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Funny / How To Date A Magical Girl!

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Kaori: Aaaaaaaagh! Get it off me! Get it off get it off get it off! Kyaaaaaaaaah!

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Main Story

    Semester One 
  • On the first day of school, the homeroom teacher introduces herself as Satomi Otsuki. She initially have an aura of a cool teacher, but when she accidentally knocks over a stack of paper on her desk, she frantically tries to collect all of them that dropped on the floor, bumping her head in the process.

    Summer Vacation 
  • Miyu admitting to massaging her own breasts to disprove the myth that doing so helps them grow.
  • The girls are playing at the beach when a crab craws up to Kaori's head. When she screams to get it off, Hoshi rushes over and pounces, thinking he had saved her from the monster.

    Semester Two and After 


  • Sometimes, the player would talk with their date on world politics. They then find out they've dozed off, as their date disappeared by the time they wake up.


  • While foraging in the forest in the 20% date, the player thought to have picked up the Devil's Essence Yui talked on earlier. When the player showed it to her, she instead bagged it carefully. The player got the message and washed their hands again and again for an extra measure.
  • During the 30% date, Yui and the player go to the shopping center to buy new shoes. A new employee pestered Yui with other products until she snapped and surprisingly swore at the employee to leave her alone.
    • Afterwards, the player sees the employee at a corner, sobbing. They almost felt bad for her.
  • During the 60% date, Yui was almost ran over by an inconsiderate biker. When she and the player arrived at the convenient store, they noticed the same bike, but park directly in front of the door. Yui pushed the bike to a nearby garbage, just in time the garbage truck to collect the entire trash.
    • Soon after, the cyclist came out of the shop and did not see his bike in front of the door. He turned to Yui. Yui shrugged and pointed at the garbage truck. The cyclist chases after the truck, swearing.

  • During the 60% date, Miyu and the player noticed a fellow schoolgirl being harassed by a gangster. Miyu steps in to intervene, and the gangster immediately cowers down and retreat. It turns out in the latter date, however, that it's because the gangster was under her, and he isn't supposed to be causing trouble with her fellow students.



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