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Simply put we need to go lewder. Miniskirts, swimsuits, low-angle-shots; you need to put in as many of those as you can without breaking the law.

"They do make an admirable attempt to add plot, but like most people I only watch it for perverse reasons."

"I just realized for the first time that we're in the ladies' locker room, is in the background, there was a woman in a towel, what was the point of that?"
"What do you mean, 'what was the point'?"
Gremlins 2: The New Batch voice commentary.

And G must show herself in tights
For two convincing reasons—
Two very well-shaped reasons!

"So really, the entire purpose of this comic was to get Xena into skimpy dominatrix gear. Well, I've heard of worse reasons to make a comic!"

"Dear Movie, thank you SO MUCH for this scene!"
Tom Servo (on a shot of two women sharing a bed in The Brain That Wouldn't Die), Mystery Science Theater 3000

Strong Bad: [reacting to a loud roar from the Trogdor arcade machine] What the crap was that?
Strong Sad: It sounds like the fan's broken! You'll have to get it serviced.
Strong Bad: Serviced?!? Where am I supposed to get fan service around here?
[as if on cue, the Trogdor arcade machine comes to life]
Strong Bad, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 5, hanging a lampshade. (Note: this denotes fanservice in a general sense, rather than sexual content.)

"Seriously, this trailer only interrupts the action for one reason: slow pushes on neat butts.
It probably goes without saying, but just in case, I should point out that these are not plot-forwarding butts. Vin Diesel never says, "Hey, Ludacris, Other Guy, get outta that car and come over here; we need to drive fast cars or those butts are going to explode!" The Rock never pulls over to the side of the road saying, "Damn, they're getting away with all of the car money. I'd be able to catch them, but I'm out of gas, and my car runs on butts." They serve no story function. Just butts for butts' sake." on Fast Five trailer, in the article about Poe's Law and trailers.

"It's like, 'Hey, we've got this horrible shitty game, but there's a girl taking her clothes off, so you have to keep playing!'"
The Angry Video Game Nerd on Menace Beach

"Men should be buff! Women should be vavoom!"
Hiromu Arakawa, creator of Fullmetal Alchemist, on the copious amounts of Fanservice in her work.

"The number of Fox News upskirt screenshots on Google is mind-boggling. It seems to be an entire industry. And most of them are far more revealing than the one I posted above. I'll bet those women would love to wear pants once in a while, just for comfort's sake. But they're not allowed to. I wonder why?"

"Hmhm hmmm~♪ Hmmhmm Service~♪ Naked fanservice sceeene~♪"

"Of course, I take a certain civic pride in the fact that there is probably more nudity in our own Winter Garden that there is in any other place in the world, nevertheless, there are times during an evening's entertainment when I pine for 11:15, so that I can go out in the street and see a lot of women with clothes on."
Dorothy Parker, review of Sinbad (1918)

I hate the word “fanservice” because it can mean either “hey, we heard you chattering about that lore thing we started to do once but failed to deliver on so here, we put some thought into this update and included that and we hope you like it” or “for no immediate reason, we gave this character big round badonkers”

Narrator: The last three strips featured attractive women in bikinis who were talking about relationship issues.
While the author insists that it is straightforward character development, the fact that it appeals so strongly to both men and women smacks of fan service.
It also seems utterly impossible that such an event could happen.
In the interest of restoring believability, please accept this final panel, featuring a time-traveling Schlock clone.


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