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The House in Fata Morgana and its prequel are massive tearjerkers, but that doesn't stop them from having their funny moments.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned!

The House in Fata Morgana

  • Morgana butting in during Giselle and Michel's heartfelt moment. We don't see what she says, but we see Michel's reaction...and Giselle thinks he is talking to her.
    Michel: BE QUIET! For the love of God, stop talking already! You always pick the worst times!
    Giselle: ...Excuse me? What do you mean "I always pick the worst time?"...Unbelievable! Just when I was starting to think you might actually be a decent human being!
    Michel: No, Giselle...I wasn’t talking to you! I was, um...talking to, you know...! I have, um... I have a condition that forces me to vocalize objections to my own thoughts...
    Giselle: You know... that’s about as convincing as my "allergic to people" excuse.
  • When Michel first meets Nellie in Morgana's time:
    Giselle: You have to approach her slowly, carefully! Go on, give her a smile. A nice, soft smile.
    Michel: (*creepy grin*) I'm only here to talk. There's nothing to be afraid of.
    Giselle: Okay, that is definitely not a nice smile! I can't even see it and I can tell!
    Nellie: EEEEK! It's a bad man! A bad man has come to kidnap me!
    Giselle: (*Exasperated look*)
    • Really, the entire conversation with Nellie and any of the subsequent choices you make regarding Mell are extremely funny.
  • When Michel travels to Morgana's time, he is forced to awkwardly choose between Maria, Nellie, and Pauline about what kind of woman is his ideal type (with Giselle looking on). All of the choices are hilarious in their own way:
    • If you choose Maria:
    (After Maria explains to Nellie what "adult fun" means) Nellie: That's vulgar! You're vulgar for mentioning it Maria, and you're vulgar for paying for it, Michel!
    Michel: I'm not paying for anything!
    • If you choose Pauline, Giselle accuses Michel of falling for her only because she has large breasts.
    Michel: How does liking big breasts make me a bad person?!
    • If you choose Nellie:
    Maria, Nellie, Pauline, Giselle: ......
    Michel: S-Someone, say something...
    Maria: Pedophile.
    Nellie:'re not going after my Mell, are you, Michel?!
    Michel: I...WHAT?!
    Nellie: Eek! No, that's impure! The two of you together, in each other's arms, roses sprouting up all around you! Ooh, I know! First, we'll need to buy a new house! One where you can have a room to yourselves, so I can stay out of the way!
    Michel: STOP IT! You're going to make me sick!
  • Also during Morgana's time, at one point Mell apparently mistakes a sleeping Michel for dead and is relieved when he wakes up annoyed.
    Mell: I had to check for your pulse! It was faint, but it was there!
  • Spirit Mell tricks Michel into helping him when he goes looking for the first key. Mell has Michel stick his arm into a thorn bush and grievously injure himself, while all the while he actually had the key on him.
    Michel: ...You what?!
    Mell: I-I'm so sorry! It didn't look like you were willing to help even if I gave it to you, so...
    Michel: Hold still so I can beat you!
  • Choosing "naughty" as your genre of movie to watch on your date with Giselle. Her coming around to it makes the whole thing even better.
    Giselle: "Busty Maid Paradise: Lost in Her Mountains"...
    • Michel doesn't even make it through the movie, running out of the theater and passing out in a pool of his own Nosebleed.
  • The entire backstage extra is full of frank hilarity, from Michel angsting about having died a virgin to Jacopo's bitter spiel about how much he dislikes the French.
    Michel: I hope you get lost in the Louvre and starve to death, you bigoted prick.
  • In a darkly comedic moment, when Maria reveals her true self to Jacopo, the title of the BGM for the scene roughly translates to "He said: 'Fuck!'"


A Requiem for Innocence

  • Maria checking and affirming Morgana's virginity, complete with a Spit Take from Jacopo.
    Jacopo: Maria! Show a little common decency, would you?
    Maria: Telling a whore to be decent is like telling a cat to bark.
  • Gratien and Jacopo's Drinking Contest, accompanied by Volleying Insults. They end up drinking so much they drink all the alcohol in the pub and the surrounding pubs.
    Jacopo: (*motioning to a passed-out Gratien*) Leave him be. He'll wake up when he needs to piss...probably.
  • Morgana waking up in the brothel and innocently not comprehending where she is.
    Morgana: I hear strange voices....women...they sound like they're moaning...and the floor is creaking...
    Jacopo: Urgh...
    • Jacopo explaining what a prostitute is:
    Jacopo: It's where, uh, a bunch of women get together to sell sad men happiness...
  • Making the choice to have Jacopo put the flower in his own hair at the festival. He immediately regrets this, insisting he was compelled by some unseen force.
    Jacopo: It wasn't my own doing! I must have been possessed by some evil spirit!
    Morgana: I hope the foul fiend drags you down to Hell with it.
  • Ceren being completely unafraid of Barnier is darkly amusing, given the fact he had tried to strangle her just moments prior.
  • Jacopo's status as the Butt-Monkey in the backstage bonus portion of the game. The other characters can even read his thoughts and call him out on them.

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