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Left to right: Andrew, Adrian (left the band), Matthew Youkhana, Alessandro (left the band too), Matthew Nekic
DVSR are a rap-djent-nu-metal (-core) band from Sydney, Australia, formed in 2013. They initially started off under the name "Devastator" with their debut single "Unconscious". The band's name later was changed to DVSR in order to avoid confusion with some other bands which already had the same name while searching online. DVSR are noted for their unusual mixture of djent, fast-flow rap and metalcore and are often praised as "a better version of Hacktivist" for more complex song structures and wider range of lyrical themes which are not limited to political issues and blessing own coolness.


  • Matthew Youkhana - Emcee, clean vocals
  • Andrew Stevens - Guitars
  • Julian Ellul - Bass
  • Matthew Nekic - Drums

Former Members

  • Alessandro Sabato - Guitars
  • Adrian Tate - Bass, backing vocals


  • DVSR (2015)
  • Therapy EP (2017)
  • West Technique (2020)


  • Anti-Love Song / Destructive Romance: "Fatal Attraction" and "Detox".
  • Darker and Edgier: As a whole, the band is often described as heavier version of Hacktivist.
  • Djent: The main influence.
  • Evil Laughter: "Slave to the Beat"
  • Fun with Acronyms: Their name means "Designed Via Strength and Respect".
  • Genre-Busting: A djent band with rapped vocals, Nu Metal influence, Metalcore breakdowns and ambient clean guitar parts - it's all about them.
  • Growing the Beard: West Technique provides more technical sound compared to its predcessors.
  • Harsh Vocals: Inverted; along with Tesseract, DVSR are one of the very few djent bands who use no harsh vocals or Metal Scream at all. However, the near-absense of clean singing in favor of aggressive rapping leads the band to be Rated M for Manly.
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  • Love Is a Drug: We're back to "Detox".
    Cuz now I'm just addicted, restricted, conflicted, prescribed, a slave to your kiss I'm just addicted
  • Motor Mouth / Pretty Fly for a White Guy: Very fast flow by Matthew Youkhana, especially in "Ready For War".
  • New Sound Album: "West Technique" is a huge step-up in guitar technique, also Matt does lots of singing in addition to rapping.
  • Nu Metal: A very strong influence as they use "quiet verse-loud chorus" structure in songs "Fatal Attraction", "Life and Death", "Hooded Race", "Unconscious" and "Bad Company".
  • Rap Metal: See above.
  • Rearrange the Song: "Ready For War" was re-released in 2018 with some open-string chugging added.
  • Political Rap: As mentioned above, DVSR don't tend to overuse this trope like Hacktivist. Their only political song is "Unconscious".
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  • Self-Titled Album: Again no comments.
  • Singer Name Drop: the line "DVSR will bomb first" from "Ready For War".
  • Spiritual Successor: Arguably, they might be the one to Limp Bizkit or Biohazard.
  • Step Up to the Microphone: Bassist Adrian performs the entire chorus of "Remission" by himself.
  • Surprisingly Gentle Song: "Remission".
  • Take That!: Not a song trope. Hacktivist's guitarist Timfy James being asked about DVSR in one of interviews called them "a meat and potatoes version of us". DVSR's guitarist Andrew Stevens later responded with a video proving that an intro sample of "Hate" was taken from Ableton's demo library.
  • Vocal Tag Team: Matthew and Adrian, before the latter left the band.
  • With Friends Like These...: "The Devil in 95's".