farthest reaches of the galaxy", and what animals are most well-known for chasing things out of an area? Sharks.

The Emperor is one of the missing primarchs
It's been established that traveling through the warp can cause one to be thrown about in time. So, who's to say that didn't happen to one of the primarch babies when they were scattered by the chaos gods? This little kid landed somewhere in central Anatolia in the 8th century BC, was adopted by loving parents, learned to master his powers over the course of the next 300000 years or so, influencing humanity from the shadows all the while. Eventually, he emerged from the shadows, took over the human race, formed the early imperium, and then got the great idea to create more of his own kind in order to help bring order to humanity. Thus he created the twenty primarchs, which were scattered across the warp, leading to one of them landing somewhere in central Anatolia in the 8th century BC, and it all starts over again.

The Red Scorpions are remnants of the second legion
Among the Loyalist legions, the ultramarines are noted as having the purest geneseed. However, it's also been mentioned that Red Scorpion geneseed is even purer than that of the ultramarines. Usually, fans take this as a hint that they were actually made with Fulgrim's geneseed. However, the forgeworld website shows several odd paintjobs among its Horus Heresy-era vehicles, with the Deimos Pattern Predator and Land Raider Armoured Proteus both having red scorpion paintjobs, as well as having prominent II markings where other vehicles of the era have their legion numbers. It's entirely possible that the Red Scorpions weren't made with Fulgrim's geneseed, but are remnants of the second legion. It's been hinted that at least some members of the lost legions survived, and were absorbed into the Ultramarines legion. When the second founding came around, what's to stop the ultramarines from releasing said survivors as their own independent chapter again?

The surviving Eldar gods are working together for Chaos damage control and some overarching plan towards revenge
Khaine obviously held of Slaanesh long enough for Cegorach and a good number of Eldar to escape. Cegorach in turn manipulated Nurgle into saving Isha so she could both invent cures for Nurgle's plagues due to her in depth knowledge of them and so she could serve as a voice in Nurgle's ear. Cegorach also ensured that the fragments of Khaine ended up in of three places: on Craftworlds in the form of avatars to protect the Eldar and the infinity circuit, in Khorne's realm to serve as a Worthy Opponent to the Blood god and his armies, or with Cegorach in the Webway to both serve as a safe place for Khaine's consciousness and as a last defense. All of this is also meant to facilitate Cegorach's overarching plan.

Magnus' current razing of Fenris will somehow interfere with Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade.

Because it's too perfect and too Tzeentch to not be the case. War Zone Fenris appears fairly pointedly to not be related to Abaddon's current Black Crusade; methinks that the possible destruction of Fenris - or at least sending the Wolves packing - will place them in line to help hold off the Crusade from the greater Imperium. After all, a world where Chaos wins is one Tzeentch is likely to consider stagnant and dull, and that doesn't tie with how he likes to play his games. And it would be be so very like him to even screw over the Legion that are begrudgingly in his service.

  • Doesn't seem likely unless they reveal that The Great Rift opening up in the wrong directions is caused by War Zone Fenris's influence.

The Primarchs as positive and negative aspects of the Emperor
It has been well established that the Primarchs have all been imbued with some aspect of the Emperorís Personality, but the debate on just which parts continues to rage. Here are my thoughts on just what parts of the Emperor each Primarch got, and why they suffered when they didnít have the other aspects to balance them out.
The Halo Artifacts are intended as immortality devices for their creators.
In a few of the RPGs, Halo Artifacts are mentioned as strange devices that grant immortality to their wearers, with the caveat of warping their minds, bodies, and souls. Humans who use them at first are restored to their prime and enhanced, but slowly become inhuman creatures with alien minds and memories of strange civilizations, and an early side effect is occasional dreams of alien ruins under dead stars. These artifacts were forged by some strange civilization in the Halo Stars long before man walked the stars or perhaps even existed. Like most beings, these strange xenos likely feared death and went to great measures to avoid it. My theory is that select members created the Halo Devices to warp the body and mind of a victim until they were very similar to the creator of the device, using the restoration of the victim as a lure for the desperate and/or foolhardy. To make it work on most life however, they had to compromise on the exact effects, leading to the variations on the affected. The majority do not work on pyskers or those tainted by Chaos as the Warp has unpredictable effects and hosts alien intelligences of its own.

The Emperor can split himself up into multiple people
Who are all alive at the same time, and are all capable if independent action. His backstory suggests that he was both Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon Bonaparte. This would normally be impossible-they where alive concurrently, and someone would have noticed a double-life scenario. This must mean that he can become more than one person at once. Its possible that part of him still exists, either actively shaping the galaxy or biding his time.

Bellisarius Cawl has a weird fetish for mounting guns on power fists
Seriously, the Hand of Dominion is understandable in light of the twin gauntlets that Marneus Calgar inherited from Guilliman to begin with, but the Aggressors and the Gravis-armored Captain ALSO having them make it look like he's got some kind of weird thing for it.
  • Could be a standard design given the Centurion armor.

The Eldar deities are not Warp entities like the Chaos Gods, but ascended mortals.
In general, the way Eldar gods act is not very consistent with other Warp beings. They can easily die, which would not make sense for thoughtforms, frequently interact with the mortal realm (like fighting the C'tan, who are explicitly material entities) and have relatively humane personalities compared to the Starfish Aliens that generally inhabit the Warp. What if they were not natives of the Warp, but rather extremely powerful Eldar who ascended to godhood?

Consider this. The stories of the Emperor's origins, like him stealing power from the Chaos Gods or being created in a ritual by ancient shamans, are not considered to be definite canon anymore, so we do not know for sure where exactly he came from. However, we know that at least one race had a very similar individual: the Orks, who had their own demigod with incredible psychic power, the Beast. About his origins, nothing is known at all. We have precedence of powerful races (presumably populous and psychic enough to create a large presence in the Warp) inexplicably giving birth to God-Emperor figures.

Perhaps the creation of demigods is some sort of natural process in the Warp, caused by the collective psyker energies of mortals coalescing. If that is true, then the first race (other than the Old Ones) to undergo that process would be the Eldar, who would create their own equivalent of the Emperor and the Beast. These beings would be easily powerful enough to be considered gods, yet due to being born in the Materium, they would still have minds and bodies comparable to mortals - which is exactly what the Eldar gods are. Of course, due to their psychic power, they would be inherently tied to the Warp (much like the Emperor is able to create Living Saints and maintain the Astronomicon) and even able to enter it, especially in its calmer pre-Slaanesh state, which would explain them interacting with Warp entities.

The only problems I see with this theory are the myths of Eldar Gods creating the Eldar and Ynnead, which is an explicably Warp-based entity with no presence in the Materium. But then again, myths are not always true, and if the Eldar Gods were born while their race was still living in caves, and guided them throughout their early history (like the Emperor, but more overtly), the Eldar would basically see their origins that way - "We used to be primitive animals, and then the gods gave us wisdom and made us what they are now.". As for Ynnead, he seems to be a unique entity, so him being a Warp entity and all other Eldar gods being ascended mortals is plausible.

This theory opens up the possibility of other races creating their own God Emperors. The Necrons are out of the question because they have no Warp presence, and the Tyranid Hive Mind is already essentially a Warp deity, so if any demigod appeared in their species, it would be either absorbed or become subordinate to it. That leaves the Tau, which, who do have a weak Warp presence and are rather populous. Could a God-Emperor appear among their kind?

The Tau have their own Emperor-equivalent
The reason why the Tau get so many lucky breaks is because in the ancient past, their shamans realized the dangers of the galaxy and proceeded to sacrifice themselves into making a collective super-entity. This super-entity has been secretly shaping Tau society and subtly breeding them into a state of low psychic potential because either it fears being overthrown or considers the benefits of psykers to be too dangerous at this point in time and if it thinks psychic powers are beneficial in the long term, will reintroduce it at a time when being able to reshape reality using the Immaterium doesn't come with a decent chance of your brain becoming a literal door to hell. In any case, this Tau super-entity is guiding Tau history, occasionally intervening like introducing the Ethereals and causing a massive Warp Storm to not get purged to make way for Imperial colonists. The Tau super-entity does things a fair bit differently than the Emperor, possibly out of desperation because it doesn't have the same amount of time to do things like the Emperor did, has a different outlook, and may consider revealing itself at this time not beneficial to its plans.
  • its also possible that the reason there are no Tau psykers is that unlike the emperor who was made from the most powerful psykers that Tau-peror was created from literally all of there psykers, leaving only the Tau with the least psychic potential to populate the later generations

There will eventually be Chaos Tau
Their first mass use of full-scale Warp engines led to the survivors acting rather oddly. It's a short step from there to embracing the Ruinous Powers.

The Avatar of Khaine suffers from The Worf Effect for actual reasons
There's a reason why the Eldar consider summoning the Avatar to be such a grave, weighty matter only to be done when the Godzilla Threshold has been crossed. It's the Eldar god of war and murder given physical form, and it not only will not but cannot give up fighting until it is killed. Even if the original conflict it was summoned for is long over, it will just keep on the warpath, leading a substantial proportion of the Dying Race that summoned it into one horrific meat grinder war after another until something finally manages to kill it. Some Farseers may consider the death (and return to dormancy) of their Avatar to be an acceptable loss after a while, and maneuver it into battles with foes that have a good chance of killing it just to get it over with.

The Emperor was a former Tzeentchian Daemon Prince who attempted to rebel against his master and Chaos... and failed miserably.
As mentioned before numerous times (in "The Emperor was Tzeentch" and "the Emperor cannot avoid becoming Chaos Undivided"), the Emperor's character, personality and psychological portfolio is that of a Tzeentchian. The Emperor is a genius Psyker, who spent most of his time on Earth giving Mankind knowledge and manipulating Humanity behind the shadows. His philosophy was that of Ambition, to bring Humanity into progress and the next step of evolution. After the disaster of the Age of Strife, when Humanity was definitely in the bottom of the shitter, he brought Hope and Change. When Humanity was on the verge of killing itself, he presented Hope. When humanity was inevitably going extinct due to the catastrophies of the Age of Strife, the Emperor changed everything. And in his quest to give Mankind Hope and Change, he used both Science and Arcane Magic, like in using Warp energies to develop the Primarchs, and therefore the Astartes.

Perhaps the Emperor was a proto-Tzeentchian. Since the Warp is beyond space and time, it is possible that an avatar of Tzeentch or a Lord of Change was sent back millennia before during the genesis of humanity. During this time, Humanity was just another animal, and the weakest in the food chain, hunted down and murdered by countless apex predators, from lions to bears, if not dying from numerous diseases (it was from this era that the first Chaos Gods such as Nurgle began to gestate). But while most of mankind was contented with this savage lifestyle, there was one who was dissatisfied, and wanted Change. Change, where humanity, instead of being just a failed species of ape, had the power to Change the World around Him to his own Will. Thus, when the child made contact with the aforementioned Lord of Change, they made an Unholy contract: Humanity shall gain Knowledge, and therefore the capacity to Change the Natural World through their own Intellect, a Dominion that which Mankind sees fit. This was where we get the story of Genesis: Adam eating from the Fruit of Knowledge, which both benefited and damned humanity as a whole, the knowledge of civilizationand dominion over the natural world in exchange for the loss of happiness and soul.

"Adam", as we would call the Emperor, and the person who contracted with the Lord of Change, was initially loyal to the God of Change, by posing as numerous beacons of Hope throughout Human History. This is where we get "The Emperor was Jesus" meme. Humanity developed and some of the Chaos Gods made their first appearance (Nurgle during the Black Death, Khorne during the Mongol wars). "Adam" used Sorcery against the Void Dragon to imprison it on Mars, because the C'tan are weak against Warp powers. Then, he guided an ancient Order of scientists and alchemists persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church, the so-called Gnostics or Illuminati, to engineer the Renaissance and show Humanity the path to Hope and Change once more. Unfortunately, the new technology developed by this Hope in Science and and Progress, instead of benefiting Humanity as a whole, were used as weapons and inventions humanity can use to destroy itself. This reached its peak during World War II, when a rival Chaos Cultist named Adolf Hitler used the products of Change to almost destroy the world. This was where Adam realised that Tzeentch dicked him over; Hope and Change, his virtues, were not the key to mankind's survival. Thus he plotted his Rebellion.

During the Dark Age of Technology, the era of Change and progress when Humanity has developed the capacity to harness and transverse the Warp, Adam constantly used his former daemonic gifts to plot against the Daemon Lords. This was where, in some sources, he discovered the planet of Molech. Molech contained a Gate that directly led to the fortressess of the Chaos Gods themselves. Adam, due to his continuous plotting against Tzeentch, defeated his old master in a game, outsmarted the more stupid Chaos Gods (Nurgle, Khorne and Slaanesh), and stole portions of power from a source claimed by the gods as their own. He would use this power to evolve himself and create the Primarchs. This would earn him the ire of the duped/defeated Ruinous Powers, who consider him as some sort of usurper.

This was why, in the establishment of the Imperium of Man, and during the Council of Nikaea, the Emperor, though a Tzeentchian himself, whose philosophy was Hope and Change for Mankind, could not allow Magnus the same luxury of knowing the prospects of the God of Change. The Emperor feared Magnus would descend to the same path he had, a puppet by the Master of Fate. This is the reason for the Imperial Truth and the policy of State Atheism; The Emperor knows he is a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, but he cannot let others suffer the same fate, so better to keep everyone ignorant. Untimately, despite his efforts, his old master triumphed, and as the ultimate form of torture towards his rebellious student, warped his ideals of Hope and Change into his own worst nightmares, a totalitarian dystopia obsessed with killing itself.

For 8th Edition: Roboute Guilliman lied about his experiences in the Emperor's chamber.
The Emperor was dead. When Guilliman emerged from the Sanctum imperialis, he knew the Truth, but because Mankind is in a horribly desparate state, he said that the Emperor was alive. The Astronomican wasn't the Emperor himself, but the souls of psykers being sacrificed daily. He had to lie so that Humanity will still have the willpower to fight Chaos. As for the information revealed to him that the Emperor only saw the Primarchs as generals and not sons, that was information Guilliman always knew. He was a pragmatic politician, and did not see the Emperor in an intimate relationshipo, and his agenda was always statesmanship and creating a new Imperium besides that of the Emperor (Imperium Secundus, aka Ultramar) The End Times, his sponsorship of the Primaris Marines project, and the alliance with the Eldar Ynnari provided the ultimate opportunity for Guilliman to consolidate himself as the Heir to the title of Emperor of Mankind.

The Inquisition already knows about the Dark Angels' Dirty Little Secret, and doesn't give a toss.
Half of the Dark Angels fell to Chaos and the other half remained loyal. The loyalists got most of the traitors, but missed one or two. The Inquisition already knows about this, but since the Chapter has taken steps to redeem itself, is loyal to the Imperium, and is properly repentant, they are simply allowed to continue as they are.

The Imperium of Man is actually a C'tan plot all along.
Maybe the Emperor actually had good intentions once, but he's been corrupted a long time ago. The overall goal of the Imperium is to finally, and belatedly win the war for the C'tan. Major components of the plan:

1. The Adeptus Mechanicus. It had been implied that the Omnissiah, the Machine God the Mechanicus worshipped, were not in fact aspects of the Emperor, but a C'tan known as the Void Dragon. The result however was the fervent worship of technology by the Mechanicus. Nowadays they are the greatest source of technology for the Imperium, a Mega-Corp obsessed with taking all technology for themselves. It is entirely possible that the radical cybernetics the Mechanicus impose unpon themselves are a slow way of feeding souls to the Void Dragon. With all technology coming out of Mars, all of humanity's tech will be tainted by the Void Dragon.

2. The Imperial Truth suppresses belief, not only calming the warp, but also promoting science and reason... virtues desired by the Void Dragon.

3. The Emperor was an puppet, a psychic lighthouse just to serve as a temporary instrument to breaching the Webway.

4. The Mechanicus are lying to the Emperor. The Golden Throne is actually C'tan tech, the sacrifices to the throne are actually to keep the C'tan alive/empowering them.

The ultimate goal, if Chaos had not interfered, was to use the Mechanicus to repeat the process of creating the Necrons. Some of the traitor primarchs may well have realised the truth, and decided that the Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend.

The Eldar didn't directly create Slaanesh... was the fault of the Internet. The seeds of Slaanesh's gestation were sealed the moment those pornographers at 4chan declared that "If it exists, there is porn of it". When humanity expanded, so did the Internet and of course, more and more debaucherous examples of Hentai, furry porn, BDSM etc. The Eldar used to be puritans who dedicated their lives to harmony with their own gods, until the Dark Age of Technology where trade with Humanity introduced them to sick porno, which drove a lot of them severely addicted and insane. Humanity planted the seeds of hedonism, but the Eldar due to their psychic powers and mass addiction provided immense power to birth the Porn God. Of course, the Craftworld Eldar tried to return to their traditional puritan ways by censoring all contacts with humanity, while on the other hand the Dark Eldar still weren't able to quit their addiction to sick porn and hence why they are urged to capture as much humans as possible to re-enact all the porn they found. That's why Slaanesh, instead of being a distinctly Eldar god, was a Chaos God instead: Chaos Gods being formed from the emotions of all human life, while the Eldar were just collateral.

One of the Lost Legions has a really long name.
In the The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer, they have reference to the II and XI Legions. While the name is covered up by the page they taped over it, between the 'the' and the end of the page, the text can fit "m none less than" plus some white space. That's a name with at least 16 characters with no spaces or dashes.

The Lost Primarchs were dead when Imperium found them
They're failures because they couldn't survive. Whether it was wild animals, paranoid natives, hostile environment, or general bad luck, they died before they were fully grown. That's why knowledge of their existence could destabilize the Imperium: pre-Heresy, the Primarchs were the pinnacle of mankind, and the idea that they could fall to anything short of a whole army would shatter morale. Their Legions in particular would be devastated knowing that their gene-father was lost forever. The Primarchs' mortality became a moot point post Horus Heresy, but by then the survivors had better things to do than remind the Imperium of two dead dudes.

The Tyranids were the Old Ones' final solution to Chaos.

After the immaterium was fucked over by the War in Heaven, the presence of sentient minds perpetuated its chaotic nature indefinitely. Thus, the Old Ones made the Tyranids, a species with such a strong collective Hive Mind that it will be able to defeat Chaos (the Shadow in the Warp). They were meant to remove all sentient life from the galaxy if and only if Chaos started getting out of hand - that is, they didn't want to kill everything, but they wanted even less everything enslaved to the Chaos Gods. The Tyranids were stationed outside the Galaxy and made a few harvest runs every now and then to restock on energy and mass, and the seeding of deathworlds with Tyranid-Adjacent bioforms was nothing less than the creation of a surveillance system — each animal on those worlds was, essentially, a piece of an optical telescope array that allowed the hivemind to maintain total glactic surveillance, to ensure the warp rifts didn't git out of hand. The Eye of Terror's appaearence began waking the hive fleets from dormancy, and now that the Cicatrix Maledictum is there it's time for the cleaners to, er. Clean.

The 41st millennium is actually rather chill and a nice place to live
We are just seeing it through the eyes of Imperial propaganda written by a particularly xenophobic zealot who vastly exaggerates all the negative traits of every faction that's not the Imperium, as well as portraying the Imperium in a more positive (in the eyes of a xenophobic cultist at least) light.

The Sisters of Battle's "miracles" function as a miniture version of the Shadow in the Warp
They are psychic but function differently than what we know of as psychic powers. Instead of their power coming from tapping into the vast energies of the collective mindscape that is the Warp, they instead draw purely on their own mind and soul, tempering it through zeal and willpower. This is why many of their effects tend to be less obviously supernatural and impressive, because they're drawing only on one soul rather than the combined energy of all life, but in exchange they are not vulnerable to the normal issues of psykers like blanks or daemonic possession, as those deal with a connection to the Warp that they do not have.

Warhammer 40k the tabletop game and its spinoffs are works of In-Universe propaganda on the part of the Imperium

The Imperium is, in actuality, a North Korea-like pariah state whose borders don't extend beyond Segmentum Solar (if Holy Terra is even Earth at all) that portrays itself as more powerful than it actually is while simultaneously making its enemies seem terrifyingly powerful and monstrously evil to keep the lower classes loyal to the regime.

  • The Emperor is indeed a demigod-like superhuman mutant and psyker, but was not born in the Neolithic, instead being a Space-Marine-like supersoldier created in the Dark Age of Technology who rose to power as a warlord on Terra after the collapse of human civilization.
  • The Warp is, in truth, no more dangerous than Materium deep space. Tales of "daemons" and "chaos gods" attacking ships that pass through it are just a way of covering up industrial accidents caused by unreliable, out-of-date warp-drives that the Imperium considers too expensive to replace. Similarly, the Astronomican is not necessary for Warp navigation, and only makes the process slightly more convenient — the Imperium exaggerates the danger of "calculated jumps" to make Holy Terra's rule over other systems seem more necessary.
  • The Horus Heresy was an attempted military coup by "traitor" Astartes chapters, but was not driven by Chaos corruption, just a rivalry between the military and civilian factions of the Imperial government, as represented by the Primarchs and the Council of Terra, respectively. The surviving "Chaos Space Marines" (who don't call themselves that) are largely identical to their "uncorrupted" counterparts, for good and for ill, only differing in that they believe the High Lords of Terra are the ones corrupted by Chaos, and that Warmaster Abaddon, grandson of the Emperor, should be installed as Imperial Regent.
  • The Aeldari are actually a species of abhumans living outside Imperial territory — the "Fall of the Aeldari" and the collapse of human civilization at the end of the Age of Technology were the same event. Imperium propaganda labels the Eldar as "xenos" as a way of systematically dehumanizing them. The Drukhari are a subculture within Aeldari society that has particularly liberal views about love, sexuality, and body modification, who the fascistic Imperium find especially abhorrent, and so they are smeared as hedonistic sadomasochists obsessed with mutilating themselves and others.
  • The Tyranids, who call themselves "Star Children", don't actually have a hive mind, instead they are a species of individually sapient beings who rule an empire located in the Large Magellanic Cloud which is quite similar to the Imperium structurally and ideologically — like the Imperium, the Star Children build teeming "hive cities" on the worlds they colonize and rely on a We Have Reserves strategy when waging war, which has given rise to a myth that they are an endlessly-reproducing, all-consuming mindless swarm. The Star Children have the unique ability to crossbreed with other sapient species, and mixed-species populations descended from Star Children refugees that interbred with humans during the Age of Strife can be found on many of the Imperium's worlds. These minority groups, denounced as subversive "genestealers" by Imperial propaganda, are systematically persecuted for their refusal to give up traditional Star Child religion and convert to the Imperial Cult, and consequently are easily recruited by revolutionary movements. The "Tyrannic Wars" were actually attempts by the Star Child Empire to conquer the Imperium, ostensibly to "liberate" the oppressed Star Child populations within human society.
  • The Imperium invented the concept of the "Ork gestalt field" as a way of saving face — in truth, the Orks are much, much more technologically advanced than humanity, and human tech-priests simply don't understand how most Ork technology functions. As a result, to humans, Ork technology seems like sorcery.
  • The T'au are not only just as benevolent as they were initially portrayed, but are also far more powerful than the Imperium, controlling the entirety of what the Imperium calls "Ultima Segmentum". T'au "ether drives" are actually next-generation warp drives that allow travel just as fast as the ones used by the Imperium, while also being far less prone to accidents.
  • The Necrontyr existed long ago and the ruins of their empire can be found throughout Imperial space, but living Necrons are an urban legend. Rumours of their existence were spread first by conspiracy theorists and then by Imperial propagandists, who found the Necrons to be a useful scapegoat for everything from malfunctioning battle-automata to misplaced archaeological artifacts.
  • The "Great Rift" that divided the Imperium after the 13th Black Crusade is not a literal but a figurative rift — Abaddon's success at Cadia encouraged other subversive movements within the Imperium to rise up in revolt, dividing Segmentum Solar in half. In response, the Imperium cracked down even further on the worlds that remained within its control, the so-called "Imperium Sanctus", preventing any information about the outside galaxy from getting in.

The Leagues of Votann are the Men of Stone, or at least their closest descendants
Dwarves (which the Votann people are) and stone are often very closely connected, they have amazing technological marvels, and are artificial (genetic engineering and cloning).

Asdrubael Vect knows the cure for Slaanesh's curse but is keeping it for himself and is secretly an Old Ones worshipper
Considering it borderline impossible for Dark Eldar to tell an honest truth without some weird scam and have much better technology than the other races, only being beaten by Tyranids and Necrons. There has to be some point where a nexus of their knowledge is kept lock and key that even HAEMONCULI aren't allowed into without perma-dying!