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    Season One 
  1. Sins of the Past: Xena travels to her home town to try to make amends. Along the way, a girl named Gabrielle wants go with her.
  2. Chariots of War: Xena is shot with an arrow while defending a village. While she recovers, Gabrielle has to fend for herself.
  3. Dreamworker: Gabrielle is captured by priests of Morpheus, the God of Sleep, to be his bride. Xena must navigate the dream world to save her.
  4. Cradle of Hope: Xena and Gabrielle defend a baby from a king because the king heard a prophecy saying the baby would grow up to take his throne. They also have to help Pandora when her box is stolen.
  5. The Path Not Taken: Xena tries to rescue a princess, but is forced to confront several figures from her past.
  6. The Reckoning: Xena is framed for murder and Ares, the God of War, tries to tempt her to go back to her evil ways.
  7. The Titans: Gabrielle accidentally frees three of the Titans from their imprisonment.
  8. Prometheus: Hera chains up Prometheus, depriving humanity of his gifts of fire and healing. Xena and Gabrielle attempt to free him, and are joined by Hercules and Iolaus.
  9. Death In Chains: Sisyphus captures Celestia, the Goddess of Death, so now nobody can die.
  10. Hooves and Harlots: Someone is trying to trigger a war between the Amazons and the centaurs. Gabrielle is surprised when a dying Amazon princess names her her successor.
  11. The Black Wolf: A king arrests several people, seeking out a mysterious rebel leader called the Black Wolf.
  12. Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts: Xena and Gabrielle show up and help during the Trojan War.
  13. Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards: Gabrielle auditions for the Athens City Academy to be a bard, but many others want the spot too.
  14. A Fist Full of Dinars: Xena and Gabrielle team up with an assassin and a warlord who happens to be her ex-fiance to seek a lost treasure.
  15. Warrior...Princess: Xena swaps places with Princess Diana, who looks exactly like her, to foil an assassination attempt.
  16. Mortal Beloved: Xena's dead lover Marcus warns her that a madman named Atymnius has taken over the Underworld.
  17. The Royal Couple of Thieves: Xena drafts Autolycus, the King of Thieves, to help her steal a powerful weapon that is being auctioned to several unsavory people.
  18. The Prodigal: Gabrielle returns to her home town and finds it under attack.
  19. Altared States: Xena and Gabrielle come to a monotheistic kingdom, where King Anteus claims God ordered him to sacrifice his own son.
  20. Ties That Bind: Xena runs into a man who claims to be her father.
  21. The Greater Good: When Xena is poisoned, Gabrielle must step up to protect a village.
  22. Callisto: A woman named Callisto starts killing people while claiming to be Xena. While trying to stop her, Xena and Gabrielle run into a warrior wannabe named Joxer.
  23. Death Mask: Xena confronts the warlord who burned her village and started her on her dark path.
  24. Is There A Doctor In The House?: Xena and Gabrielle take their pregnant friend Ephiny to a healing temple in the middle of a war zone. When it turns out the priests have no medical knowledge and only do ineffectual prayers, Xena steps up as a healer.

    Season Two 
  1. Orphan of War: Xena runs into her long lost son, Solan, while she and Gabrielle help the centaurs against a warlord.
  2. Remember Nothing: The Fates grant Xena her wish that she never became a warlord, but she finds it has consequences.
  3. The Giant Killer: Xena must confront her old friend, the giant Goliath, because he serves the invading Philistine army.
  4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer find Orpheus' still living head, who asks them to help stop a group of vampires created by Bacchus.
  5. Return of Callisto: Callisto murders Gabrielle's lover, causing her to seek revenge.
  6. Warrior...Princess...Tramp: Much confusion happens when Princess Diana is kidnapped and while Xena tries to save her, another lookalike named Meg shows up.
  7. Intimate Stranger: Callisto swaps bodies with Xena.
  8. Ten Little Warlords: Ares loses his powers and begs for Xena's help (while Xena is still in Callisto's body) because several warlords, including Sisyphus, are attempting to take his place as the God of War.
  9. A Solstice Carol: A mean king forbids celebrating the Solstice and attempts to close down an orphanage, so Xena devises a plan to show him the error of his ways.
  10. The Xena Scrolls: In 1940, an intrepid archeologist, her timid friend, and a soldier explore a tomb and learn of Xena's history.
  11. Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis: Xena joins a beauty pageant to find out who is sabotaging it.
  12. Destiny: Xena is badly injured. While Gabrielle tries to take her to a place of healing, Xena remembers the time she met Caesar.
  13. The Quest: Xena has died, but her spirit possesses Autolycus and starts a plan to resurrect her.
  14. A Necessary Evil: The evil Velasca has eaten ambrosia and become a goddess. Xena is forced to ask for Callisto's help.
  15. A Day In The Life: Two villages ask for Xena' help at the same time.
  16. For Him The Bell Tolls: Aphrodite puts a spell on Joxer that causes him to become a suave, mighty warrior every time he hears a bell and then revert to his bumbling self when he hears a bell again.
  17. The Execution: Xena and Gabrielle find that their friend Meleager has been framed for murder.
  18. Blind Faith: Xena is blinded, but doesn't let that stop her when Gabrielle is kidnapped.
  19. Ulysses: Xena and Gabrielle help Ulysses return home to Ithaca.
  20. The Price: While facing a barbarian horde, Xena starts reverting to her old evil self.
  21. Lost Mariner: Gabrielle becomes trapped on the ship of Cecrops, who is cursed to never be able to come back on land.
  22. A Comedy Of Eros: Cupid's son Bliss steals his arrows and causes chaos in the world.

     Season Three 
  1. The Furies: The Furies torment Xena for not avenging the death of her father, but her mother Cyrene was the one who killed him.
  2. Been There, Done That: The day repeats itself over and over again and Xena is the only one who notices.
  3. The Dirty Half Dozen: Xena assembles a group of criminals to help stop Agathon, who is forging superior weapons from Hephaestus' metal.
  4. The Deliverer: While Xena helps Boudica against Caesar's forces, Gabrielle meets priests of the god Dahak.
  5. Gabrielle’s Hope: Gabrielle has been impregnated by Dahak. Several people mark her for death, saying her child is pure evil.
  6. The Debt Part I: Xena travels to Qin to avenge her old mentor Lao Ma.
  7. The Debt Part II: Gabrielle betrays Xena and stops her from assassinating Ming T'ien, but then despite Gabrielle's pleas, Ming T'ien puts Xena on death row.
  8. The King of Assassins: Gabrielle teams up with Joxer and Autolycus to protect Cleopatra from an assassin, who turns out to be Joxer's identical brother Jett.
  9. Warrior...Priestess...Tramp: Meg swaps places with yet another lookalike, the priestess Leah.
  10. The Quill Is Mightier: Aphrodite enchants Gabrielle's scroll so that anything she writes in it comes true.
  11. Maternal Instincts: Gabrielle's daughter Hope releases Callisto and they plot against Xena, while Gabrielle cannot bring herself to harm her.
  12. The Bitter Suite: Enraged by her son Solan's death, Xena tries to kill Gabrielle, but then they get whisked away to a bizarre musical land called Illusia.
  13. One Against An Army: Gabrielle is shot with a poisoned arrow, so Xena must care for her while fending off the Persian army.
  14. Forgiven: Xena tries to recover the stolen Urn of Apollo, but an arrogant young girl named Tara wants to replace Gabrielle as Xena's sidekick.
  15. King Con: When Joxer is nearly beaten to death on the orders of a casino manager, Xena and Gabrielle decide to avenge him by teaming up with two con men to clean the casino out.
  16. When In Rome...: Xena and Gabrielle try to rescue Vercinix from Caesar, and manage to capture his ally Crassus.
  17. Forget Me Not: Traumatized by all of her recent experiences, Gabrielle begs Mnemosyne, the Goddess of Memory, to make her forget them.
  18. Fins, Femmes and Gems: To stop them from interfering with her plan, Aphrodite puts a spell on the heroes. Xena becomes obsessed with fishing, Gabrielle becomes obsessed with herself and her beauty, and Joxer thinks he's "Attis the Ape Man".
  19. Tsunami: Xena, Gabrielle, and Autolycus are trapped inside a ship when a tsunami makes it sink.
  20. Vanishing Act: Xena calls on Autolycus to help recover a stolen idol.
  21. Sacrifice Part I: Callisto, Hope, and Ares join forces.
  22. Sacrifice Part II: This alliance attempts to bring Dahak into the world.

    Season Four 
  1. Adventure In The Sin Trade Part I: Xena attempts to have Gabrielle resurrected, and discovers her old ally Alti has enslaved the souls of dead Amazons.
  2. Adventure In The Sin Trade Part II: While Xena and the Amazons try to stop Alti, she remembers her past and is plagued by visions.
  3. A Family Affair: Xena and Joxer are reunited with Gabrielle, but discover Hope is raising her own child, The Destroyer.
  4. In Sickness and in Hell: Xena and Gabrielle become very sick while they and Joxer try to stop the Scythian army from attacking some villages.
  5. A Good Day: Xena and others try to stop Caesar and Pompey from attacking Greece.
  6. A Tale of Two Muses: Xena, Gabrielle, and Autolycus help a town where the rulers have banned dancing.
  7. Locked Up and Tied Down: Xena is arrested and sentenced to Shark Island Prison.
  8. Crusade: Xena and Gabrielle meet Najara, a warrior who fights evil and convert people to her religion, but must stop her when they discover Najara kills anyone who won't join her.
  9. Past Imperfect: Xena confronts the person who killed the father of her son.
  10. The Key To The Kingdom: Meg uses Autolycus as a pawn and tries to steal a special baby.
  11. Daughter of Pomira: Many years ago, a girl named Vanessa was captured by the barbarian horde. Xena tries to rescue her, but it turns out she is happy and doesn't want to leave.
  12. If The Shoe Fits: A young princess runs away from home. Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, and Aphrodite each tell her their own versions of Cinderella. Aphrodite wants her to stay with her while the others want her to return home.
  13. Paradise Found: Xena and Gabrielle come to a paradise where a guru teaches Gabrielle about inner peace, while Xena becomes more agitated and violent.
  14. Devi: In India, Gabrielle learns she has the ability to heal people, but this power may come from a sinister source.
  15. Between The Lines: Xena and Gabrielle are sent on a spiritual journey where they experience their future reincarnations' lives and battle the reincarnation of Alti.
  16. The Way: Xena battles the evil Indrajit to save Gabrielle and Eli, calling on Lord Krishna for help.
  17. The Play's The Thing: Gabrielle has one of her stories turned into a play.
  18. The Convert: Joxer finally kills an opponent in battle, is devastated with guilt, and tries to make amends with the man's son. Meanwhile, Najara escapes from prison, but claims she now follows Eli's Way of Peace.
  19. Takes One To Know One: When a bounty hunter is found dead in an inn, Discord, the new Goddess of Retribution, threatens to kill everyone unless the culprit is revealed.
  20. Endgame: Xena and Gabrielle try to help the Amazons when they get caught up in the Roman civil war.
  21. The Ides Of March: Callisto, who has become a demon, helps Caesar lay a trap for Xena.
  22. Deja Vu All Over Again: In the modern day, a woman named Annie suspects she is Xena's reincarnation.

    Season Five 
  1. Fallen Angel: Joxer, Eli, and Amarice attempt to take Xena and Gabrielle's bodies back to Greece for burial. In the afterlife, Xena and Gabrielle are being taken to Heaven by angels, but are attacked by demons lead by Callisto.
  2. Chakram: Xena and Gabrielle have been resurrected, but Xena has no memories. Ares and another God of War try to use her to retrieve a powerful weapon called the Chakram of Light.
  3. Succession: A warrior woman named Mavican battles Xena and Gabrielle in an odd dimension, hoping to be named Ares' successor.
  4. Animal Attraction: Xena is shocked to learn she is pregnant.
  5. Them Bones, Them Bones: Alti's spirit starts attacking Xena and her unborn baby in her dreams, so the Amazons try to help stop her.
  6. Purity: Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer go to Qin to retrieve Lao Ma's Book of Wisdom. Lao Ma's daughter Pao Ssu has learned the secret of the black powder and wants to take over Qin with it.
  7. Back In The Bottle: Pao Ssu's spirit joins forces with Ming T'ien's and they try to take over Qin.
  8. Little Problems: Xena's spirit becomes trapped in the body of a little girl named Daphne, so Gabrielle and Aphrodite try to reverse this.
  9. Seeds Of Faith: Xena and Gabrielle try to protect Eli from Ares, who marked him for death. The now redeemed Callisto appears and delivers a shocking revelation.
  10. Lyre, Lyre, Hearts On Fire: Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer compete in a battle of the bands. Joxer is embarrassed when he runs into his campy brother Jace.
  11. Punch Lines: Lachrymose, the God of Despair, shrinks Gabrielle and Argo and won't change them back unless he can be made to laugh.
  12. God Fearing Child: When a prophecy says Xena's child will bring about the end of the gods, Zeus sentences Xena and her unborn child to death. Hercules swears to protect them.
  13. Eternal Bonds: After Xena's daughter Eve is born, the gods continue to try to kill her. Joxer is poisoned and the group races for a cure.
  14. Amphipolis Under Siege: Athena lays siege to Xena's home town until Eve is surrendered to her.
  15. Married With Fishsticks: Gabrielle is knocked out and has a strange dream where she is a mermaid and a merman claims he is her husband.
  16. Lifeblood: Xena is shown visions of the Amazons' history and tells them they have strayed from their roots.note 
  17. Kindred Spirits: Gabrielle contemplates whether to take over as Queen of the Amazons or continue traveling with Xena. Meanwhile, Joxer is caught peeking at some Amazons bathing and is sentenced to a fight to the death.
  18. Antony & Cleopatra: When Cleopatra is murdered, Xena impersonates her to prevent a war between Antony, Brutus and Octavius that could devastate Egypt.
  19. Looking Death In The Eye: Still pursued by the gods, Xena and Gabrielle come up with a plan to fake their deaths.
  20. Livia: Xena and Gabrielle wake up 25 years in the future. Joxer is married to Meg and has a son named Virgil, while Eve has grown up, been renamed Livia, and is a warrior of Rome and Ares' champion.
  21. Eve: Livia goes on a warpath and kills Joxer. In despair, Xena is determined to stop her.
  22. Motherhood: Eve has been redeemed, but the gods discover her presence and sentence her to death again. To protect her, Eli gives Xena the power to kill gods.

    Season Six 
  1. Coming Home: Ares, who had previously sacrificed his divinity to save Gabrielle and Eve, pretends to still be a god, but the Furies torment him.
  2. The Haunting of Amphipolis: Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve go to Xena's home town to find that Mephistopheles has taken over and caused Xena's mother Cyrene to be killed.
  3. Heart Of Darkness: After killing Mephistopheles, Xena is compelled to take his place as ruler of Hell, but she has a plan to get Lucifer to take the position.
  4. Who's Gurkhan?: Gabrielle learns her niece has been claimed for a warlord named Gurkhan's harem. Gurkhan has a nearly endless supply of body doubles protecting him.
  5. Legacy: Xena and Gabrielle help a desert tribe against the Romans, but Gabrielle accidentally kills a boy and is sentenced to death.
  6. The Abyss: Gabrielle and Virgil are captured by a tribe of cannibals.
  7. The Rheingold: Xena travels to Scandinavia to fix one of her old mistakes. Gabrielle learns that Xena was once one of the Valkyries, and Xena teams up with Beowulf to hunt Grendel.
  8. The Ring: The hunt for Grendel continues and there is also a hunt for the magic ring that Xena had forged from the stolen Rheingold years ago.
  9. Return Of The Valkyrie: Beowulf discovers Xena has lost her memories and is now married to King Hrothgar as Wealtheow. Beowulf desperately tries to bring her back to her senses because she is the only one who can rescue Gabrielle from a ring of fire.
  10. Old Ares Had A Farm: Now that Ares is mortal, several people want to kill him. Xena and Gabrielle help him escape and settle down as a farmer.
  11. Dangerous Prey: Prince Morloch hunts the Amazons like animals and then sees Xena as the ultimate test of his skills.
  12. The God You Know: The murderous tyrant Caligula enslaves Aphrodite and steals her divinity, becoming a god.
  13. You Are There: A modern day reporter and his camera crew inexplicably show up and start interviewing everyone while Xena tries to claim the Golden Apples of Valhalla.
  14. Path Of Vengeance: Varia, the new Queen of the Amazons, allies with Ares, who has regained his divinity, to take revenge on her enemies, including Rome and Eve for her past crimes as Livia.
  15. To Helicon And Back: Bellerophon wants revenge on Xena for killing his mother, Artemis.
  16. Send In The Clones: In the modern day, Xena and Gabrielle are cloned.
  17. Last Of The Centaurs: Ephiny's spirit contacts Gabrielle and asks her to stop a man who is hunting the centaurs to extinction.
  18. When Fates Collide: Caesar escapes from Tartarus and forces the Fates to change history so that Xena is his wife and they rule Rome.
  19. Many Happy Returns: As Gabrielle wonders what Xena got for her birthday, they meet a woman named Genia who is obsessed with sacrificing herself to the gods.
  20. Soul Possession: In the modern day, fans of the show Xena: Warrior Princess debate when a scroll depicting a marriage contract between Xena and Ares is discovered by archeologists.
  21. A Friend In Need - Part 1: Xena and Gabrielle travel to Japan to answer a call for help. Xena recalls when she was previously in Japan and accidentally helped Yodoshi become a stealer of souls.
  22. A Friend In Need - Part 2: Xena allows herself to be killed because only a ghost can fight Yodoshi, while Gabrielle tries to resurrect her.