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Clearly you've mistaken carefully engineered sucking for barely masked talent. In order to truly suck you can't just abandon all aspects of form, balance and perspective. You have to regress. You have to draw like you never knew them. You have to literally wipe your artistic slate so clean that you find yourself grasping your crayon in a tightly balled fist as you create. In fact create is the wrong word. What I've done here is destroy. I'm destroying art and the artist in myself. This comic was rendered by the id.

To start with, we open on Cyclops, Rogue and Jubilee decorating the X-Mansion’s ridiculously massive Christmas tree while singing 'Deck the Halls,' and in one of the best choices the show has made, Cyclops is the worst singer in the entire world. He’s not just bad, he is studiously bad, in the way that only a voice actor who actually can sing could really pull off. He’s not just flat and off key (although he is both of those), he’s singing an entirely different and entire terrible melody, and I love this.
Chris Sims on X-Men ("Have Yourself a Morlock Little Christmas")

It is a legendarily bad piece of costuming that is exactly as ordered; an appalling and ugly mess with no justification, so misjudged that it does not even work as a parody of the 1980s. John Nathan-Turner loved it.

Drugs, my ass! "Puke" was made while on drugs! "Rainman" was made while on drugs! The only possible excuse that a song like this can come from any being of sentient thought is that he has in mind the specific intent of eliciting pure, unadulterated hate and disgust from his listening audience.
Marc Mues and The Rap Critic on Eminem's "Fack"

Shmorky: They should call this Rude Dudes! Yeah!
Lowtax: Yeah, they should. They should call this Delete Me.exe.
Shmorky: Yeah! They should call this LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Lowtax: They should call this A Shit Game by Fuckers.
Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka playing Flapper Racers

Making something that is bad on purpose - and not bad inadvertently, which is my usual process - is a whole-body thrill. It goes hard against every natural instinct to write this way. It has the delicious and irresistible texture of sin.
Jerry Holkins, Penny Arcade

I think I speak for us all that when people's expectations are high for us, it's very fun to make something that sucks on purpose for shits and giggles.
Das Bo Schitt, description for ''TEH GMOD IDIOT BALL (April Fools)

If this movie didn't star Kevin Spacey and it wasn't directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, and it was directed by Alan Smithee or some other fake name, I would think this was a purposefully-bad movie like Sharknado. But no, this is actually people trying.

"I've heard people defend this by saying "Well, it wasn't meant to be challenging, really, just a fun parody!" So, we aimed for crap, and we got crap, hooray."
— Codiekitty, The Twenty Most Overrated Games I've Played, on LEGO Star Wars

" 'The game is SUPPOSED to look like shit! That's the genius and beauty of it!' Once again, [it's] great that we aimed for crap and got it."
— slightly further down on the same page, discussing Shadow of the Colossus


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