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Nightmare Fuel / How To Date A Magical Girl!

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Main Story

    Semester One 
  • The first commotion within the school is a large, brutish demon summoned outside. However, that is just a tip of the iceburg...
  • When the player searches for Yui in the second-year wing, they encounter a recently-killed student in a blind spot of a corridor.
    Summer Vacation 
    Semester Two 
  • You thought that Sayori's suicide via hanging was bad enough? Wait until you see the tree demon, which has multiple people hanging on it. Really gives hanging out a new meaning.
    Post Semester Two 
  • Generally, starting at the holiday, a girl texted the player a random message over and over. Eventually, they finally decided to personally ask her about the texts, but when they arrived at her room, she is found dead. One by one, this is followed by another girl.
    • Kaori is found hung next to closet, with blood coming out of her eyes and mouth. Her eyes are also wide open, with her face expressing a default smile as she "look" at the player.
    • Of all the girls, Yui's death is perhaps the most brutal—her head is cut off from her body! Like Kaori, her decapitated head is faced towards the player, smiling.

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