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"Best way to not get your heart broken is to pretend you don't have one."

Optimus: By the way, you did good out there.
Rattrap: Eh, you weren't so bad yourself. But, uh, don't tell anybody I said so.

Abby: Do you know what I think? Underneath it all you're actually quite nice.
Lester: Repeat that disgraceful slander and you'll be hearing from my lawyers.
Primeval, Series 4 Episode 4

"I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care, or, indeed, why it should be necessary to prove it at all."
Avon, Blake's 7, "Duel"

"Kell has only two faces ... The one he wears for the world at large, and the one he wears for those he loves."

He watched as two of Dimmsdale's most popular kids walked off, no doubt gossiping about some other poor soul, perhaps even him. He never understood why he put up with this crap, and most of all, he never understood why Trixie was such a nice and understanding girl when alone, but, for lack of a better word, a total snob when she was around any of her stupid little bunch of spoiled friends.
Typical case of good girl caught in the wrong crowd.

Buddy: Oh, and Pete? You asked about your calling card?
Peter: I did, yes. But I don't need to—
Buddy: An enduring moral core, coupled with a strong desire to excise that core completely. Demonstrated, of course, by a consistent pattern of pro-bono work followed up by a lot of con-bono — like having a heart embarrasses you.
The Penumbra Podcast, "Juno Steel and the Man in Glass"


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