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Recap / Amphibia S2-E09 "Swamp and Sensibility"

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When Anne discovers an old friend who has been living a double life, she becomes fixated on helping him be his true self.


  • Actor Allusion: Crumpet asks to keep the game "cool and friendly-like", which is a lyric from Kermit's trademark song "Bein' Green". He also introduces himself with "Hi-ho, Crumpet the Frog here..." which is how Kermit always introduced himself.
  • Absurdly High-Stakes Game: If Wally wins the beast-ball game, then he'll be free to leave Ribbitvale and free to be himself. If he loses, then he'll have no choice but to stay and inherit the family business.
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  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Wally and his father have their issues but they do love each other. Wally tells Anne to tone it down during the duel because it is still his father. His father is also clearly heartbroken at the thought his son is going to leave Ribbitvale forever.
  • Be Yourself: Anne thinks that Wally should be upfront about his carefree life outside Ribbitvale to his family, but he chooses to keep it under wraps so he doesn't have to leave behind his beloved pet. Anne decides to intervene thinking it will help (it doesn't). Ultimately, though, Wally manages to reconnect with his father by both of them being themselves.
  • The Bus Came Back: One-Eyed Wally returns in this episode after he was last seen in the season 1 finale.
  • Call-Back: Wally issues a family challenge against his father after being fed up with how he's running his life, much like what Sprig did to Hop Pop in Sprig vs Hop Pop.
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  • Feathered Fiend: The peacocks seem to subvert this at first, being kept as ornamental birds by Wally's family. However, Wally's father then comments that they can tear a frog in half. The Plantars later encounter a lone frog standing among the peacocks while wearing a peacock costume, who motions for them to be quiet, implying that the costume is preventing the birds from attacking. And at the end of the episode, a peacock scares everyone by suddenly roaring at them and revealing a beakful of teeth similar to the other birds in Amphibia. Truth in Television, as peacocks are omnivores that will gladly eat amphibians if they can catch them.
  • Fantastic Racism: Wally's father initially assumes Anne is some kind of wild animal that Wally has tamed. Later on, during the meal, one of the other rich frogs expresses his surprise at her ability to talk, a statement which Anne promptly chooses to ignore.
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  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Anne has to substitute for a mount in Wally's duel against his father. She's OK with a saddle, but strongly rejects putting a bit in her mouth.
  • Hammerspace Hair: Wally apparently had one of his spare accordions stashed in Anne's hair. She even asks how long it's been in there.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Crumpet the Frog is basically Kermit, right down to his trademark eyelids and collar. His lip-sync is animated as if he were still a puppet.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: When Anne asks how long Wally's spare accordion was in her hair, he says it was at least a season.
  • Loophole Abuse: Wally's father uses Wally's desire of leaving the family to keep him from using his beloved Fiddleleaf during the challenge.
    • Anne then uses this trope against Wally's father; since the Ribbiton family thinks she's a trained beast, Wally is allowed to ride her as substitute.
  • Mood Whiplash: Done twice. The episode ends with Wally and his father playing music together while the Plantars listen... and then a giant peacock suddenly roars at them as they all let out a scream. Cue gentle credits music. It looks like the Plantars escaped in less than a second.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Anne shows a video of Wally in Wartwood. Unfortunately, this ends up having Wally get scolded by his father.
  • Not So Above It All: Wally's father enjoys playing the jug. He even has a hidden stash just like Wally has a hidden stash of accordions.
  • Oh Look, More Rooms!: The Plantars are temporarily lost while exploring the Ribbiton mansion.
  • Record Needle Scratch: Happens when the Plantars see Wally in Ribbitvale.
  • Secretly Wealthy: The Plantars discover that "One-Eyed Wally", Wartwood's local eccentric vagrant, is actually Wallium Ribbiton, a wealthy heir from the upper-class town of Ribbitvale.
  • Shout-Out
  • Special Guest: Kermit the Frog (Credited as Matt Vogel) voicing Crumpet the Frog.
  • Toothy Bird: The Peacocks.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Anne thinks that Wally being honest with his family is the way to go because "It happened in a movie, and movies are never wrong." Unfortunately, it does not go well when she reveals the truth about Wally's life in Wartwood during a fancy family dinner.


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