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Alternative Comics

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Alternative comics are published by small press houses or are self-published, and tend to focus on the mundane, offbeat or taboo. Often done by writer-artist auteurs, alternative comics present singular, personal narratives that hew closely to the literary traditions of novels. This genre is seen as naturally evolving out of the Underground Comics that sprouted up during the late 1960s, proliferated in the 1970s, and slowly faded in the early 1980s.

Luminaries in the genre include Daniel Clowes (Eightball), Peter Bagge (Hate) and Los Bros Hernandez (Love and Rockets). Robert Crumb and Harvey Pekar also fit in this genre, as their longevity and continued relevance allowed them to bridge the gap between underground comics and alternative comics.

Alternative comics typically focus on daily life and realism, though they also just as often satirize and emulate the superhero, science fiction, horror, romance and children's comics of the past. This is because the producers of alternative comics are not only artists but also genuine comic fans whose stories reflect how readers interact with the medium.

Compare with Underground Comics.

Examples of the genre: