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"Jump. Or Toothless here gets an early trip to the dentist!"
In true 80s throwback fashion, Stranger Things has a boatload of these, especially in the first season. Terrifying as it is, you can't hate the Demogorgon, as it's basically just a predatory animal fulfilling its survival instincts. Fortunately, the human characters are more than willing to step up to the plate as targets for the audience's hatred.
  • Lonnie, Joyce's It's All About Me ex-husband. He shows very little interest in either Jonathan or Will, except when it comes to making them do things they don't want to do (like forcing Jonathan to go hunting when he was younger) and only feigns concern when his son goes missing, not even bothering to return a panicked Joyce's calls. He does turn up in time for Will's funeral, playing the role of a grieving father and helping Joyce through her grief. It's discovered that he only is trying to get back in Joyce's good graces to inherit the money from the wrongful death lawsuit he is planning to file to pay off his debts.
  • Troy and James, who torment the four main kids to the point of forcing Mike out of pure spite into jumping off a cliff with the threat of cutting out Dustin's teeth if he didn't, a situation that would have most certainly led to his death had it not been for Eleven. The only people upset when Eleven snaps Troy's arm like a twig are the people who think that it wasn't punishment enough.
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  • Connie Frazier. She isn't a Big Bad like Brenner, yet somehow is more detestable than him. Not only murdering Benny in cold blood (a very unnecessary murder), she is more than willing to kill the Party. And for bonus, she is also a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. Yep, nothing about Connie's True Colors are remotely sympathetic or cool.
  • Billy Hargrove, Max's stepbrother. Routinely cusses out his younger stepsister, attempts to run over Mike, Lucas and Dustin, shows a violent and unstable personality, says some misogynistic things, and physically attacks the kids more than once.
    • Season 3 goes on to reveal that Billy's behavior has a Freudian Excuse: He was, in fact, a happy child whose mother loved him dearly, although his father was verbally and physically abusive. His mother abandoned him, leaving him the only victim of his dad. Neil's words reflected off Billy onto others and made him the way he is. Regardless, Jonathan and Will experienced similar issues and turned out alright, so Billy can still be held responsible for his cruelty.
    • Neil Hargrove, Billy's abusive father, is one of the most despicable adults in the show. He is one of the reasons for Billy's repugnant behavior, and is also an incredibly hotheaded, aggressive man. He forced Billy to take up baseball when he wanted to be a surfer because he believed that non-competitive sports were for weak people. He physically attacked his wife when he suspected she was unfaithful and it's implied he's not much better with his new wife. When Billy gets dressed up for a date, Neil berates him with a homophobic slur and slut-shames his date.
  • The Mind Flayer is easily the cruelest, most despicable non-human character in the series. Unlike the Demogorgon (who is just a mindless creature), the Mind Flayer is a ruthless chessmaster who used Will's body for its plans, forced Will to lie in order to kill numerous soldiers, caused Bob's death, and had Mike, Joyce and Jonathan crying and recounting memories of Will to help free Will from the Mind Flayer's control.
    • It crosses even more lines in Season 3. Through the course of the season, it hijacks Billy's body just as it did to Will, brainwashes many men, women, and even children until they are little more than hollow husks, and later assimilates them to create a physical body for itself, uses both Billy's body and its own to attempt to personally massacre the Party multiple times, nearly succeeds in killing Eleven three separate times, and fatally impales Billy as a final "fuck you" before the Gate is sealed, leaving at least thirty casualties in its wake according to the news.
  • Tommy and Carol, these stone-hearted teen-lovers bullied Jonathan and Barb, peer pressure Nancy into bad things, tease romance between her, Jonathan, and Steve, and graffiti her a "slut" publicly.
  • Stacy, a girl in the same year as the Party. In season 2 she rudely shot down Dustin at the school dance, which he did not take well. In season 3 she reestablishes herself as unlikable when she sneers at Eleven and Max for no particular reason. Eleven then uses her telepathy to cause a drink to burst in Stacy's face for a laugh.
  • Mayor Larry Kline is every single Sleazy Politician stereotype imaginable rolled into one, and then multiplied by three. And it works, so, so well. Even when every other scene he's in has other people getting the better of him, it's hard not to watch Hopper threaten to cut his fingers off and Joyce kicking him in the balls and think that he got off easy.
  • Bruce, a journalist at the local paper is shown to be little more than a smug, sexist bully. Anytime Nancy has a suggestion, he laughs in her face and tells her to get back in the kitchen. When Nancy gets chewed out by their boss, he kicks her when she's down. It's nothing short of cathartic when he becomes a slave to the Mind-Flayer, which gives Nancy a justifiable reason to beat the shit out of him.
  • General Ozerov. Though he only has a major role in one episode, every second that he's onscreen oozes pure loathsomeness, having his men brutally beat Steve and threaten to torture Robin even after it's painfully obvious that they're telling the truth about not being spies.
  • Grigori, the hulking Russian assassin. Seriously, the Mindflayer is more recognizably human than this guy. He literally does not ever do a single thing that is not hatefully evil, and can't even summon up the humanity to buy a box of fucking Twinkies without violently interrogating the poor cashier. About the only time you'll feel sorry for Larry Kline is when Grigori nearly strangles him to death just because Kline says that he hasn't found Joyce and Hopper yet. This would all be bad enough on its own, but what really pushes him past "Dumb Muscle" into pure, unadulterated evil is when he shoots Alexei dead at the fair - when he wasn't even helping the Americans out at that moment, he was just enjoying the Carnival games! - and practically sneering "Traitor." His intervention leads directly to Hopper's ambiguous death when Grigori attacks him and Joyce, and the only complaint anyone will have about Hopper throwing him into a spinning Turbine Blender is that it was over too quickly.

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