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Bob Barker: As many of you know, we've have lost our dear friend Rod Roddy. Rod's many television friends and all of us associated with The Price is Right will miss his splendid talent and his great sense of humor. May God bless Rod!

Michael Eisner: Amid our celebration, we pause to remember star among stars. Lucille Ball taught the world that to be in love with Lucy was to be in love with life itself. We will miss her.

Pat Sajak: As most of you probably know by now, our dear friend and colleague, the voice of Wheel of Fortune, Charlie O'Donnell, passed away early this week. Charlie was not only a vital part of the success of this show, he was a...was a broadcasting legend. From his days with Dick Clark on American Bandstand, through his work on dozens of shows, including the Academy Awards and more than 25 years with Wheel, Charlie was always prepared and dedicated. We're gonna miss his booming voice, but more than that, we're gonna miss a kind and cheerful and caring friend. We've all been blessed to have known him.
Vanna White: We love you, Charlie!
Pat Sajak: We'll miss you, Pal!

Jerry Bishop: The Disney Channel remembers the man behind the Muppets, The face behind the Fraggles. Jim Henson, We will miss you!
— The Memorial bumper for Disney Channel when Jim Henson died in 1990.

"This game is dedicated to our wingman who fell in battle."
— Tribute to Satoru Iwata in Star Fox Zero

"Excelsior! In memory of Stan Lee, who inspired us all to be greater."
Spider-Man (PS4), at the end of "Silver Lining"

— Marvel Studios logo used in Captain Marvel

"Thank you Steve Hillenburg"
SpongeBob SquarePants, "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout"


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