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Had the Silly Index in Reverse

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"I even hold the speed record for running backwards!"

Ereh era seport gnivlovni sgniht taht era enod ni esrever.

Translation: Here are tropes involving things that are done in reverse.

Not to be confused with Inverted Trope or Opposite Tropes.


  • 6 Is 9: Holding a 6 upside down to look like a 9 or viceversa.
  • Alucard: Dracula spelled backwards, usually used either to hide his true identity, or by his son.
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  • Backing Away Slowly: Slowly backing away from an uncomfortable or awkward situation.
  • Backing into Danger: Backing right into the very thing you were trying to avoid.
  • Back to Front: A story presented in reverse order.
  • Backwards-Firing Gun: A gun designed or modified to fire backwards, tricking the user into shooting himself.
  • The Backwards Я: Plays on the Cyrillic letter Я ("ya") resembling a reversed Latin R.
  • Edgy Backwards Chair-Sitting: A character sits on a chair backwards to show his rebellious or untraditional behavior.
  • Had the Silly Thing in Reverse: The character mistakenly puts the vehicle, or uses an item or technique, in reverse.
  • Head Turned Backwards: A character's head is turned backwards, usually due to some experiment malfunction.
  • Level in Reverse: A video game level is mirrored or has the route reversed.
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  • Merlin Sickness: A character who lives his life in reverse.
  • Now Do It Again, Backwards: Fixing a problem by doing the same thing in reverse.
  • Opposite Day: The day when you say and do the opposite of what you normally would.
  • Persecution Flip: A privileged group's and a non-privileged group's roles in society are reversed.
  • Randomly Reversed Letters: Showing that someone (usually a child) is of limited literacy by occasional letters being reversed in his writing.
  • Reverse Grip
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Reverse Psychology
  • Reverse Telescopic Vision: The character (usually The Ditz) looks through a telescope or binoculars backwards, which makes the target look farther away than it actually is.
  • Rewind Gag
  • Rushed Inverted Reading: A book is held upside down, in an attempt to cover nefarious behaviour.
  • Russian Reversal: A common joke in which subject and object are reversed.
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  • Sdrawkcab Alias: A character creates a pseudonym for himself that's a reversal of his real name.
  • Sdrawkcab Name: A character whose name is meaningful when spelled backwards.
  • Sdrawkcab Speech: Something is spoken or written backwards.