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Entheos is an American progressive death metal band. Initially just one of Navene Koperweis' various post-Animosity creative ventures, Entheos quickly took on a life of its own as a successful and well-loved act in their own right.

Formed around the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015 by Chaney Crabb (vocals), Frank Costa, Evan Brewer, and Navene Koperweis after the latter three stayed in contact after a potential Animosity reunion fell through, the band quickly began posting snippets of new music and then announced Primal, their debut EP. After several early tours, Frank left the band, and Malcolm Pugh quickly jumped in to take his place. 2016 brought The Infinite Nothing, their debut full-length, though Pugh left several months after its release and was replaced by Travis LeVrier (Scale the Summit) on what started as a live basis before being welcomed in full-time. After another series of runs, the band buckled down to write their second release and entered the studio again in early 2017, and Dark Future, their sophomore release, was out that November. The band has continued on in steady fashion through 2018, including an appearance on that year's iteration of the Summer Slaughter Tour and their first European run, and they will likely continue to progress onward.

As of 2020, Travis LeVrier has left the band, leaving Navene as the sole songwriter and instrumental performer. Live shows at this point in time will involve session guitarists and bassists.


  • Primal (2015) (EP)
  • The Infinite Nothing (2016)
  • Dark Future (2017)
  • Remember You Are Dust (2020) (single)
  • Time Will Take Us All (2023)

The band contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Action Girl: Chaney is one of the more famous women in extreme metal and is also known for her aggressive stage presence.
  • Afro Asskicker: Tim Walker is somewhere between this and a man bun.
  • Ascended Extra: Travis LeVrier started off as a live fill-in before he joined after his first tour with them had concluded, while the same wound up being true for Tim Walker after Evan Brewer left for real in 2019.
  • Creator Couple: Chaney and Navene, who are engaged as of the time of writing of this page.
  • Djent: A definite influence and they were fairly close to this on Primal, but they have moved away from it with each successive release.
  • I Am the Band: Navene Koperweis as of 2020, as it is currently just him and Chaney, and he is currently the sole writer and instrumental performer.
  • Lead Bassist: Evan Brewer was Types A, C, and D, as he is known for his technical skill, was quite famous for his other works well before forming Entheos, and was a significant component of their style with his distinctive and highly recognizable basslines. Tim Walker is at least a Type A and D by default, as he has to play Brewer's basslines in a band whose sound heavily relies on bass.
  • Lead Drummer: Navene is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic composer who wrote almost all of their early material (and is currently the sole writer and instrumental performer as of 2020), in addition to being famous for his various other musical ventures.
  • Metal Scream: Chaney is Types 2 and 3 and is one of the more famous female harsh vocalists who do not use cleans.
  • New Sound Album: Dark Future was significantly less tech-oriented and more progressive, with a less aggressive and heavy and more relaxed approach, none of the flashy leads that dotted The Infinite Nothing, and more of a focus on electronics. Some of this was likely due to the change in writing dynamics; Navene wrote most of their early material, while Dark Future was a collective venture between him, Evan Brewer, and Travis LeVrier.
  • Progressive Metal: Dark Future.
  • Soprano and Gravel: Chaney began using cleans as well as harshes on Time Will Take Us All, sticking to a Perishing Alt-Rock Voice.
  • Special Guest: This was essentially Malcolm Pugh's role. The Infinite Nothing was almost completely tracked by Frank when he left the band, and Malcolm arrived just in time to track leads and fill in on the following few tours before he left to focus on his label and his efforts to finally make Inferi go somewhere.
  • Technical Death Metal: Mostly on The Infinite Nothing, as Dark Future took a much more prog-centric turn.