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"And I’m not anti-fun! I’m anti-imbecile, so let go, or I’ll have to hurt you."
Zoey, Page 4

"On second thought, you start. Like hell I’m going up against the Hakunae-Hurricane."
— Seraphim, Page 4

"I didn’t know Sypher-san had a sister, what was your name? Or would you rather I called you ‘little-miss-chan~?"
Lance, Page 4

"I can be whoever I f*cking want in a dream.. which...means that I don't have to apologize to everyone's sorry ass in reality for what I do!!"
— Akira, Page 13, channelling Kanji

"The ‘One-eyed-Captain’ is about to ‘encroach’ her foot up your ass if you keep bothering her!"
— Seraphim, Page 13

"If she drowns, I'm going to kill her..."
— Seraphim, Page 14, foreshadowing things that happened a hundred pages later

"Trust me, if there's one thing I know a lot about, it's how to work as a team, and pretty much the most important thing about being a team is not being an ass towards the rest of the team, got it?"
— Katsumi, Page 14, actually having a good idea

"If you want an autograph; forget it. If you want to hit me; Get in line. If you want to hit on me; Go sit on a traffic cone and rotate."
Zoey, Page 17

"I choose you, Rocket-Launcher-Chu!"
— Katsumi, Page 20

"Fine, you must be either stupid or in love to try and fight in your condition. I'll happily kick your ass first!!"
— Akira, Page 21, meeting Hiromasa and Chisame for the first time

"Does this look like playtime to you two?!"
— Sypher, Page 22

"Stop pouting like a terminally ill cancer patient and grow a set."
Zoey, Page 30

"S-shut the hell up! My boxers shouldn't be any of your concern!"
Akira, Page 38

"I'm just trying to be nice. And trust me, take it or leave it, because as soon as I see you on the streets again, we're going to throw it down."
— Seraphim, Page 38

"Doppelganger. ...Well, either that, or a much more harmless kappa. But he's one of the two in disguise. A fake taking the host to be something he is not. Like a Shadow of a human. I'm sure of it!"
— Lina, Page 40, meeting Hiromasa for the first time

"Are you absolutely suuuure you're Zaku, though~? I mean, with a pair of chainguns like that, you seem more like Heavyarms to me~ "
Katsumi, page 49, meeting Saori for the first time

"To put it bluntly, everything about me is special while the only thing special about you is your last name..Oh wait that was handed to you too."
—Symphony, Page 54, schooling one Yokina Kagura

"—as long as I'm needed by one person or able to keep one person smiling, I'll work myself to the bone happily. Now if you'll excuse me I have a friend to save."
— Sypher, Page 56

"Alright, Chisame-chan, concentrate for a moment. I need you to think really, really hard about the girl. Concentrate and remember as much as you can about her, because this is really, really important. ...Was she hot?"
Katsumi, Page 61, after being told that there was a new female persona user

"Black though slightly see through and chocolate with pawprints. Guess I can't say that nothing good came from this awkward landing."
— Sypher, Page 63. Worth It.

"Does Nike get to ride the bumper cars when she's not kicking ass for me?"
Katsumi, Page 70, asking the important questions

"Live or die, it doesn't matter, she's dead to me now. I learned all I needed."
— Some asshole, Page 76, in Chisame's memories

"...Treasure? Okay, mind our 'captain', but you must be Ameko. Am I right? You can stop hiding, we don't bite. ..Though Sypher-kun may try something perverted on you, but I'll keep him on a leash.''
Zoey, Page 79

"Tr-Trick! A lie! Sorcery! H-How dare you make a mockery of me with a cheap trick! I'll boil your skin into a witches brew! I'll feed your bones to an Oni!"
—Tammy, Page 84, being herself

"Pointless. Everyone knows that I'm the cutest. Contest over; let's King's Game."
— Kazune, Page 92

'Dogs like food... right?'

"It's not that I enjoy it 'too much,' but it's hard not to look when you're putting your... oversized chest in my face. You should be aiming that for the men, not me."
— Zoey, page 101, in denial about her attraction to Kazune

'I wouldn't think blood would be the first bodily fluid one would accuse me of drinking'
— Kazune, Page 104

"I hear my bedroom's very nice at this time of year~"
Katsumi, Page 105

"You know, you're angry for no other reason than just to be angry in the first place! A normal, sane person can balance anger with joy. Like my own, it's a finely tuned instrument of hate because I'm aware of it. But you, your hate is hollow, hating others and seething with anger without a single damn reason. It's a lukewarm hate, a pretenders hate, lacking any real substance like a cardboard movie prop."
— Zoey, Page 107 while dealing with a shadow-influenced Akira

'(S)he couldn't keep getting distracted. There was something very important (s)he had to do now.'
Absolutely everyone, Page 108, in act of epic trolling by the DM

"-we need to teamwork harder."
—Katsumi, Page 122, having another good idea

"I don't even know what the tech specs are on that thing but just from looking at it I'm like fffffffyes. Brb need to clean up after seeing something that sexy. And the computer's not too bad either"
— Katsumi, Page 124

"Here, I got this: Let me introduce Saitama Katsumi, my kohai; also a walking sexual harassment lawsuit, and a lifetime member of the carpet-chomping club."
Kazune, Page 126, introducing Katsumi to Joseph.

"Were you just...You were staring at my colleague's ass, weren't you?"
—Mortimer, Page 132

"Aw, ofcourse you need to be swept of your feet, unless you walk on your knees most of the time~"
Haro, hitting on Kazune, page 146

"You didn't see her, so let me paint a picture. Imagine yourself with two speed bags on you chest, right here—Your red eyes would be rich brown behind shining golden hair. You'd cut those pants off right about here—And you'd... oh... well you kinda got the same attitude already so there's that. And woosh, you'd be her... I think her name started with a K.... but her breasts definitely started with an E."
— Haro, Page 150 wishing Seraphim were Kazune

"Oh hey, forgot you got a welfare persona."
— Haro, Page 164 remembering that other people have personae too

'Maybe-it's-maybelene Meishi'
— Haro, Page 164

'Sypher had barely found the path in the forest that would lead him out of the madness that was Haro only to have an entire sandstorm dumped on it by Seraphim.'
Sypher, Page 165

"Hugs are only for the victors."
— Katsumi, Page 165

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