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Recap / Veronica Mars S 02 E 21 Happy Go Lucky

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Aaron's testifying at his murder trial. He admits he wasn't very happy when his career went from being a hit action star to playing fathers of tweens, and concedes the fact Lily's interest in him was a giant ego boost. However, he denies having slept with Lily, or having killed her. According to Aaron, he was the one who ended things, and he saw Duncan yelling at Lily in front of their pool; he admits he should have stayed, but he didn't think Duncan was that crazy. Veronica, Keith and Logan are all watching Aaron's testimony and can't believe it...


...and once outside the courtroom, as Aaron's supporters demonstrate on his behalf, Veronica starts seething about Aaron's perjury. Keith says without the tapes, and with the Oscar statue, Veronica's testimony is key to proving the case against Aaron, and warns her not to let the defense lawyer trick her. Veronica claims she's "easygoing" and can't be rattled, but when Keith asks if she wants to go over her testimony, she drops her facade and says what she wants more than anything is to see Aaron's face when the jury finds him guilty. She becomes quite emotional when she says this, and Keith gently teases her about how "easygoing" she really is.

At Neptune High, in the lunch area, Gia gives Veronica a box of cupcakes. Veronica thanks her, but is distracted by her need to study. Gia invites Veronica to come over to her house the following night so they can study for their health final together, and Veronica wearily assents. Once Gia leaves, Jackie and Wallace come over, and naturally, Wallace is distracted by the cookies. Wallace brags about how he's finished and his scholarship to Hearst is set. Veronica sighs and says she has to ace all of her finals and hope Angie Dahl scores low on one of hers in order to get the Kane Scholarship. Jackie tells Veronica with Wallace and Mac going to Hearst, there's no reason to leave. Wallace brings up Jackie's trip to France, and Jackie says she's postponing it to take care of Terrence. Veronica interrupts them and asks for quiet so she can study. Jackie leaves, and Wallace starts to say something, but Veronica motions for him to shut up. She does pay attention, however, when he indicates Weevil is approaching. She and Weevil walk over to another part of the lunch area, and Weevil asks her to tutor him in math, reminding her he wants his grandmother to see him graduate, especially since she's getting older and sicker. Veronica sincerely tells him she would help, but she's swamped with her own finals. Weevil takes it pretty well and walks off. Veronica turns back to walk to her own table...


...which is when shots ring out. Students start running everywhere and ducking under tables. Lucky is the gunman, and he leaps onto a table. Veronica is initially frozen in shock, but when she sees Gia is the same, she snaps out of it, runs up to Gia, and pulls her under a table. Lucky yells about how he's been fired, and calls out for Gia, who cries into Veronica's shoulder. Jackie tries to call 911 on her cellphone, but Lucky catches her and starts yelling at her, causing her to cry. Wallace, meanwhile, unseen, plans to leap on Lucky, and as Veronica and Jackie watch, he jumps on Lucky and they fall to the ground. However, Lucky gets the better of Wallace, knocks him down, gets back the gun, and to Veronica's horror, shoots. However, it turns out Lucky's gun contained blanks. Just as Lucky confirms this, and laughs about it, another shot rings out, and as Lucky falls to the ground, dead, we see the school security guard has shot him. Veronica looks on, stunned.


(By the way, all of that happened *before* the opening credits. Yeah)

Veronica and Keith watch on TV as Woody give a press conference, where he brings up Lucky being a Shell-Shocked Veteran, admits the gun was loaded with blanks, and that Lucky was a batboy for his team, but says he let Lucky go when some of the players complained about him. After Keith talks about keeping Veronica safe and Veronica jokes about it, Keith mentions Lucky sent a number of e-mails to Woody, with attachments, but the attachments have all been erased from Lucky's computer. Keith figures, however, he can get them if he sneaks into Woody's house and look on his computer, and figures tomorrow night would be good, since Woody has a team dinner. Veronica, however, points out she'll be there anyway because Gia invited her, and Keith reluctantly gives Veronica the password.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Jackie tells Terrence about Wallace's daring rescue attempt, and says he's shaken up but is otherwise okay. Terrence says he wishes he had been looking out for her, but Jackie tells him not to worry, and she's happier than she's been in a while.

Meanwhile, Logan visits Aaron in his prison. Aaron tells Logan not to testify about what he saw on the sex tapes, appealing to his sense of family, and also warning Logan he'll be convicted of destroying evidence if he admits what he did. Logan, however, tells Aaron to cram it, and leaves.

The next day, Veronica walks through the Neptune High parking log when she sees Cassidy standing by his car in disgust; someone has written "Amber is a Bitch" on it. Also with Cassidy is Hart, who tells Veronica he hasn't said anything about what he had filmed; Veronica, of course, doesn't remember who he is. She does get an idea, though, and says she can get Cassidy's car fixed.

That night, Gia and Veronica are at Gia's, studying; well, Veronica wants to study, but Gia is more interested in taking a break and looking at her MySpace page. Veronica's laptop "crashes", and she asks to borrow one of Woody's computers, which Gia is happy to let her do. Veronica goes to the guest room and logs on to the computer there. Soon, she's able to access Woody's e-mails, including one with the subject heading "Kill Incorporation or Else". Veronica clicks on that and discovers an audio file attachment; when she plays it, she hears two voices talking about what Woody "did to them" when they were kids, and how they need to tell someone. Veronica hurriedly forwards the e-mail to Keith. Just then, Woody opens the door, and asks what Veronica's doing. Veronica tells him about her laptop "crashing" and how she was taking a practice test in the guest room because Gia said it was okay, and Woody says it's fine. He asks how she thinks she did, and Veronica nervously says she needs to get back to Gia. When she enters the kitchen, Gia has made them ice cream, but Veronica lies and says she has a headache and needs to go home. Woody appears behind them, but he acts sympathetically about Veronica's headache, and Veronica thanks them and leaves.

Later, at the Mars apartment, Veronica plays the clip for Keith. Keith guesses the audio has been tampered with, because it sounds like someone was edited out. Veronica asks if any of Lucky's e-mails mentioned him being molested by Woody, and Keith says Lucky's e-mails make no real sense. Veronica volunteers to help Keith with the e-mails, but Keith says Veronica should go to bed, since she has a big day the next day...

...and the next day, she's sworn in as a witness in Aaron's trial. Ethan Lavoie, Aaron's lawyer, asks Veronica about the fact two of her boyfriends, Duncan and Logan, have been rich, along with her former best friend Lily, and asks if she finds wealth and fame "seductive". The prosecutor objects, and when Lavoie asks if Veronica propositioned Aaron to get the tapes of him and Lily having sex, Veronica flatly denies it and says Aaron was hiding in her car. Lavoie then changes tactics, asking Veronica about being treated for chlamydia. Keith is stunned to hear this, Lamb, who's watching, smirks, and the prosecutor objects, but the judge allows the testimony. Veronica, shaken but keeping her resolve, says she's completed the treatment.

Outside the courtroom, Keith asks Veronica if she's okay. Catching the implied double meaning, Veronica says she is, and they walk outside. Lamb has been watching this discreetly when Sachs tells him the judge wants to see him. In the judge's chambers is Leonard Lobo, who tells Lamb Terrence was at his casino at the time of the bus crash, so he couldn't have caused it. Lamb questions Lobo's credibility as a witness, but Lobo says his corporate attorney and CFO were with Terrence and will testify to that effect. Lamb looks pissed.

Later, in the lunch area of Neptune High, Cassidy is trying, and failing, to teach Weevil math. Cassidy tries to use a word problem in what he thinks are Weevil's terms - involving buying spark plugs - but Weevil isn't having any of it and says he's going to cheat. Mac, who's been sitting at another table behind them, brings up the "FOIL method" (first, outside, inside, last), and says algebra is just knowing that formula. She's willing to teach Weevil this if he'll still fix Cassidy's car, and he agrees. Mac and Cassidy grin at each other.

Later, at Mars Investigations, Keith tries, and fails, to get ahold of one of the former batboys on Woody's team, since the person in question is in New York. He says that person and another are away at college, and another one is backpacking in Europe. Veronica admits she's not having any luck with Lucky's e-mails, but when Keith reads one and gets to a line about him leaving "presents", Veronica remembers Lucky referring to the roadside bomb that scarred him as a "present". Keith gets a horrible thought...

...and a little later, he barges into Woody's office. Woody's with his secretary and says he's busy, but Keith mentions his conversation might be better in private, so the secretary leaves. Keith brings up Lucky's e-mails and says Woody should call the bomb squad and evacuate his family from the house. Woody laughs and says Lucky is dead, but realizes Veronica must have found the e-mails on his computer. He's amused by this, but less amused when Keith brings up Woody being a child molester. Woody tells Keith to leave, and warns him he'll destroy Keith's life if he says anything. Keith says Woody doesn't scare him, and leaves.

That night, at the Cook residence, Wallace and Jackie are about to make dinner when Terrence comes home. An overjoyed Jackie asks what happened, and Terrence says the charges against him were dropped. Wallace wants to leave the two of them alone to celebrate, but Jackie wants him there as well. Just then, the doorbell rings. Jackie guesses it's someone sending a gift basket as a way of saying they never doubted Terrence, but when she opens the door, it's Lobo. Wallace tells Jackie they should get started on dinner, and when she leaves, Lobo says he was the witness, and because of that, Terrence will be working for Lobo, doing whatever he wants, until Terrence pays his debt. Lobo leaves, and Terrence looks defeated.

The next day, Veronica reluctantly heads over to Logan. After some forced banter about the trial, Veronica asks Logan if Lucky ever mentioned anything about his time as a batboy for the Sharks. Logan says no, but he does remember one baseball-related incident. In a flashback, we see Logan going to the janitor's closet to ask Lucky to deliver a keg, but stopping when he sees Lucky standing in a bucket, wearing a catcher's mask and jeans, and pouring bleach on his feet because he thinks he's been poisoned. Veronica thinks the weird part's the catcher's mask, which Logan snarks at - he thought it was the foot bleaching - but he does allow Lucky wore the mask a lot.

Later, at Aaron's murder trial, Keith testifies about his attempts to rescue Veronica, and how Aaron jumped him. Lavoie points out Aaron had a different story about Keith catching Aaron in a compromising position with Veronica, but the prosecution objects when Lavoie brings up the homeowner (the one Aaron knocked out) because he's disappeared, and the judge sustains the objection. Switching tactics, Lavoie asks Keith if Veronica's ever lied to him. Keith allows she's told a fib or two, but he has a close relationship with her. As Veronica watches, Lavoie brings up Veronica breaking into the Manning house, which Keith didn't know about, and Veronica manipulating Leo so she could sneak into the evidence room, which Keith testily admits he didn't know about either. Lavoie then brings up the Aaron/Lily sex tapes being, according to Keith, stolen by Logan due to Leo's negligence. Keith confirms that, but Lavoie, as he walks towards Keith, proposes an alternate theory; that Veronica manipulated Leo to take the tapes so Logan would destroy them and therefore keep Duncan out of jail. Lavoie has been using "air quotes" to describe all of Veronica's exes, and when he gets close to the witness chair, a boiling mad Keith grabs him and tells him he'll break Lavoie's fingers if he keeps it up. The judge wants to have security grab Keith, but Lavoie says he's fine and Keith is excused. Keith looks upset.

Later, in a classroom, Mac is correcting Weevil's work as he and Cassidy look on. Weevil gets upset about the poor grade Mac is giving him, and Cassidy says Mac went too fast. He and Mac start arguing about that; Weevil picks up on the Belligerent Sexual Tension between the two and tells them to knock it off and focus on him. Mac and Cassidy stop arguing and smile at each other.

That night, at the Mars apartment, Veronica tells Keith what Logan told her. The catcher's mask rings a bell for Keith, and he pulls up the footage from the DVD sent in to Woody, which shows a painting with a catcher's mask. Keith calls the sheriff's department and gets ahold of Inga. He tells her to call the bomb squad. Veronica, meanwhile, is fixed on the picture of the Sharks in the house, and recognizes Peter and Marcos in the picture.

Later, Woody is outside his house, demanding to know what's going on, when Lamb tells him there was a bomb in his car. Woody is stunned.

The next day, at the Cook residence, Jackie sees Terrence getting ready to go to work and asks how he is, but he rebuffs her. She tries to ask when they can plan their celebration, and also brings up the fact she's decided to delay France by a semester, but Terrence rebuffs her again. He tells her he's going to be working non-stop from now on, and she should just go. Jackie looks heartbroken.

Later, at the sheriff's department, Veronica and Keith play the audio recording of Marcos and Peter talking about Woody molesting them. Veronica mentions she confirmed both of their voices (Mr. Wu identified Peter's, and Veronica recognizes Marcos from his radio show), and Keith accuses Woody of bombing the bus to keep them from testifying. Lamb brings up the bomb in Woody's car, which Keith didn't know about, and says Lucky blew off work the day of the crash, so he's responsible. Furthermore, Lamb thinks Keith wants to arrest the mayor to make Lamb look ridiculous. Keith angrily wonders why Lamb is being so petty, and warns him he's letting a child molester and murderer get off the hook.

It's Logan's turn to testify, and he confirms what he saw on the Aaron/Lily sex tapes. When Lavoie questions him, Logan admits the prosecution gave him immunity for his testimony, but he glares defiantly at Aaron, who looks back at him.

In his math class, Weevil gets his final exam, and sighs resignedly before starting.

Back at the sheriff's, a woman with her two sons - the ones who saw Weevil knock out Thumper - comes up to Sachs and says her sons saw Thumper being attacked. Lamb, who's standing next to Sachs, invites the boys to look at snapshots.

Back in math class, Weevil's teacher shows him he got a B on his exam. Weevil is ecstatic...

...but back at the sheriff's, the boys pick Weevil's mugshot out. Lamb smiles until he hears Keith calling him. Keith has a paper that proves Lucky was at the VA hospital the day of the bus crash. Lamb yells for Sachs to pick Woody up, and Sacks comes over to tell them the jury's reached a verdict in Aaron's trial.

Back in the hallway of Neptune High, Veronica is doing last-minute studying for her history exam when Wallace approaches. He's crowing about how he's done, and just has to clean out his locker, while Veronica tries to study. Wallace looks at her and says he's going to get as nostalgic as he's ever going to get. Veronica stops studying and looks at him. Wallace says, "I just wanna was worth getting taped to a pole. Gonna miss you." Veronica smiles and makes a joke. She walks to her class while Wallace goes to clean his locker.

In her history class, Veronica takes one last look at Wallace before settling down to take her test. Just then, she gets a text from Keith telling her the jury's back. Veronica starts to take the test until she gives up and leaves the classroom.

Meanwhile, Wallace goes to the Cook residence, only to find out from Terrence that Jackie has left for France. He gives Wallace a note.

In the courtroom, Lamb tells Keith Woody took his private plane and there's no way to track him. Keith sighs. The judge comes in, and after everyone sits down, asks the jury foreman to read the verdict. The jury finds Aaron not guilty of all three counts: second-degree murder, aggravated assault, and statutory rape. Most of the courtroom erupts in applause, but Veronica, Keith and Logan look stunned. Aaron congratulates his lawyer, and then looks at Veronica with a smug smile, as Veronica looks back with tears in her eyes.

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