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Recap / Bojack Horseman S 1 E 02 Bojack Hates The Troops

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And to think this started because of a box of muffins. But as they say, It's the Principle of the Thing.

Written by: Raphael Bob-Waksberg
Directed by: Joel Moser

When Bojack drops by the grocery store to buy breakfast, he runs into trouble with a seal who called dibs on the last box of breakfast muffins. Out of spite, Bojack tosses the muffins into his cart and buys them, then eats all twelve them on the way home.

As it turns out, the seal was a Navy SEAL, and uses that angle on MSNBSEA to spin the argument into the story of a blowhard celebrity disrespecting our proud troops. Before he knows it, Bojack calls in and makes an ass of himself on live TV, revealing that he ate all twelve muffins because of his "missing goddamn self-respect."

That's not the end of it, though—because he's so afraid of opening up to his new ghostwriter Diane, he decides that focusing on the muffins thing is a better use of his time. He continues to call in to MSNBSEA and argue against Neal McBeal the Navy Seal, getting so mired in the debate that he offhandedly says that "I'm sure some of the troops are jerks." Which turns all of America against him.


It's up to Bojack to find a way to reconcile with Neal on live TV—and, maybe, to open up a little to Diane.

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