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Funny / Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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  • Kyle's snarky comments and general interactions with the "goofy" characters like Martin Summer and Louie certainly qualify.
  • The Running Gag of Kyle Hyde remarking "great name, isn't it?" after he introduces himself.
  • Louis: "Sweet crispy crap!"
  • Dunning: "I'm busier'n a one-legged man in an ass-kickin' contest."
    • Dunning lets out a lot of funny moments. When you show him Martin Summer's novel, he replies "No thanks! If I wanna sleep, I'll go to bed!"
  • Causing trouble with the other guests typically results in Dunning showing up soon after to kick him the hell out of the hotel... except one particular instance where you can cause Martin Summer to peacefully (but shamefully) check out early. Dunning knows Kyle had something to do with it because he overheard Summer's mumble of wishing he never talked to him, but rather than kicking him out over losing such a big-name guest, by that point he had gotten so utterly tired of Summer never shutting the hell up once he started talking that he instead decides to drag Kyle over to the bar to celebrate and spends all night drinking with him.
    Hyde and Dunning went into the bar and didn't come out until morning. GAME OVER
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  • Some of Kyle's sarcastic comments when examining random objects are pretty funny.
    "There's a clock. Wow, I'm glad I broke in here for this."