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"As my father used to say: you want to hide something, hide it where everyone can find it."
Dr. Venture, The Venture Bros.

"So, how do you keep a secret from the world's greatest detective? Well, do you know? You stick it right in front of him, right under his long, pointy nose... and wait!"

"Nothing quite like the view of extreme poverty to make a cocktail penthouse party really swing."
Max Payne, Max Payne 3

"It's so overt, it's covert."

Polnareff: He's somewhere in Egypt, but where...?
(DIO shows up, messing around with a throwing knife.)
DIO: Jojo...
Jotaro: DIO!!
DIO: You probably thought I was hiding somewhere in Egypt, but I was traveling with you all along!
Joseph: DIO, you son of a!!!

"We were contracted to build a structure. It had to be hidden in plain sight and have power for fifty thousand people. At first, you know, I said, 'That's a joke. What about a nuclear reactor?' The next day, I was given specs for a nuclear reprocessing facility and the Army Corps of Engineers as a work force."
Lawrence Szilard, Person of Interest, "God Mode"

Rlain: We choose a form based on what we need, the job required of us. Dullform, one of those forms, looks a lot like a parshman. Hiding among them is easy.
Navani: We account our parshmen with precision.
Rlain: Yes, and we are noticed—but rarely questioned. Who questions when you find an extra sphere lying on the ground? It's not something suspicious. It's merely fortune.

"If you're that obvious about it people will actually be less suspicious."
Inukai explaining why she named her shop "Witch's home", Flying Witch

Later she ordered a check on all shuttles going up the Line. Not even an invisible man could have got past the telltales secret in the gangways. He'd hardly attempt to board a freight shuttle - most were not even pressurized.
He didn't. Kin realized later that he had bought a ticket under an assumed name and just walked past the security net, flaunting his visibility like a cloak.

Chelle: "Non-Redundant Spares?" What does that even mean?
Para: It means "this is just a boring crate that everybody should ignore because it's totally not a big box full of angry robot."


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