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"From the look in your eyes
I can tell you're gonna cry
Is it over me?
If it is, save your tears
I'm not worth it, you'll see"
Marvin Gaye, "Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)", later covered by Paul Young.

"Well, you've lived for millennia... Seen the legendary heroes with your own eyes... You knew the Hero-King Marth himself! And compared to him, what am I? I felt that I had to be as great as him, as mighty and powerful... Otherwise, you couldn't help but find me lacking in comparison."

"I don't know what a magic lady like her saw in a plain old dope like me."
Greg, Steven Universe, "Laser Light Cannon"

He looks at her
And sees everything he's ever wanted
He looks at himself
And sees nothing she deserves
Tumblr, from this Mulan photo set.

Xibalba: Well... I believe you've won the wager, mi Amor. Along with my heart, all over again.
La Muerte: Ay, Balby.
Xibalba: I'm so sorry, my love. You deserve better than me. I know that now. Will you ever forgive me?

Yuki: What's a man like you, doing with a woman like her [Nicole]?
Richard: Shh! I don't think she knows she could do better.

"Next time, maybe I'll get past first base... Heh, ha ha! *hacking cough* Ahh, fat chance. You're far too fine a wine... for a lout like me..."
Pip Bernadotte's dying words, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged

"I mean, there you are, a happy street rat, merrily going about your business taking a bite out of anyone you feel like, wrapped in a protective layer of selfishness. And then you meet this... Angel... and she shows you how beautiful things can actually be! That things like nobility and honor and decency and..." Sahar choked, "...and love ...are more than just words... And you look at yourself, and you realize that you ARE just a Rat! Like all the rats that you hated and despised on the streets of Beirut! And you know that you’re filthy, and disgusting and diseased... and you know that your parents would vomit, if they could see their daughter now! And you know that a disgusting RAT has no business laying next to a beautiful creature of god..."
Sahar, explaining why she broke up with Zenith the previous year, Whateley Universe, "Reflections in an Evil Eye"

I'm sorry to my unknown lover,
sorry that I can't believe
that anybody really
starts to fall in love with me.
Halsey, "Sorry"

"The President said himself that he hates unkind people who hurt others. I'm selfish and aggressive! Jealous and deceitful! A coward who fears other people! I always hurt people, and there's not a kind bone in my body! I have to conceal this part of me! Who could fall in love with such a disgusting person?!"

"What kind of guy would go out of his way to choose the fourth best girl around him? You have three other pretty, cute girls who are better than me in almost every way. You probably just feel bad for me. I'm right, aren't I? You're a kind person, so whenever you see someone as unfortunate as me, who always seems to fail no matter how hard she tries, you just have to extend a hand to help."

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