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Got married on my twenty first
Eight months before my wife would give birth
It's easier to be sure you love someone
When her father inquires with the barrel of a gun
Relient K, Deathbed

Here comes the bride, the groom by her side, feeling very sorry for himself.
He tried to run, but I stopped him with my gun, he's going to marry her, or else.
Chad Morgan, Shotgun Wedding

Yeah, and your family's got the shotgun ready
I can hear those church bells chime
No, I may not be ready for a wedding, honey
But I know that I ain't ready to die
Kevin Fowler, "Knocked Up"

Ted: Barney, we are not getting married! [...]
Barney: But you two have to get married! Otherwise it's just a cheap, meaningless, disgusting one-night stand!
Ted: Wait, just to be're saying you're opposed to cheap, meaningless, disgusting one-night stands?note 

Ah, hon-ey are you gorgeous, you look just like a virgin. Here, I brought you some crackers for your morning sickness.
Fran to a woman trying on a wedding dress, The Nanny

Grilka: [giving Quark Klingon wedding ritual costume] Put this on.
Quark: Why?
Grilka: Because if you do not, I will kill you.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "The House of Quark"

John Finnemore: There was a story about an Iranian man who was forced to marry a goat. Because he had already... consummated the marriage, and as punishment he was made to go through a ceremony with the goat.
David Mitchell: To make her an honest goat.
John Finnemore: Exactly, yeah. And for the sake of the kids.

On leave from France, he had come out of a drinking hole in Sackville Street and bumped into a girl. It was dark, he was drunk, she was keen. He awoke next morning to find her in bed with him. He ran screaming from the house, her purse under his arm. He didn't get away with it. Seven weeks later, a giant of a man, seven foot high and smothered in red hair, walked through the door holding her by the hand. The monster lifted O'Toole off the floor and told him to get ready for "marriage or death." He had started to object, whereupon the monster had started to hit him with great bone-crunching knuckles. All he remembered was birds twittering and her shouting "Don't ruin him for the honeymoon, hit him above the waist." Leaving a trail of broken teeth, he was dragged to the altar in the grip of two monsters who looked like kinfolk of Grendel.

John Crichton: Empress Novia, I understand your problems. But you need to understand: there's nothing you can say that's gonna make me marry your daughter.
[Novia smirks, and a moment later, Crichton freezes in terror as Scorpius appears in the doorway]
Scorpius: Oh hello, Crichton! I have traveled a long, long way just to see you again! [hugs Crichton tightly]
John Crichton: [quietly terrified] I hate to say that you've wasted your time, Scorpy, but you have.
Scorpius: You know that no matter what you think, the rift between us need not be terminal.
John Crichton: Go away, Scorpy. It's over. Find another girlfriend.
Scorpius: Now, don't let her frighten you, John. You make the correct decision.
[He steps away, allowing Novia to whisper in Crichton's ear]
Novia: My daughter, or that abomination. Choose.


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