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"Somehow the rejects at Camp Clod fail to recognize the superior pair that is Pierre and Percy."
Peridot, Steven Universe, "Log Date 7 15 2"

"The character of the fair Jewess found so much favour in the eyes of some fair readers, that the writer was censured, because, when arranging the fates of the characters of the drama, he had not assigned the hand of Wilfred to Rebecca, rather than the less interesting Rowena."
Sir Walter Scott in his 1830 Introduction to Ivanhoe

Eliza looked up from her hot butterscotch ice-cream shortcake. "I don't see why he had to marry that old Rowena," she said. "Rebecca was lots prettier. Why couldn't he have married her?"
"That wasn't what the author wrote," said Roger, a bit shocked.
Knight's Castle by Edward Eager, also discussing Ivanhoe

Clocksie,” Clockblocker said, deadpan, “Has been the target of a lot of criticism, because he was in charge of the Wards at the time a lot of stuff went down. Some dingbats online speculated that I had a thing for Weaver, and it took off. The people online like to find stuff that fills in blanks, and there were a hell of a lot of blanks around the whole thing with Weaver defecting, and our pseudo-truce with the Undersiders.”

"Clark's shouting his lungs out. 'You killed her! Why did you kill her!' ...Jor-El says, 'Aw, shucks, son. I'm the only one who realizes that getting married at 18 is a bad idea. Besides, she was mean to you on a constant basis for saving her life. Go, my son, go, and be with Chloe! She will maketh your bowtie twirl!'"
Neal Bailey (embellishing a bit) on Smallville ("Reckoning")

"The news of David Duchovny’s divorce is a gift to Mulder/Scully shippers who are still keeping hope alive. And of course this shit comes out on Gillian Anderson’s born day. I’m sure David celebrated Gillian’s birthday and his divorce by showing up to her door with a birthday candle stuck in his peen slit. I think I read that in a Mulder/Scully fanfiction once."

Kissing may be revolting to children, but the shippy gene kicks in a lot earlier than the rest of puberty. Kids like to pair characters up. I remember watching many a 'toon where the lead male and the lead female got along well, and wondering when they would get together. A lot of kids assumed Rebecca and Baloo were eventually going to fall for each other, and were let down when TaleSpin ended before that. I waited a long time for Alvin the Chipmunk to fall for Brittany (I'm still waiting on that one).
Peter Paltridge, contrasting the romantic elements of Aladdin: The Series with non-romantic children's cartoons of the era.

"I have omitted the sequel because in it Shaw explains how Eliza ends not with Higgins but with Freddy and - Shaw and Heaven forgive me! - I am not certain he is right."
Alan Jay Lerner, My Fair Lady lyricist, on the ending of Pygmalion


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