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Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 Little Gold Statue Preview Special

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Films featured:

Little Gold Statue is a special that breaks from the show's format of B-Movies to talk about better films, specifically the 1995 Oscar Nominees. Unlike the later Sci-Fi specials, Mike and and Bots don't riff on the movie clips, but Crow and Servo introduce the clips proper.


The Segments:

Segment 1
  • Crow and Servo introduce the special with Best Make-Up to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, with a pre-recorded interview with Kenneth Branagh. The two Bots move on to Best Picture, Four Weddings and a Funeral, with a horrifying clarification from Mike. They also announce that Ed Asner would be appearing, not Mike in costume. They move on to Best Actress and pick Best Director by using the nominees' looks, which leads to much swooning to their choice.

Segment 2

  • Crow and Servo show another Best Picture nominee, Forrest Gump, much to Servo's disgust. They then move on to Best Costume with Queen Margot, with disdain to the Frenchiness and Pricilla: Queen of the Desert, perfect for the average gay Joe. The two call up Gypsy for some interviews, but she is only live in her room. Best Song is next, with Elton John, described as "an intense creature" by an interviewee, and a gross out clip from Junior. With no other clips from the film, Crow and Servo sing.

Segment 3

  • They move to another Best Picture nominees, with Quiz Show and Best Screenplay with Red and Heavenly Creatures. They show another Best Actress nominee with Little Women, with Crow's protests of a chick flick and Blue Sky, proclaiming this year as the year of the mental woman.

Segment 4

The special provides examples of:


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