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Surprise Litter of Puppies

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Tropey's gone missing!!! Oh dear Lord, what am I gonna do? I mean, he's been acting so strangely. He's been wanting to get out of the house more, he won't eat, he won't sleep, he doesn't want me to pet him, I'm at a complete loss!

What? Wait a minute... is that... Tropey with a girl dog? And gasp PUPPIES! And look, they're so cute!

See Your Tomcat Is Pregnant if they incorrectly thought the pet was a boy. Despite the trope name, this can apply to pets other than dogs—in fact, it's just as common for it to involve kittens.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Golden Kamuy, Noble Wolf Retar is friendly towards Asirpa, and used to live with her until he left her to live in the wild. He's later revealed to have left because he found a mate, and had several cubs with her.
    Comic Books 
  • In one a very rare long-term arc in The Beano during the early 1980s, Dennis the Menace's dog Gnasher went missing for several weeks, with readers being encouraged to join in the search in real life. It finally turned out that he'd fallen in love with a poodle and had a litter of puppies with her. The only one who looked like him, Gnipper, subsequently joined the cast.

    Film - Animation 
  • In Gift of the Night Fury, all of the dragons on Berk get up and leave Berk without warning (with the exception of Toothless, who can't fly on his own), leaving the Hooligan Tribe at a loss of what's happened. When Meatlug, who Fishlegs had restrained before she had the chance to leave, flies off with Hiccup, he and the other riders discover what they were all leaving for. Hiccup finds the island where they all left, along with eggs and hatchling baby dragons, while the others find a bunch of unhatched gronkle eggs in the barn.

    Film - Live - Action 
  • Averted in Air Bud World Pup, where the puppies don't come as a surprise; people witness Buddy falling hard for Molly, and notice him nipping off to see her before she has their puppies. Also, their respective owners, Josh and Emma, and their families are on friendly terms, so Josh never loses track of Buddy for very long.
  • In the second Beethoven movie, the kids are surprised to learn that Beethoven has a St. Bernard girlfriend and several purebred puppies.
    Live - Action TV 
  • There's an episode of Full House where the Tanners are taking care of a golden retriever named Minnie. When it's almost time for her to go home, they find her on Jessie's bed, where she turns out to have had puppies. Jessie bemoans his rotten luck, but the rest of the household is delighted.

    Western Animation 
  • In the Dreamworks Dragons episode "Searching For Oswald... and Chicken", the B-plot involves Tuffnut's pet chicken has going missing and has recruited everyone (except for Hiccup and Fishlegs, who is helping Dagur in the main plot of the episode) to help him. By the end of the episode, it is revealed that she was actually with a fetching young rooster and their clutch of newborn chicks.
  • In the Gotham Girls episode "Gotham Noir", Catwoman has hired Harley to find her cat Velma who has disappeared. It turns out Velma has found a mate and has had a kitten. The kitten is returned to Catwoman and Velma chooses to stay on the streets.
  • Arthur has the episode Arthur's Pet Business, based on the book of the same name where he takes care of many pets to prove he can care for a dog. One of them was a grouchy dog, who was later revealed to be pregnant as she gave birth to puppies. Arthur was allowed to keep one of them, naming him Pal.
  • Rugrats: In "Bow Wow Wedding Vows", Tommy gets jealous when Spike seems to spend more time Fifi than with him, but soon finds out that Fifi was having their puppies.
  • An episode of Doug has Roger's Right-Hand Cat acting sick (much to the dismay of his owner) until is discovered that it was just expecting kittens.
  • In Milly Molly, Milly's cat Marmalade and Molly's cat Tom Cat both go missing in the first episode "Monday", and when they find them, Marmalade has had kittens and it's heavily implied that Tom Cat is the dad.
  • The sixth episode of Filmation's cartoon series Lassies Rescue Rangers is "The Imposters," wherein the Turners are apprehended for larcenies committed by look-alikes. After Lassie succeeds in exposing the imposters, the Turners are vindicated and freed. Upon returning home, however, they are greeted by a snarling Lassie. "Don't tell me you believe we're the culprits?" Fortunately, no: Lassie was being protective of her newborn collie pups. Which means Lassie did her heroics while a Pregnant Badass.