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Though in later episodes, certain curse words are openly used - notably the B word - the show has some very creative (and hilarious) ways of circumventing them, as well as all the innuendos...

  • Autolycus has many of these moments in "The Quest":
    Autolycus: [after Velasca beats him senseless, during which Autolycus is wearing a leather collar and leash] "Hey, I paid for an hour!"
    Autolycus: "Don't worry, this is business, not pleasure. [removes the pin from an Amazon warrior's top to use as a lock pick] Well, mostly business."
    Autolycus: [when he and Gabrielle set out to defeat Velasca] "I've got a little something to settle with that Amazonian b-, uh, female."
  • In "The Debt Part 1", Lao Ma and Borias are chatting very closely over dinner, which annoys Xena. Lao Ma begins to reach for food, and Xena throws a knife:
    Xena: "That's my piece of meat you're reaching for."
    Lao Ma: "You're wrong. I don't eat meat."
    • To make clear, much later, when Xena stays with Lao Ma, all their interactions are full of Les Yay. So "I don't eat meat" referred to her preference for women.
  • "Warrior... Priestess... Tramp" has sexual innuendos by the boatload, including:
    • Gabrielle's talking to the virgin priestess Leah, who's trying to tell her how to be a Hestian virgin. One of the guidelines is "Know thyself," to which Gabrielle responds, "Believe me, if I have to go the rest of my life without companionship, knowing myself won't be a problem."
    • Later on, Xena (posing as Leah) takes a confession from another Hestian virgin, who says, "It all started in the garden. I was happily tilling the soil when my eyes fell upon something magnificent... the summer squash. My mind raced. Surely the gods wouldn't've given us such... firm vegetables if we weren't meant to enjoy them." It gets hard to hear at that point (Xena is simultaneously fighting a bad guy), but at the end the virgin says, "I can't even enjoy salad without feeling guilty." Xena's advice? "Sometimes it's best to take matters into your own hands."
    • Leah's wandering around a brothel opening doors. Behind one we hear the sound of a whip and a woman saying, "Who's been a naughty blacksmith?" Behind another we hear sheep and a man's voice. Leah hurriedly shuts the door and says to herself, "Please let that be a petting zoo."
  • "Kindred Spirits" had Joxer threatened with blinding after being caught spying on Amazons bathing. Gabriel was trying to explain the situation to Xena:
    Gabriel: "Joxer's going to be blinded."
    Xena: "Nah, that's just a myth. Guys don't really go blind from doing that."