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Nightmare Fuel / Doubt Academy

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Given the nature of the series it's based upon, it's only natural that Doubt Academy would have its share of nightmarish moments.


  • In the Visual Novels, if the students screw up and convict the wrong culprit, everyone but the murderer is punished (though thankfully it's not shown.) In Doubt Academy, though, Monobear doesn't end the game, and just gloats about their mistake while executing the falsely accused.
    • On top of this, votes can be cast (and changed) at any time before the trial ends, with no penalty. Factor in the time limit, and you get students piling onto others for the flimsiest of reasons, leaving it to the accused to try and prove their innocence.
    • The podiums here have lights on them. Why? So they can light up or dim whenever a vote is cast against/moved from somebody, letting them know the instant somebody votes against them. Imagine hearing somebody toss out your name and immediately seeing two or three light up before you can respond...
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  • The executions, naturally.

    Doubt Academy 1 
  • First up, we have Zetsubou Zamboni. Akari gets dragged into a rink, then forced to skate for her life to escape Monobear's Mono-zamboni. The rinks filled with Monobear ice statues, providing both obstacles to dodge through and reminders of what'll happen if she's caught, as they're smashed to pieces. Distracted by this, she skates right into a patch of thin ice and breaks through into the freezing water. Though she fights her way back up to the surface, the Mono-zamboni passes overhead just as she reaches it, refreezing the ice and sealing her in to drown.
    • As if all of that wasn't bad enough, the very photo she didn't want the others to see — the one that led to her falsely accusation in the first place — is thrown onto the ice so she spends her last moments gazing up at it. The only small comfort that lends is how it hides her face as she drowns.
  • The second one: Fight or Flight. With a chain collar around her neck, Saiko's dragged before an obstacle course in mockery of the military training her strict family forced her to go through all her life. At the far end sits a plane, which she makes a break for. Just as she'd made it through and is about to reach it, the chain pulls taut, then retracts, bruising her neck hard enough that she temporarily loses her voice. That means whatever defiant last words she might've had for the Monobears who surround her, forming a firing squad, go unheard... There's only the sound of gunfire, and in its wake the faint click of her collar unlatching too late to make any difference.
  • The third: On a Roll (Lose Yourself). Emilia gets strapped into a giant Mono-roller coaster, with four giantic Monokuma marbles right behind her. As the car surges along the rails, she's presented with several forks in the track; each time, she chooses to go right, and a laser mounted behind her car hits the switch so that one of the marbles goes left. At the last fork, however, Monokuma's manning the lever, and pulls it, sending her back to the start. The car halts, the seatbelt unlocks, she has a chance to breathe... before the last marble, never deflected from its path, catches up and crushes them completely.
  • The fourth: Needlepoint. Ryo winds up in a claustrophobic labyrinth; the more they run, the more the walls seem to close in... until they find a exit door. Bursting through it, they barely manage to avoid impaling themselves on the spikes beyond. Paralyzed with fear, their last strength is used to desperately scream the name of their beloved before the doors slam shut...
  • The fifth includes a warning before it even gets started, for good reason: Halftime Show. The completely cracked Seiichi allows himself to be tied to a metal table shaped like an X. As a saw blade closes in, he makes absolutely no effort to escape, instead smiling madly as it lowers and slices him through at the waist.
    • The fact that Seiichi completely concealed their Sanity Slippage until the fifth trial. Particularly the realization that if he'd kept it together, he might have won.
    • And his sick glee in describing the murder...particularly the revelation that the the victim was alive when he took a drill to his forehead, and describes it as "going in like peanut butter."
  • The sixth: Hickory Dickory Doubt. Nanase becomes the hand of a massive, Monobear-faced clock with the faces of all the dead students replacing the numbers. As she spins round and round, faster and faster, a cuckoo door in the top slides open, revealing a Monobear sitting on a blade. After several near misses, it finally pops out right as her neck reaches it...
  • Throughout the first game, Misaki's Trauma Conga Line takes its toll upon the SHSL Archer. It's particularly unnerving whenever she lets her desire for Revenge get the best of her. After she flat-out orders Monobear to make an execution as painful as possible, is it any wonder that the others suspected her as the Mastermind?
    • Her reaction to Seiichi's execution is particularly... unnerving.
  • The Awful Truth behind the student's situation: the whole thing was a research project organized by Nanase and Headmaster Yasuda. Their happy school life together? Just Phase One of the Developmental Analysis Program, observing how they fared in a peaceful enviroment. Phase Two was a stressful enviroment: the Mutual Killing game.
  • Just... in the end, The Bad Guy Wins. Headmaster Yasuda got exactly what he wanted from the DA Project, and at the ending has seemingly gotten away with covering the whole thing up. In exchange for returning the survivors; memories of their happy school lives, he erased all their memories of Doubt Academy, and is covering up all the deaths with a 'terrorist bombing'.

DA Black and White

  • The Awful Truths linking both games together.
    • First off, you have the existence of The Collective — a group guiding society from behind the shadows, out to usher in a new age of peace and tranquility... through horrible experiments. All the students in both games were bought from Hope's Peak as human guinea pigs. Half of them had Heel–Face Brainwashing chips implanted on the back of their necks so The Collective could see if they would hold up under the stress of a mutual killing game. The other half were going to be subject to other experiments... like whatever the hell was done to Usami.
    • In case you need any more proof The Collective is bad news...? They found out about what the Headmaster did with the DA Project... and recruited him.
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    • Then there's Doctrina Artifica, aka La Résistance... only they're just as bad. They're responsible for kick-starting the mutual killing game over at Bright Side, as part of their plan to expose The Collective to the world.

    Doubt Academy Black 
  • The first victim's death. Having your lungs slowly bleed and fail as you're poisoned by chlorine gas? Not a fun way to go.
  • The first execution, Mr. Monobear's Special Dissection Lesson. Reisuke is strapped to an operating table, and a group of Monobears begin to dismember him with a chainsaw. Takeo attempts to intervene but gets a chainsaw blade to the chest for his troubles, and Reisuke is quickly reduced to a pile of bloody pieces of anatomy by the multiple chainsaws.
  • The second execution Automatic Brew. Taichi is dropped through a trapdoor and into a giant coffee pot, which Monobear then fills with hot coffee. No, Monobear isn't planning death-by-drowning, but what happens isn't much better. Monobear turns the machine's settings to "Boiling", causing the coffee to burn and boil Taichi to death.
  • The third execution, which isn't even of the actual murderer. Even though they caught the right 'culprit' due to a heartwrenching confession, many of the students protested killing him over what'd been a tragic accident. Monobear listens. Instead, he executes Angelo, who'd made a scene earlier in the trial, with An Overdose of Justice. He pumps the dancer full of various drugs, then stabs him with a needle large enough to pierce completely through his chest and the back of the chair he's been strapped into.
    • Then there's the immediate aftermath of said death. Daiki flies into a rage and attacks Monobear, demanding to know who he is. Monobear responds by punishing her with A Difficult Stain: filling her body with dark black spikes.
  • The fourth execution, which is a subversion, actually, because the victim died by accident! So Monobear, frustrated and wanting to punish somebody but having no culprit to execute, simply decides to launch Monomi into the sky after a pirate battle, as shown in Sights to the Sky. The real despair comes in when Monomi hits the ceiling of a dome, hammering it home to the students that they're absolutely trapped in this amusement park.
  • The fifth execution: Rapid-Fire Debate. Kei is chained to a defense attorney's desk, while Monobear appears at the prosecution's desk. Monobear presents evidence, and while Kei's mouth is free so she technically could defend herself verbally, Kei chooses not to, since Monobear has so much evidence that doing so would be pointless. Monobear presents each piece of evidence that Kei is a murderer, and every time he presents a piece of evidence, Kei is shot from a "hatch" at the prosecution's desk that is obviously hiding a gun of some sort. Eventually Monobear presents so many pieces of evidence that a "GUILTY" sign flashes...and then the hatch just starts shooting Kei in a "rapid-fire" fashion, after which Kei's corpse is riddled with bullet holes and slumps over on the desk, having been shot to death.
  • The sixth execution, Despair-Colored Master Spark!, involves a sense of ironic humor on Monobear's part. Aoi used a fireworks show in chapter 6 to attempt to create an alibi for his murder, so for Aoi's execution, Monobear arranges a fireworks festival of his own, with Aoi tied to a rocket, as Monobear lights what Aoi realizes too late is not a rope, but a fuse. As the fireworks begin shooting into the sky, Aoi's rocket shoots into the sky last, and it's the very last firework that explodes—taking Aoi with it!
  • The seventh execution, Testing Session, has Hiroshi seated in a room with multiple vials, with a female robotic voice instructing him that he will be seated in multiple rooms, and if he manages to drink the "safe" vial in every room, he'll be freed. Since Hiroshi is a biochemist, he is easily able to identify which vial is safe, and every time he drinks the safe vial, a wall opens up in front of him and he can walk to the next room. But the final room is rigged: there are no vials; instead, the robotic voice pumps a chemical into the room, which should be safe unless Hiroshi drank anything that would increase the chemical's toxicity. Of course, this means the previous vials were a bait-and-switch: the vials Hiroshi drank were safe by themselves, but when combined with the chemical being pumped into the last room, will become toxic. Hiroshi barely has enough time to frantically writes pages in his notebook to his classmates before the toxin overtakes him and he seizures himself to death. The very last thing he writes is an apology to his father for having been on the wrong side of the mirror, a play on his last name Kagami meaning "mirror".
  • The eighth execution, A Sticky Situation. A chain grabs Yukari around her throat and drags her to a conveyor belt covered with tar, then lets her go once her feet are stuck to the tar. The conveyor belt is dragging her to a giant Monobear-shaped furnace. Yukari manages to wait until the furnace burns away the tar stuck to her feet, and then tries to take of running. But Monobear hits an emergency stop button, causing Yukari to lose her balance and fall on her back on the tar, so now there's no way for Yukari to escape, and the conveyor belt finally dumps her inside the furnace, burning her to death.
  • The ninth execution, A Race to Remember. Setsuko is trapped inside a white race-car, and then a black race-car crashes into Setsuko's car, causing a car crash that causes the white race-car to tip upside-down with Setsuko still inside. She's still alive, though, what finally kills her is that the engine catches fire and the fire spreads to the rest of the racecar, turning the racecar into a burning deathtrap that takes Setsuko along with it.
    • Backstory details make it even worse: Dying in a fire is a major phobia for Setsuko, resulting from a race accident that left her body covered with scars from third-degree burns. Her reaction to the above execution of Yukari, a person she desperately wanted dead? A panic attack that involves clawing at her scars until they're raw and bloody. Burning to death in a car wreck is an agonizing fate as it is, but in this case it's a personal attack on Setsuko that's aimed to cause her as much psychological torture as possible by recreating a traumatic event from her past.
  • The tenth execution, and word of warning, absolutely do not read this particular spoiler if you don't want the entire game spoiled: that of the Mastermind, and again do not read the rest of this unless you want the entire game spoiled...SHSL Confectionery Chef, Khadija Halabi. It's called Viva La Doubt. Khadija is tied up by her hands and hanging from a gate, as multiple Monobears appear wearing party hats and carrying batons made of confectionary candies. We then get a brief shot of a "Khadija doll", which at first glance seems completely unrelated. We then cut back to Khadija, as the Monobear revolutionaries surround her and start beating her with their batons like she's a piñata. Obviously instead of making candies come out, this only leaves her covered with bruises and bleeding. Surprisingly, however, this is not what kills her, she's still alive. Instead, one last Monobear appears to cut the celebration cake, but using a knife that's way too big. Of course, the knife isn't really for the cake. Monobear brings the knife down...and now the signifiance of the doll from earlier becomes clear, as we get a symbol of what happens to Khadija since the next thing we see is the doll, cut in half!!!

    Doubt Academy White 
  • The first victim's death, it's just being stabbed to death, the nightmare fuel part is that for some reason her corpse is smiling!
  • The first execution, A Taste to Remember. Fumiko, the SHSL Food Critic, is standing on a giant table full of food. Then she notices a giant Monobear at the end of the table, holding a knife and fork eagerly. Realizing what Monobear probably intends, Fumiko tries to get off the table...but the tablecloth suddenly moves underneath her, acting as a "treadmill", thus preventing her escape. Finally, she's brought to the giant Monobear, who stabs her to death with his fork.
  • Chapter two gives us Scare Crows. No, it's not an execution... but that doesn't make things better at all. Jun is trapped inside a television and controlled like a video game character through a dark forest by Monobear... and then the latter abandons the controller, leaving Jun frozen underneath a tree full of red-eyed crows. Said crows proceed to go straight for Jun's eyes, and he is unable to do anything to stop them from shattering his glasses and then completely devouring his eyes.
  • How does Yukiko respond to Jun's fate at the end of chapter two? She removes one of her eyes with a spoon in disturbingly vivid - and disgusting - detail... and the mun admits to omitting some things! It gets worse - after removing her eye, she puts it in a box and sends it (along with a threatening note) to Adeline, who is as disgusted and freaked out by the whole thing as the readers probably are.
  • The Reveal of how the third murder was committed. While Kanon would never have killed anyone to try and save herself, certain spirits weren't willing to let the SHSL Medium risk becoming a victim. So Yuu Hideyoshi hijacked her body to kill Kyo... and after the Medium's convicted, does so again to try and set the record straight. They aren't sorry at all. Just sorry they got caught.
  • The third execution, Arsenic and Lace. Kanon finds herself in a haunted mansion that's filling with poison gas. Trying to flee, she winds up cornered in a room with one doorway that isn't blocked. When she tries it, something drags her inside, and the door slams shut behind her, only letting everyone hear her screams and see her blood pooling underneath. Then the door reopens, and a second stuffed rabbit is tossed out beside her dropped toy. According to Word of God, the new bunny's stuffed with Kanon.
  • The fourth murder is so brutal and horrifying that a text-only version is provided. Renee's corpse is poised inside the freezer with her hands over her head as though she's dancing... but her stomach has been torn open, with all her innards pouring out. Her expression makes it clear she was aware of what was happening to her.
  • The fourth execution is similarly horrifying, given that Ritsuka was innocent. Samurai Pizza Cuts makes her run across broken glass from an unseen foe. Though teased with a sword waiting for her, blades start shooting from the walls and floor. Eventually, she can't dodge anymore, slips and falls onto the blades.
  • The fifth execution: Winter Is Coming. Marian is dropped into a snowy place, a whole "winter world". Monobear appears in a parka wielding a rifle, and he shoots at Marian. Marian dodges the bullet twirling her flag befitting her profession as a Winter Guard, but more Monobears appear with rifles, also shooting at her like the original. Amazingly, Marian actually manages to dodge most of the bullets, but one bullet pierces her thigh, causing her to lose control of her flag and accidentally toss it into the air...and then the flag comes down and impales her through the back and out her chest.
  • The sixth execution, Microscopic Chances, involves an especially cruel twist on Monobear's part because Arisa Sato loves frogs. So what does Monobear do? He shrinks Arisa and then puts her in a terrarium. There's a hole in the top of the terrarium, but to get to it Arisa has to climb various bacteria that are in the way. However, two frogs appear with Monobear-style eyes, and they start devouring the bacteria one by one, slowly but surely cutting off Arisa's escape route. Arisa manages to hold onto the very last bacteria, but there's no where else to go after that, and one of the frogs' tongues latches onto Arisa, and then drags Arisa to be eaten.
  • One of the murders in chapter seven, Quiet Garden, involves Jaejin being killed by his best friend. However, the Nightmare Fuel isn't in the fact that someone so close to him was his murderer, but the fact that Jun is so dead-set on 'protecting' his friend, he feels the only way to do it is by being the one to kill Jaejin first. Though initially apprehensive about the whole thing - and for good reason - Jaejin offered his life up as a prize for Jun winning a 'game' of hide-and-seek between them, and then helped Jun prepare the falsified evidence to frame Kiyoshi and carry out the murder. Jaejin guides Jun's hands with the epinephrine pen to his thigh, allowing Jun to go forward with the plan. Unbeknownst to Jun, Jaejin even left a note on Jun's laptop, reassuring the game developer that he 'did the right thing' in killing Jaejin in an attempt for immunity.
  • The seventh execution, Painting the Roses Red, has a chain grab Yukiko around the neck and drag her...only to the middle of the courtroom, actually, and then the chain lets her go. At first she thinks she's free to go, but a trapdoor opens underneath her and she falls into the abyss, letting out a blood chilling scream...and she lands in a maze full of rose bushes. Then, there's a loud rumbling, and suddenly a large Monobear appears dressed as the Queen, holding an axe. As the ground continues to shake when Monobear walks, Yukiko finally takes off running, and finally manages to lose Monobear, but now she's lost in the maze. She then notices a light at the end of the left path, and heads towards the light thinking it's an exit...only to find a Monobear stagelight and a dead end. Now Yukiko is cornered with a wall of roses and leaves behind her, and then the large Monobear reappears. Since Yukiko has nowhere to go, Monobear is easily able to cut Yukiko's head off with his axe, sending Yukiko's head sailing into the rosebushes and painting the white roses red with Yukiko's blood. Now her head will forever be frozen in a state of shock and horror.
  • The eighth execution, or rather, the two executions in chapter 8. The first one, Bait and Switch, happens because for some bizarre reason, Tomiko tries to sacrifice herself in Larry's place by jumping in front of the execution chain, despite not being particularly close to Larry. Tomiko is locked inside a voice acting studio, with headphones dropping onto her head as Monobear asks her to read from a script. It turns out she's reading from a villain's script, and it's the scene where the robotic heroine, Mai Kurashige, is supposed to kill the villain. Tomiko freezes up and starts crying, unable to go through with it. That's fine with Monobear, though, who prepared for that eventuality by simply playing a pre-recorded speech through the audio speakers. Once the speech is done, Mai Kurashige shoots Tomiko through the heart, killing her instantly. The reason there's a second execution is that Monobear decides to render Tomiko's sacrifice completely meaningless by executing Larry anyway. In Rock'Em Sock'Em Redrum, Larry is rigged up inside a Rock Em Sock Em Robots parody, with a giant steel Monobear across from him, and a Monobear with a controller behind him. The Monobear with the controller forces the robotic arms, with Larry's arms inside them, to repeatedly punch the giant steel robot, breaking Larry's arms. Then the giant steel Monobear counterattacks by repeatedly pummeling Larry, and then using an uppercut to take Larry's head clean off.
  • The ninth execution, Look Around You. Monobear uses the same shrink ray he used in the sixth execution, this time on Tomoe, the SHSL Chemist. He then makes sure Tomoe falls into a glass beaker with a small bit of sodium inside, and then prepares to pour a small amount of water into the beaker. Tomoe screams upon realizing what's about to happen, but the other students do not, not knowing what this chemical reaction is about to do. Sure enough, Monobear pours the water into the beaker, where it falls on the sodium, causing the sodium to catch fire and EXPLODE, taking Tomoe along with it.
  • The tenth execution, and word of warning, absolutely do not read this particular spoiler if you don't want the entire game spoiled: that of the Mastermind, and again do not read the rest of this unless you want the entire game spoiled...SHSL Journalist, Katsuya Matsushita. He is standing in a hallway, reading a bloody newspaper with his face and the headline (which doubles as the title of this execution), Mission Impossible: DIE. Katsuya freaks out and starts running down the hall to get away, but Monobear sends a Monobear-colored dog after him. The dog eventually catches up and bites Katsuya in the ankles, severely injuring Katsuya so he falls to the ground and can't get up. Why only bite the ankles? Because the dog isn't the method of execution, just the mechanism to keep Katsuya from being able to move...from the Monobear-symbol printing press that then appears. The floor turns into a moving walkway carrying the now prone Katsuya towards the printing press as we see multiple shots of Katsuya sweating. Just as Katsuya finally cries out and reaches out, he is crushed to death by the printing press! The last scene is of Monobear in a bathrobe by the poolside, relaxing as he reads the newspaper, newly bloodied with Katsuya's blood.


Doubt Academy Alpha and Omega

  • Both of the initial murders have something in common- the fact that it seems as if both of them have had things done to the bodies afterwards that WEREN'T the cause of death. If it weren't for the Monobear file detailing what the student actually died of, then figuring out the details of the murder could be much more difficult... which is probably exactly why it happened.
  • Each game has had a secondary 'sub-game' that is essential to the completion of the plot- in Alpha, it's the Labyrinth, and in Omega, it's the Animus. How are we introduced to each of these? By having Monobear throw the first person to defy him in there, where they are almost instantly killed. How terrifying must it be, knowing that you have to go in there for any hope of finding more out about why you're all trapped here when your first experience is seeing how deadly it is?
  • In case one needed another example of Monobear's sense of mercy being anything but, he's offered both groups a Sadistic Choice. He's willing to take a week-long break — no motives, no murders, investigations or trials... Heck, he'll even let Monomi take over for a while! But in order to earn that break, they have to execute somebody as a group. Meaning the majority has to decide whether or not to sacrifice somebody to buy themselves some safety, then vote on who the poor victim's gonna be.

    Doubt Academy Alpha 
  • The explanation of everyone's 'student IDs' being labelled as 'Tunnel Licenses' is explained when they're introduced to the Labyrinth, a massive system of caves and tunnels they're expected to spend time excavating. Even before Monobear showed up, Usami was very reluctant to explain anything about why they were doing this, only that it was essential to their being there.
  • Whenever a student has been killed so far, even though the others have asked if they could perform a burial, Monomi has denied them... and has been very unwilling to explain where the bodies are otherwise going...
  • In the very first trial, nobody has any idea who actually killed Ayako. Everyone throws around theories and confused timelines for a while before ultimately voting Yuuto Ikeda for what appears to be a flimsy alibi and a few pieces of circumstantial evidence.
    • Even more frightening is that even as they vote, they have no idea what happened. Yuuto wasn't the killer, and they likely will never know who was. Doubt Academy Alpha just began by executing an innocent.
      • However, that last one is mitigated slightly by the fact that a note is found in chapter 3's corpse's pocket saying that the person who is now a corpse was the murderer in chapter 1, although it was an accident.
      • Also, the person who was executed in the first trial, Yuuto Ikeda, was most certainly not an innocent. He's the Mastermind . This reiterates two key ideas of Doubt Academy: A given character is never safe, not even if they have such an important role as the Mastermind, and no one can be assumed to be innocent even if they're murdered or wrongfully executed. Everyone is a target, and everyone is a suspect.
  • Not just the first execution, Heartstopper, but what precedes it. The innocent Yuuto furiously denounces the other students, and insists that Monobear make them watch what happens next. He's then placed inside a soundproofed jar, where the vibrations from huge speakers- emitting the sound of his own heartbeat- gradually tear apart his blood vessels and rupture his heart. The description of the execution notes that it's absolutely agonizing.
  • The second execution, Kanadehon Chushingura. To put it in as few words as possible, it's the Japanese seppuku ritual, performed exactly and precisely, by Yuu. Except Monobear's robots are forcing his movements, holding his eyes open, and the entire time, he's screaming. And then Monobear decapitates him.
  • Chapter 3's murder was under a cut and came with a warning, and for a good reason. The victim, Emiko, was found crucified and decapitated, with her blood smeared on the wall! The only thing to possibly make it creepier is that no, we don't know where her head is, it's just missing.
    • During investigations, Saori and Chiemi end up on a long scavenger hunt involving missing key cards, most of them from deceased students. Upon finding Ayako's card, they use it on her storage locker and discover Emiko's decapitated head in there. Understandably, they're absolutely distraught at this and remain so when they have to talk about it during the trial.
    • And in the end, whoever did this to Emiko is not caught. While it was determined that most of her injuries were inflicted only after she was dead, the fact remains that someone who was capable of doing such exceedingly gruesome things to her body walked free, and as they haven't yet been identified, they may still be among the living, able to strike at any time.
  • Beware Monobear's 'mercy'. When the third trial ends with a mistrial, Monobear considers his options and decides he'll reward the killer by making things a little easier in the Labyrinth. How? Oh, with a little maintenance... He'll just be setting off a bunch of bombs to shake things up. Of course, he'll be doing that while everyone's still locked in the courthouse. Which is underground.
    • Then — after giving tensions a little time to simmer and accusations to fly, he drops the hammer and randomly picks somebody to punish. Poor Nanoka barely has time to react before getting plunged into the Labyrinth. There, she wanders the maze blindly, trusting her scenes — which mockingly seem to lead her astray, and she's Buried Alive — but, judging from Usami's reaction, not dead. Yet.
      • We later learn that Nanoka is in fact not dead. She's excavated from the rubble, but must recover in the hospital, and she's blind and both her legs are broken.
  • The fourth trial ends up being their third mistrial, courtesy of a false confession. After the votes are tallied, the convicted party gives everyone a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about their reluctance to work together. They'd tried helping in past trials, only to be ignored; the only time anyone was willing to listen to them was when they offered their confession. Which was a lie filled with holes that just enough people didn't bother poking at.
  • The fourth execution: Cherry Popper. Mitsu has been bound up in a seemingly sensual-looking bedroom, her wrists and ankles tied with silk ropes. In silhouette, a Monobear approaches her, carrying something which obviously terrifies her. She begins to scream and struggle as he gets closer, where it's revealed that he's carrying a huge chainsaw. A curtain drops, and Monobear tears her in two with it.
    • As if this wasn't bad enough, we get another perspective of it: End of the Golden Witch. Chiemi was clinging to Mitsu when the punishment started, so she got dragged along and ends up falling outside the curtains. Darting around to the other side, she sees the chainsaw and freezes up... meaning she got a front-row seat to the whole grisly process. Afterwards, she's practically an Empty Shell due to the shock.
  • The fifth execution, Dante's Inferno. Placed inside a maze made of mirrors, Dante is forced to move to stop the walls from closing in and crushing him. As he does so, the mirror images reflect various theatrical masks, changing to various mocking images and distortions. Dante begins to run in a panic, breaking the mirrors as he goes, until he reaches a dead end. He sees an image of himself performing on stage, wearing a mask, only to have the image turn around and stab him. Then the floor underneath him also shatters like glass, and he disappears.
  • The Underground City getting hit by an earthquake, forcing the survivors to dig for their lives so they can reach a shelter hidden in the labyrinth.

    Doubt Academy Omega 
  • Monobear demonstrating just how frightening being data Inside a Computer System can be when he unveils the first week's motivation. He drops the firewalls for just a moment, and computer viruses immediately start painfully glitching out Monomi. And unless someone commits a murder, then ALL of the students will be vulnerable to the same fate.
  • Minako's Closet. She seems like the sweetest, most innocent person among the students. So why does she have a Creepy Doll that's an exact replica of her?
    • But this is finally explained as harmless; it's just that Minako's father made that puppet for her to congratulate her getting into Hope's Peak, and Minako just didn't have the heart to tell her father that the puppet is creepy.
  • In the first trial, someone accidentally hits Minako's Berserk Button. Going from her usual self to SUDDEN SCREAMING FURY makes you wonder if she's a Stepford Smiler, or perhaps something worse...
    • Actually, this one is justified by other materials you find in Minako's room. She has lots of dating magazines and tips on how to be sexy, and it's eventually explained that this is because Minako was never able to get a boyfriend or even a single date because of her small stature and small bust. She once gave a love letter to someone, for example, only for that person to reject the letter without even opening it. So the reason Minako is hyper-sensitive about being called a child isn't because of some horrible secret, but because her childlike looks have been an impediment to any possible romance, and thus are a sore spot for her.
  • The first execution, Unfortunately White Room, for everyone involved. First, there's a fakeout, when it looks like Lee is to be given a lethal injection. But then a Pit and the Pendulum-style grandfather clock appears, with a henna tattoo pen attached... except that's a fakeout too. The room rotates to drop Lee from an enormous height to her death- which she was always terrified of happening... except she's dropped right back into the courtroom, where she is dashed against the floor in front of everyone. Several students are explicitly noted to scream, vomit or even pass out entirely.
  • The second execution, Run Like Hell... but before it even begins, Usoko bolts towards the exit of the courtroom, frantically clawing at the door and screaming to be let out. But she's dragged away and placed into an exact replica of Roppongi, the city she grew up in, where she's chased down by various Monobears in cop cars. She reaches a dead end... and once again, it's revealed that she's standing right in front of the students in the courtroom, behind a glass wall. She hammers on the wall, pleading for her escape... and a hologram of her brother appears, briefly, terrifying her. Then the Monobears open fire, shooting her until she's basically a mangled pile of gore. Except for her head, that is, which is noted to remain staring at the students.
  • The third execution: Before All, Love Thyself. Chained into a hospital bed, Fuyuuko manages to break free and runs for her life, down a maze of twisting corriders lined with spectators. At first, they cheer her on, raising her confidence... but then they start whispering amongst themselves, wickedly insulting and belittling her. Listening to all their hateful words, she missteps and trips right in front of the exit. When she tries to get up, she's confronted by a perfect doppleganger of herself wearing a wedding dress, who kisses her before lopping off her head with a pair of oversized scissors.
  • The fourth execution: EDM is Dead. Ume is dropped into a far more Tron-style virtual world, where she encounters thousands of Monobear cops. She's able to fight them off for quite a while, until they begin to retreat... and she sees a massive cannon has been lining up the whole time, bigger than a hotel. It fires a huge laser beam, blasting a hole through Ume's chest and killing her instantly.
  • Both murders of chapter 5, which came with warnings and were under a cut, for a damn good reason. The first has Shinji pinned to a table with knives through his palms, his torso split wide open to reveal his ribs and internal organs. Nearby is a trail of blood, which leads to the second victim, Akira. In Akira's case, he's had his head almost severed from his body, only attached by a bit of muscle and skin, and is hanging off an angel statue by his hair. Then as the students who found him watch, his body finally rips off his neck and falls to the ground, leaving his head to dangle.
  • The fifth execution, averted! There is no execution, because Akira killed Shinji, and was then killed himself, and the class voted for Akira, so since the class did technically vote for a murderer, Monobear decides not to pull his usual "execute someone anyway" schtick. What is scary, however, is that this means someone who was capable of such a gruesome, horrific murder is still alive and among the students.
  • Omega!Monomi glitching out. She didn't even see it coming, and lets out a high-pitched scream.

    Doubt Academy Epsilon 
  • Not everyone made it out of Gaia in time. Poor Gei limps in late and in a frightful state.
    • It's even worse than that, as is elaborated on later. Gei has been missing for weeks, having tried to dig in the Labyrinth by himself and getting caught up in a cave-in. He's been trapped there the entire time, injured and slowly starving to death, with no one having any idea where he's gone. If anything, the earthquake saved his life by moving the debris enough for him to stagger over to the others as they traveled through the tunnels.
  • The sixth execution, Daisangen!. Koharu is pulled into her element, playing multiple games of Mahjong against multiple Monobears. She continues to play, seemingly close to victory, until they pull a surprise win out of nowhere- and three huge dragons appear. Terrified, she realizes she was never going to win- and they devour her, tearing her apart and eating her completely.
  • Chapter 7's murder was under a cut and came with a warning, for good reason. The students are led to the lake in Gaia's park, where they see a cloud of blood in the water. Two people wade in to grab what's obscured in there, and they drag back the mangled corpse of Nanoka. Her arms and legs have been repeatedly pierced by something, a metal skewer is driven right through her chest, and most disturbingly, the skin of her face is mostly gone, exposing the gore underneath; her wide-open mouth and her lack of a nose are highlighted in the writing. It's so horrific that several students throw up or even faint from the sight.
  • The seventh execution, The Farthest End. Kikuyo is placed in Nanoka's wheelchair in manacles, on the stage of a Vocaloid rhythm game, being broadcast to the courtroom. Monobear begins to dance to the music, and as it does so, the restraints begin to heat up, burning her skin. As the dance continues, the heat- and electrical shocks- begin to grow in intensity until they're overwhelming, and Kikuyo's body literally cooks in the heat. At the end of it, Monobear shows off a bottle with Kikuyo's face on it, filled with 'juice' presumably made from her. He tosses the bottle to Shun.
  • Chapter 8's murder also came under a cut for a good reason. Upon arriving at the hospital, the students are met with the decapitated head of Nicanor Smith, which the murderer hung above the hospital's front entrance. As they subsequently discover, his killer also saw fit to remove Nicanor's right arm, positioning it at the foot of the stairwell and making it point in the direction of his decapitated and dismembered corpse, which lies in the hospital waiting room.
  • The eighth execution, Headless Horror. Tamaki is taken to a swamp in the dead of night, and hears quickly-approaching horse hooves. They start to run, trying to get away, as the Headless Horseman pursues them, nearly catching them a few times. After a while, Tamaki sees their mothers in the distance, calling them over. Tamaki races to them near tears, but when they reach their mothers, sees they're waxy, blank-expressioned fakes. The fake mothers grab Tamaki by the arms to hold them still while telling them how disappointed they've made them until the Horseman appears, grabs Tamaki by the hair and breaks their neck. Oh but it doesn't end there - he keeps twisting Tamaki's neck until their head tears off their shoulders, and holds it up for the class to see before galloping away.
  • The ninth execution, Vae, puto deus fio! Chie is dragged up to a stage and stands before a table with a sprig of mint, a hard-boiled egg, and various leaves, including some toxic ones. With nothing else happening, she's forced to eat everything on the table before the stage swivels around so she faces a line of Monobears, one dressed as a judge. The Monobears write a word ("decimation") on the board, and Chie must provide the Latin root word for it. A bell goes off, signalling she got it right, and the same thing occurs, but with different words, different ways of dying. Chie does a great job until the twelfth word, "compression." She tries her best, but gets it wrong due to the toxins afflicting her - and she has only a split-second to look back at Chiemi before a giant metal plate slams down on her, reducing her to a pancake of gore. The worst bits are the fact that the platform lifts afterwards, giving everyone a look at her remains, with Monobear unceremoniously sweeping them into the trash; and Chiemi becoming covered in Chie's blood because she stood so close to the stage.
  • After the victim of chapter ten is found, Imogen suddenly arms herself with her uzi and demands that Minako's killer own up to what they did. Monobear mocks her for this and begins to repeat Aqua's taunts to her from a previous trial, causing Imogen to snap and unload several bullets into him. Not only does this do no permanent damage to Monobear, but Imogen has broken a rule, earning her a punishment. Monobear throws a metal plate at her, which sticks to her chest with blades. The blades then begin spinning, drilling into her body; the whole process takes two whole minutes, and Imogen screams in agony the whole time as flesh and bone is shredded. Even after she finally dies, the drilling continues until the plate emerges out her back, her heart stuck in the blades.
  • The tenth execution, Shotgun Wedding. Shun wakes up dressed in his fancy blazer, surrounded by neon lights advertising a Vegas chapel, and is dragged into the church by a moving carpet. There, he finds a Monobear Elvis Impersonator aiming a shotgun at Ladron, forcing Shun to play along with what happens next. The church doors slam open, and in walks a girl in a bridal dress and veil. The identity of the bride isn't made explicitly clear, but Shun is clearly terrified; Word of God is that she's an abusive ex-girlfriend. Shun is shoved towards her as she whispers they'll be together forever, and suddenly a red wire snares around them both. The bride laughs madly as the wire digs deeper into them, eventually slicing them apart into pieces.
    • The character's appearance in the deadblog confirms the identity of the bride through the terrified narration. Shun awakens right in the middle of a breakdown, sobbing and begging Yua to stop touching him, promising he'll be good from now on. Even now, he apologizes for the abuse he suffered at her hands, which at one point included carving into him with a knife. To make matters worse, one of the fires that his classmates were so quick to demonize him about was caused when he was trying to flee from Yua and ended up shoving her against a stove, causing the grease fire that killed her. Topping it off is how Shun has physically intimidated several women and his boyfriend throughout the game – in the context of what Yua did to him, it carries the implication that he's acting like she did.
  • The final execution scene, The Despairing Cycle of Death and Rebirth. Robo-Yuuto turns on Wakana, pressing the button himself to start her execution. The elevator doors open to reveal several Monobears themed after demons, which immediately begin to wreak havoc in the courtroom. Wakana leaps into action and prepares charms to disable the demons and protect herself and her classmates. All the while, Yuuto cackles at the chaos…until one of the Monodemons corners him. He's blasted with fire and reduced to liquid metal, which drips into a skull-shaped mold. Wakana is distracted by this, and the demon attacks her next, clawing her before finally devouring her. All that's left behind of either Mastermind is the metal skull.

Doubt Academy Rot and Rubble

    Doubt Academy Rot 

  • The execution in the prologue, Hephaestus’s Furnace. Brynja finds herself next to her brother Bambi in an old looking town, that looks very similar to the town that they lived in when they were children, but made entirely from scenery. Behind them they see a giant metallic snowman with Monokuma's face, they realize that they were actually on a cleverly disguised treadmill and two walls appear either side of them, trapping them both on it, the treadmill sends the girl into a strange room and the snowman bursts into flames, burning poor Brynja to death!
  • Yoshiki's reaction to Brynja's death.
  • The execution in the first chapter, Word Karma. Noriaki is pulled upwards into a large stadium above the trial room, with a glass floor so that everyone can see his demise, when suddenly words start appearing on the walls around him, saying words such as "Fraud", "Selfish" and "Pathetic". Then Noriaki notices a single word that causes him great distress, “Ak1h1ko.” Very quickly, every single word on the walls changed to say "Ak1h1ko", putting Noriaki into panic! A strange figure comes into the stadium, and walks up to the Webcomic Artist, it's a character from one of his Webcomics, who then proceeds to stab Noriaki to death!
  • The execution in the second chapter, Wendigo Psychosis. After a mistrial, Malachi Seigi is the one selected to be executed via randomizer. However, his true identity is actually that of Shigeru Natadama, the Super High School Level Informant. He's pulled from the room and placed in a random path outside Pars Venatic, where he gets up and tries finding his way back to the courtroom. However, he's confronted by a wendigo emerging from the trees, who then proceeds to chase him. After the informant runs away, successfully managing to avoid the beast, all that is abruptly brought to a halt as it manages to tire and corner him. Then, the screen abruptly cuts to black, and all the people in the courtroom hear are the wendigo's huffing as it lunges towards Shigeru. Later, all that's found of him is a massive bloodstain with fabric mixed in.
  • The execution in the third chapter, Golden Path of Shame. It's Hibiki Tsukino, Super High School Level Majorette being executed. The lights in the courtroom briefly flicker off, and when they come back on, Hibiki (who is still bleeding heavily from her wounds) is gone from the room. The screen flickers to life, and Monobear's voice announces a walk of shame. The scene cuts to a track field, with Hibiki leading a band of Monobears around it, wielding one solitary flaming baton. She can handle this with ease, however, more and more flaming batons are thrown at her for her to juggle, and the band behind her keeps on increasing pace. Eventually, she ends up with ten batons, and she makes her first full circuit of the track. She abruptly slows until she's completely stopped, and even the band behind her halts. Hibiki throws the batons up into the air, and as they come down, Hibiki goes with them. The band behind her wastes no time in trampling her to death after she does.
  • The execution in the fourth chapter, But You'll Remember Me (Right?). Suleiman "Sulley" Ahmed, Super High School Level Alternative Rock Band Singer and the actual killer of Chapter Two's victim is finally being brought to justice. The scene cuts to a stage with both Sulley and Monobear on it, and the bear presents the singer with an MP3 player and sheet music. After initial reservation, he begins singing, and all goes well until massive spiked blades cut across the stage. Sulley manages to avoid these to a "Stage Cleared!" and continues singing until bladed pendulums make their presences known. The singer also avoids these, to another message saying he cleared the stage. A crowd of Monobears cheers him on as the song increases in pace, and finally, he slips up. "Stage Failed" resounds, and the crowd of Monobears comes up on stage, only to carry him off. As the song continues playing, a guillotine rolls on stage, and Sulley is then escorted back on stage by a Monobear. He willingly goes and places himself in the guillotine, and the song draws to a close. It ends with one last shot of the singer, just before the guillotine decapitates him.
  • The ending of the fifth chapter, which doesn't involve an execution, but pure Nightmare Fuel nonetheless: Now You're Playing with Power. Due to the class of Rot voting for an already-dead culprit, a dissatisfied Monokuma chooses someone to punish at random. This unlucky student turns out to be Manolo Yamauchi, the Super High School Level Speedrunner. He's removed from the courtroom, and as the screen flickers to life, he's revealed to be wearing gloves of some sort. As he desperately tries to remove them, lights come on and reveal that he's standing outside a mock Punch-Out boxing ring. He quickly finds out that he's controlling one of the robots inside the ring, and he starts winning matches, but they grow increasingly difficult as time goes on. Eventually, he loses, and the lights go back off. When they return, there isn't anything in the ring. However, Manolo isn't safe yet, and hidden blades inside the gloves proceed to slice his hands off.
  • The execution in the sixth chapter, Never Look Back. Miko stands on a tree in a thick forest, the branches of the trees twisting to make platforms. She's told that she can live if she makes it to the final platform without falling to the forest floor, where a pack of ravenous wolves await her. Miko starts jumping form platform to platform, but the click and flash of a camera catches her off-guard – a copy of her is trying to take photos of the wolves. The further Miko goes, the more clones appear, the more pictures they take, and the more she scratches herself on the branches. As she prepares for a final leap towards the last platform, the copies take a picture all at once, the flash so bright that Miko is forced to cover her face. The movement causes her cape to shwish forward, and she trips and barely misses the platform. She falls to the ground, where the wolves tear her apart as her copies laugh at her.
  • The execution in the seventh chapter, Jesus Died For Your Sins. Kenshin is dropped into a old French ballroom, surrounded by nobility. On closer inspection, the other attendees are actually walking corpses, some of them even resembling their fallen classmates (such as one couple that looks like Aya and Hirashi). Kenshin is led into a dance by the mutilated corpse of his mother, which lasts until a mob of Monobears break into the palace, starting off the French Revolution. He makes a run for the front doors as they begin to attack the nobles, confronted at one point by the corpse of his father, who stares him down with disappointment. When Kenshin makes it outside, he realizes that the chaos is even worse in the streets, but two revolutionaries drag him through the crowd and towards a guillotine, still paints with stars and bloody from Sully's execution. Kenshin is strapped down into the guillotine, and as he tries to say some final words, the feed screeches to a halt. Disappointed that his death wasn't broadcasted, Monobear lets the class go towards the elevator so they can leave…just for the doors to open and reveal Kenshin's headless corpse, strung up on a cross and stabbed with countless knives. A trapdoor in the ceiling opens, and his head falls right into Iori's hands.
    • Of special note is that the final part of the execution was meant to torment Iori specifically, between the religious references and Kenshin's head being dropped right above them. Not only were the two of them engaged, but Iori was also Kenshin's accomplice during the murder – in fact, determining that they fired the gun is what leads to identifying Kenshin as the one who bludgeoned Ko. The torment works: Iori begins screaming so hard that the physical stress alone causes them to throw up and pass out, still holding Kenshin's head.

    Doubt Academy Rubble 
  • The execution in the prologue, Gemcutter. Bambi Sindrisson, the Super High School Level Jeweler, earns a punishment for standing up to Monobear. He's dragged away and a screen comes on, revealing both Bambi and his sister, who's trapped in Pars Venatic. Both of them are in a landscape reminiscent of their hometown, but upon closer inspection, it turns out to be nothing more than a set. Soon enough, a gigantic metallic Monobear snowman appears off in the distance, and the ground starts moving beneath the jeweler's feet. He tries running, to no avail, as large walls come up between him and his sister to trap them. After attempting to run for a while, he eventually simply gives up, letting himself be pulled inside the snowman. It cuts to a shot of Bambi inside the snowman, and soon enough, spikes are shot at him. This continues, and he's still alive to witness it, until he at last succumbs to blood loss.
  • The execution in the first chapter, Journey to the Distance. Chiharu Kobayashi, the Super High School Level Mori Girl, is found to be guilty for the murder of Setsuga Igarashi. She falls through a trapdoor that opens up beneath her, still protesting her innocence, and deposited into a forest. She wanders through it until she comes to a guidepost, and she follows the markers deeper into the forest. Eventually, she comes across an oil lantern that has a cryptic message carved into it. She backs away and comes to a halt, until Monobear's voice at last echoes through the woods. As if possessed by some bizarre force, she follows it, and the trees become denser. Eventually, she spots a clearing up ahead, and she steps on a bouquet at its centre. The Mori Girl bendsw down to pick it up... And that's enough time for a noose to loop around her neck. It picks her up off of her feet, leaving the flowers to fall at her feet, and she ends up being hung.
  • The execution in the second chapter, No Items, FATE Only, Final Destination. Haruna Himura, better known as FATE STRIFEBRINGER, is voted as guilty. A massive pillar rises up in the middle of the courtroom, and screens attached to it flicker to life. FATE is sitting in a dark room, fire flickering in the background, and a text box appears at the bottom of the screens as if this was an RPG. The text boxes declare that she's seeking redemption, but one last foe stands in her way, and the scene pans to show FATE and her opponent, who is none other than a masked version of herself. After exchanging dialogue, both FATE and the Masked Woman draw blades, and a duel begins. It goes back and forth for a while, until finally, the fake FATE's blade pierces the real one's shoulder. Dizzy from blood loss, the real FATE drops to one knee, and the fake one wastes no time in impaling her through the chest. However, it doesn't stop there, as the Fake FATE draws the blade downwards, splitting the real FATE's chest open and allowing her organs to spill out. The flames then recede, and the victor leaves the scene to some unknown place.
  • The execution in the third chapter, It's Just the Gas. After incorrectly voting for a suicide, Monobear uses a randomizer to select a culprit to execute, which lands on Yoshihiro Shirayuki, the Super High School Level Dental Hygienist. The completely innocent Yoshihiro is sent through a trapdoor that opens up beneath him, and the customary screen flickers on to reveal a dental office, completely enclosed by plexiglass. The hygienist is currently sitting in the patient's chair, unable to more due to metal restraints across his limbs and chest, and unable to close his mouth due to the metal clamps holding it open. Before he can react, the chair tips backwards, allowing him a view of various nasty-looking dental implements. They inch closer to his face by the moment, and he begins struggling, which finally pays off as his restraints snap open. He wastes no more time in bolting from the chair just as the dental tools reach it and proceed to completely decimate it. However, he feels strangely light-headed, and a quick glance around the room reveals nitrous oxide canisters that are quickly filling the room with gas. Yoshihiro quickly comes to the realization that innocence doesn't mean he gets to escape death, though he tries to break through the walls. However, it proves impossible, and he eventually is brought to his knees in front of the wall facing the monitor camera. Eventually, the gas overwhelms him, suffocating him to death.
  • The execution in the fourth chapter, Madoka Sakamaki Wants a Quiet Life. Madoka Sakamaki, also known as Kamille Ray, is correctly voted as the killer of Haruka Miki and sentenced to an execution. He's removed from the courtroom and the scene cuts to Madoka sitting in the middle of a forest at night. However, there's something strange about this scene, as the sky is a burning shade of red. Even brighter red orbs dot it like stars, and Madoka pushes himself to his feet as one grows larger. He breaks out into a run until he at last arrives in front of a testing facility, which he refuses to enter. However, he quickly changes his mind as dirt erupts in front of him, and it's revealed exactly what those red orbs are - meteors. The Plamo Builder makes a break for the entrance of the testing grounds and manages to get inside, avoiding the debris falling all around him. Eventually he comes face-to-face with a machine, which sends a saw blade spinning towards him. Madoka manages to avoid it, and he runs away from the machine, which he realizes he designed. He avoids another meteor only to be confronted with another machine of his design. It begins to menace him with drills, and he runs away from it, as well. Eventually, he winds up next to a hangar and dashes inside, meteors devastating its exterior, but allowing for him to find a path. Eventually, Madoka finds himself on a catwalk, and the ceiling begins to cave in over his head. Fires leaping up next to him cause him to lean over the railing, and he's greeted by the sight of yet another one of his creations. Completely frozen, he watches as it pulls itself up towards him, the fire and rubble eating at the catwalk and causing it to break apart. Madoka loses his footing and begins to slide downwards, barely managing to stop himself from falling. However, yet another source of heat is coming closer and closer to him, and he can only stare up at the sky as he's incinerated completely. All that's left of both him and the catwalk is liquid metal falling down into the inferno below.
  • The ending of the fifth chapter, which, like in Rot, is actually a punishment, but still Nightmare Fuel: It Takes Just a Minute (and You'll Feel No Pain). Also like in Rot, the class correctly voted for a killer, but unfortunately, the killer was already dead. Monobear is dissatisfied by this, and runs the randomizer another time. It lands on Chisato, Super High School Level Whistleblower, and she's immediately dragged off by a chain. A screen comes on to reveal a gurney with the Whisteblower strapped to it with a metal mask obscuring the lower half of her face. A voice speaking in English pages three doctors, who proceed to come into the operating room. The voice goes on to tell the "doctors" to start the surgery and aim for her windpipe, but this announcement doesn't cause her to increase her struggles. The doctors begin the operation, and are clearly doing a shoddy job of it, but there's nothing anyone can do until they at last pull back. However, they proceed to push the gurney out of the room and into the forest, where the whistleblower is deposited. However, it's later revealed that she's alive, but with the implication that her voicebox was removed.
  • The execution in the sixth chapter, Can Your Pet. Hiyoko is incorrectly voted as the culprit even though everyone knows Shuu is the real killer, because she was his accomplice and is the prime suspect for Chiyoko's unsolved murder. She's thrown onto an industrial conveyor belt, narrowly dodging several giant Monobears that try to grab her with sharp claws. Hiyoko is then dropped into a room above the courtroom, badly injured in the process. Blades on the sides of the room threaten to close in on her, and her classmates spot an exit and start yelling at her to go towards it – most of them unaware that Hiyoko is actually deaf. The blades spin into Hiyoko and reduce her to pulp, with blood and bits of gore showering the remaining classmates below.
  • The execution in the seventh chapter, Thicker Than Water. Made into a scapegoat due to the uncertainty over this trial's culprit, Shuu ends up with the majority in the tiebreaker vote. He's strapped into a chair at the top of a tower, needles and tubes piercing into his body and draining his blood into the pool at the foot of the tower. A mob of Monobears get ready to stake him in the heart, but at the last moment one kicks his chair off the tower. Shuu lands in the tank and the top of it closes, leaving him in there to drown in his own blood. As he dies, however, it's revealed that something corrosive is in the mixture as well, as it starts to eat away his skin.

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