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Recap / Bobs Burger S 5 E 16 The Runway Club

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After a fight over charm bracelets, Tina, Gene, Louise, Tammy, Jocelyn, Jimmy Jr., and Zeke have to serve detention at school. Mr. Frond makes a deal: participate in a fashion show and the winners will leave early. Meanwhile, Bob tries to convince Linda not to buy magazines from a girl.

  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Ms. Schnur hates all of the kids' outfits for various reasons: Tammy and Jocelyn's being too flirtatious for the Chinese food deliveryman, Jimmy Jr. and Zeke's being too offensive for suggesting that she is a couch, and the Belchers' because Tina knocked over all the photos of her nephew.
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  • Batman Gambit: Bob gloats about the magazine subscriptions he's buying because he knows Jimmy Pesto will stop at nothing to outperform him. It works when Jimmy decides to double Bob's offering.
  • Big "NO!": Used for comedic value when Tammy takes the stapler out of Tina's hands.
  • The Breakfast Plot:
    • A parody of the song "Don't You (Forget About Me)" plays during the ending, the tune itself plays on the start of the episode.
    • At the start of the episode, Zeke mirrors Judd Nelson's character on the way he is going to the school, even with his shades.
    • The ending has the kids making the iconic dances of the film on the counter.
    • Although a far more subtle reference, the janitor of the movie was quite the Nice Guy, similarly, in the episode, the janitor Mr. Branca is the one that let the kids free.
    • Similar to the movie, the episode ends with everyone getting out of the school together.
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  • Brutal Honesty: Linda outright tells Sally that she's probably involved in a scam.
  • Characterization Marches On: Tina's finally started to recognize what a bitch Tammy can be and snarks back at her, after repeatedly misunderstanding Tammy's animosity in the past.
  • Disaster Dominoes: How all the kids wound up in detention on the same day. Tina and Tammy were fighting over their jelly charm bracelets, Jocelyn and Tina's siblings tried to break up the fight, Zeke thought they were playing "Red Rover" and tackled the girls, Jocelyn panicked and pulled the fire alarm, and Jimmy Jr. got caught up in the moment and tried to use a fire extinguisher as a smoke machine.
  • The Dreaded: Mr. Frond seems to be afraid of angering Principal Spoors. After leaving him messages about his Scared Fabulous program, Frond gets a call from Spoors, who hates the idea and likely ordered for detention to go as usual. He also told Frond to never call him on the weekend ever again, likely threatening to fire him.
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  • Gilligan Cut: After Tina reassures Mr. Frond that they all learned something about teamwork from the "Scared Fabulous" program, it cuts to the other kids having to wrestle Tammy into submission so they can use her bracelet for Gene's outfit in the final contest.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • Mr. Frond is revealed to love fashion competitions. To a lesser degree, it seems that Jimmy Jr. and Zeke also have some interest in fashion, but clearly lack any real knowledge about it.
    • Mr. Branca the janitor was apparently the president of his old country who was ousted in a coup and forced to flee to America.
  • I'll Kill You!: Tammy threatens to kill Tina over the friendship bracelet before lunging at her.
  • It's All About Me: Tammy believes that Tina got the bracelet just to copy her, while Tina actually had no idea Tammy also had the bracelet. Later, when presented with the opportunity to help the entire group in exchange for her bracelet, everybody actually has to wrestle the bracelet off of her.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Tina in the end has a comic version of this to the realization of how stupid the bracelets are, and that's even more stupid to have started a fight over it.
  • Only Sane Man: Principal Spoors calls Mr. Frond on the phone to tell him he hates his "Scared Fabulous" program idea and wants detention to go as it should.
  • Pet the Dog: Bob is able to rope Jimmy into buying magazines from Sally, making up for his skepticism about their authenticity.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: Tammy and Tina's fight was preceded with this.
    Tammy: Take. It. Off!
    Tina: I. Would. Rather. Die!
  • Redemption Rejection: Tammy had the opportunity to stop being a selfish asshole when she was asked to use her bracelet to complete the outfit the kids were working on, just after Tina took hers off and realized how dumb it was to argue about them. Tammy had to be restrained to get the bracelet off her wrist.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: This episode confirms that the main students hate Tammy as they're all shown pinning her down to take her friend bracelet away from her.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Tammy and Tina need to team up in the end, but they keep bickering.
  • Tempting Fate: As soon as Louise compliments Tina walking, she slips and throws a bunch of photos in the ground.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Mr. Frond doesn't consider letting the Belcher kids work in a trio while the other groups are duos an advantage. They are though, clearly far more clever than the other two teams and are crucial for them to win at the end.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer...: Mr. Frond's competition was grossly improvised: Out of the three judges(the only three teachers in the school at the time), only one seems to understand about fashion, the other one doesn't care and the other is a bit of a Cloud Cuckoolander. The materials were whatever they could find in school, respectively, office material, old mats and gym clother and trash. He made the competition go anyway.

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