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Recap / Veronica Mars S 02 E 17 Plan B

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In English class, Mrs. Murphy announces the winner of Woody Goodman's essay contest about "Freedom" is none other than Logan, which makes him an honorary deputy of Goodman's for a week and means he gets to push the plunger to blow up Shark Stadium. She pins the essay on a board on the wall and the rest of the class congratulates Logan as they file out. Veronica, of course, is the exception; she glances at the first page of the essay and correctly guesses Logan cribbed part of it from Easy Rider, which he apparently made her watch when they were dating. He admits as much, and she takes off.


In the lunch area, Weevil sees Thumper, Hector and the other PCHers gathered around a table, and this leads to a Flashback where Weevil, Felix and some other bikers were gathered around the same table. Weevil brings up again how he's only staying in school so his grandmother can see him graduate, while Felix mentions Miss James gave him information on trucking school, and the money he makes driving would be enough to raise a family with. Weevil is amused by this because, according to him, Felix has never had a relationship lasting more than a weekend. Felix just stares at him.

Back in the present, Jane, who's sitting with Wallace and Veronica, talks about the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance, and Veronica mentions she'll be taking couples photos. Jane than jokes about being torn between a "sweet band dork" and an "all hands Nubian prince", and then Wallace playfully scolds her about trying to eat his food. Veronica then sees Weevil skulking nearby and excuses herself.


After some bantering, Veronica agrees to hear Weevil out. He says Thumper killed Felix, but he doesn't have enough proof, and Thumper also has a video of Weevil beating up Curly Moran as leverage against him. Weevil also admits he didn't tell Veronica everything about the night he beat up Curly; he and the other PCHers received an anonymous call saying Curly blew up the bus for the Fitzpatricks because Cervando owed them. In a flashback, we see Weevil administrating a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Curly, who denies having anything to do with the bus crash. Curly also says he know who did cause the bus crash, which is when Thumper notices a car starting, he tells Weevil about it, and the PCHers scatter. Back in the present, Weevil says he beat up Curly even though he knew Curly didn't cause the crash because the others wanted to do worse, and tells Veronica if she wants Thumper brought down through lawful means, she should help Weevil.


A little later, in study hall, Wallace asks Jackie how Terrence is doing, and she says he's off suicide watch and will be moved into a jail cell as soon as he's better. She also says she's okay alone, because her mother, a model, left her alone a lot. Wallace says he and Jackie should hang out, and she likes that idea, but Mr. Wu tells them study hall should be spent studying and not talking.

A little later, Mac and Cassidy, walking hand-in-hand, see a poster for the dance, and after being teased about not asking him yet, Mac asks Cassidy to the dance, which he accepts. He hints they can cut out early and do something Neptune's best pizza quest. Cassidy takes off, and Mac stops smiling and looks concerned.

In the school parking lot, Logan is about to head over to the mayor's office when Veronica catches up to him. She asks Logan about the night Felix was killed, but now that Logan's been cleared of all charges for good, he's no longer interested. He's been flipping his car keys throughout, but Veronica grabs them and refuses to give them back until he brings up the witness, who was Mexican, drove a truck, and had a bumper sticker saying, "How's my driving?" Veronica thanks him and gives him back his keys. As she walks off, Logan adds it was a San Diego Seafood truck.

A little later, at Mayor Goodman's office, Woody is having a contentious phone call about property values when his secretary comes in and tells him his new intern from Neptune High is in. Woody tells her to call the newspaper to get some pictures, but when he sees Logan in the waiting room, he tells her to cancel that. He and Logan shake hands, he compliments Logan on the essay, and swears Logan in (after Logan makes an Obligatory Joke about how it hurts for him to touch the Bible). Logan, of course, wants to use his new position of power to fire Sheriff Lamb, but Woody would rather Logan sort the mail he's received into pro and anti incorporation files. Disgusted, Logan heads to a desk. Woody goes back into his office, and Keith comes in, saying he has an appointment. Keith sees Logan, and they warily greet each other.

In Woody's office, he tells Keith he's sure of Terrence Cook's innocence involving the bus crash, and wants Keith to devote his time to proving it. Keith brings up Terrence getting shot breaking into the house of his father's girlfriend, but Woody is unfazed. Just then, Logan interrupts them, saying he has something both Keith and Woody should see. Turns out it's a DVD with footage of inside Woody's home, taken by a stalker. Keith says he'll look into this as well.

That night, Veronica and Logan stake out the seafood company. Veronica asks if he's heard from Hannah since she was sent away, and Logan admits he hasn't. He sees the witness, who turns out to be Luis (Jon Michael Sousa). At first, Luis denies having seen anything, but admits he lives near the PCHers, and has a wife and family, and they would be in jeopardy if he came forward. Logan points out how bad his life as been, but Luis points out he saved Logan's life, and even if Logan was harassed by the police, he'd still be sitting relatively pretty. Luis leaves, and Logan turns away.

The next day, outside Neptune High, Veronica tells Weevil about the witness not coming forward, and says they're back to square one. Weevil, however, has another angle; he brings up Molly Fitzpatrick's hidden romance with Felix, and he also thinks Thumper killed Felix on the Fitzpatricks' orders because of that romance.

A little later, in the hallway, Mac catches up to Veronica. After apologizing for having the conversation in the first place, Mac brings up Cassidy's reluctance to do anything beyond hand-holding and kissing. Veronica says as long as Mac likes him and they have fun, it shouldn't be a problem, but Mac asks Veronica if it's weird, and when she doesn't say anything in response, says she thought as much, and leaves.

At lunch, Weevil gives Molly a miniature truck, which he says he found in Weevil's locker. He also brings up Felix's idea of settling down with a family and driving trucks for a living, and guesses Molly was the one he wanted to settle down with, until the Fitzpatricks killed him. Molly retorts either Logan or one of the PCHers did it, and were scum either way. Weevil brings up Dr. Griffith, and that he was the key witness even though he was in deep to the Fitzpatricks. Molly claims she loved Felix, but Weevil angrily yells he was the only one who cared about him because he's the only one trying to solve his murder. He storms off.

A little later, in a classroom, Jackie is teasing Wallace about checking out a girl in a tight sweater who had just walked by. In the background, four boys are egging on Charlie (Caleb Steinmeyer), a special needs student, about Jackie; Jackie, who sees this, walks right up to Charlie and asks him to the dance. After he accepts, Jackie shoots a Death Glare at the boys; one of them, in retaliation, is about to shoot a spit ball at her until Wallace gets in front of him.

Later, at the mayor's office, Logan, who's bored, finds some paper and a signature stamp. He stamps the paper and puts it into his pocket just as Woody comes in and tells him they should take a break. A little later, Logan is spotting Woody in the weight room. They joke about the demolition ceremony, and when Woody puts down the barbell he's been pressing, he gets up, touches Logan's biceps, and asks if he has fun with the ladies. Logan's taken aback, but recovers and says he does. Woody laughs and leaves.

That night, at the River Stix, Liam and Danny are playing pool while Molly listlessly plays with the truck Weevil gave her. Liam yells for Molly to get him a beer, and then wonders why she won't. She gets the beer and apologizes, saying she had a crap day. When Danny tries to comfort her, Molly brings up Logan and Dr. Griffith. Liam gets suspicious and wants to know why she's asking. Molly backtracks and says she just doesn't trust Dr. Griffith, but Liam snarls about Molly still grieving over Felix, says she was just his whore, and that if her father wasn't in prison, he would have done it himself. On that last part, we see Veronica and Weevil in Veronica's bedroom, listening in through the bug Veronica put inside the truck. As Weevil walks into the hallway of the Mars apartment, Veronica reminds him of Thumper's leverage on him, but Weevil says with this evidence, he's willing to risk it. Veronica also thinks the tape implies Felix was bragging about being with Molly, but Weevil denies it and says Thumper probably said that to push Liam's buttons. Just then, Keith walks in, and he and Weevil eye each other warily.

The next day, at the sheriff's, Veronica and Weevil present their evidence to Lamb, who's irritated because he lost his parking space to the "deputy commissioner". Lamb notes it wasn't an actual confession, nor was it legally obtained. Veronica points out she's just pointing Lamb in the right direction, but Lamb isn't having any, and takes off. Weevil thinks it's time for him to take his own brand of justice; Veronica wants him to wait while she tries another option, but Weevil warns her he's not really that patient.

That night, in the mayor's office, Keith points out the recording was made before Woody unveiled his incorporation initiative, so the two are unrelated, and asks Woody if he knows of anyone wanting to harm him. Woody says he'll get back to Keith on that.

Meanwhile, in the Neptune High gymnasium, the Sadie Hawkins dance is in full swing. Charlie's mother thanks Jackie for asking him, Jackie sweetly says it was no problem, and Veronica takes a picture of the two of them. We also see Gia and Logan manning the ticket booth, and Logan is getting increasingly irritated by Gia's constant talking.

Meanwhile, outside of St. Mary's Church, Thumper is about to go in for his scheduled drop when Weevil comes up from behind and chloroforms him. He sees something in Thumper's bag, smiles, and takes the bag with him as he walks off. Unbeknownst to Weevil, two boys in a van nearby have seen the entire thing.

Back at the dance, Cassidy and Mac are slow dancing. Cassidy mocks the decor, but Mac tells him to be quiet and enjoy the moment. Jane and Wallace are dancing, but while Jane tries to tell Wallace about how her mom tried to give her "The Talk", Wallace is too busy staring at Jackie, who's having fun dancing with Charlie. Over at the table, Logan is counting the money to distract himself from Gia, who talks about how much her father likes Logan. Veronica happens to walk by and can catch Logan's irritation, but says nothing. Charlie's mother comes back to take him home, and from her expression, it's clear she's heard about Terrence. Jackie takes it in stride, kisses Charlie on the cheek, and says goodnight. Charlie's mom takes him outside, and after a moment, Jackie heads that way as well. Wallace, who sees this, asks Jane if she wants something to drink, and when she says yes, follows Jackie.

Outside, Wallace catches up to Jackie and asks if she's okay. Jackie is touched, but less so when Wallace leans in and kisses her. She points out she's trying not to be "that girl" anymore, and Wallace is making it hard on her, even though Wallace thinks Jackie still has feelings for him. Jackie takes off, and when Wallace heads back into the dance, an angry and crying Jane storms off, saying her friend saw him and Jackie together. Wallace apologizes, saying he had a weak moment, and Jane reconsiders and goes back inside with him.

Cassidy and Mac leave the dance. Mac says they could go back to his place, but Cassidy seethes his brother is there. Mac says it doesn't matter, and tries kissing him, but he doesn't respond. Mac brings up the "pizza quest", but Cassidy still isn't in a good mood, and takes off. After looking at him, hurt, Mac follows.

Back inside the gym, Gia continues to natter on, and says she thinks Logan uses sarcasm to deflect how he really feels. Veronica hears this, and when Gia invites Logan to be honest and tell her what he really thinks of her, Veronica steps in and asks Logan to dance. He jokes about how he always imagined "The Time of my Life" playing (the song is actually "Sway" by the Perishers), but assents, and the two start dancing.

Meanwhile, at the River Stix, Thumper says he was mugged and when he woke up, the cash was gone. Liam, however, doesn't believe him, especially when Danny comes in with the cash, which was in Thumper's gas tank. Thumper starts to sweat.

At Neptune High, in the hallway, Jackie walks by Jane, who angrily tells her she used to stick up for Jackie, but no more. Jackie sighs as Jane takes off.

Meanwhile, in a public bathroom, Liam and Danny handcuff Thumper to a urinal. Thumper continues to protest his innocence, claiming Weevil set him up, and is about to say he has something on the Fitzpatricks when Liam stuffs his mouth with a rag and puts duct tape over it. As he and Danny laugh and walk off, Thumper struggles vainly to free himself.

Meanwhile, at Mars Investigations, Woody comes in. He says his former gardener confessed to making the tape because Woody's wife fired him a few months ago. Woody asks for the DVD back so he can destroy it - claiming it's on behalf of the gardener - and after a second, Keith agrees and hands it back. They walk to the outer office, where Veronica is sitting at her desk. Woody greets Veronica, thanks Keith, and leaves. Keith asks Veronica to hold his calls, and goes back into his office, where we see the copy of the DVD that he made, and he studies it. Back in the outer office, Luis comes in, brings up Veronica calling his wife to convince her to convince Luis to come forward...

...and at the sheriff's department, Luis tells Lamb what he saw, which was one PCHer stabbing Felix and then putting the knife in Logan's hand while he was unconscious. Luis didn't get a look at his face, but recognized the motorcycle he drove off on. Lamb recognizes it as Thumper's, and asks Sachs to put out a warrant for his arrest.

Back at Neptune High, in the lunch area, Jackie is sitting alone. Wallace and Jane are sitting together, and Wallace confesses he was the one who kissed Jackie, and that he still has feelings for her, which leaves Jane devastated. A little later, Wallace tries to sit with Jackie, but Jackie points out she'll be seen at the "man-eating bitch" who stole Wallace away from Jane, and she doesn't want to be seen as that, so she pleads for Wallace to leave.

Meanwhile, Mac again tries to ask Cassidy why he doesn't want to get more affectionate, but Cassidy is clearly uncomfortable with the subject. He's further upset when Mac lets it slip she talked to Veronica about them, breaks up with Mac, and storms off, leaving Mac heartbroken.

Outside the old Shark Stadium, the foreman sees Thumper's motorcycle. He asks Woody about it, but when Woody is satisfied there's no one inside, he tells the foreman to forget about it. Woody then begins the ceremony, and as Veronica and Keith watch on television, Logan pushes in the plunger and the stadium explodes, taking Thumper with it...

...while, in a church confessional, Weevil begins his confession.

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