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Fridge / Xena: Warrior Princess

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Fridge Brilliance

  • In "Warrior..Princess..Tramp" Meg impersonates Xena and describes herself as "Xena with a capital Z". She even traces out a Z with her sword. At first, this just seems like a Meg's poor spelling. Then it becomes Fridge Logic when one considers that there's no reason an Ancient Greek woman, supposedly speaking Greek and having it translated, should have traced out a letter from the Latin alphabet. It becomes Fridge Brilliance when you consider that the Greek Letter Zeta was actually shaped like Z and pronounced similarly enough to make the joke work (I don't enough about Ancient Greek pronunciations to know whether they would have use a Chi symbol, a Zeta symbol or something completely different to spell Xena in reality). So Meg probably called herself Xena with a Zeta and traced out a Zeta, which makes perfect sense.