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Nightmare Fuel / It Lives

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As a horror series, It Lives naturally provides plenty of them. Spoilers Off!

It Lives in the Woods
  • The very first chapter shows a full-detailed animation of the clay monster (using Dan's face) melting right in front of Devon.
  • Despite being an Asshole Victim, Ben getting mauled by a bear is described in full detail, including the sickening sound of his dislocating arm.
  • Devon finding outside of the window Cody's corpse impaled on a tree in the yard (pictured).
  • Chapter 10's flashback describes in full detail how Jane died.note 
  • The penultimate chapter, where characters can die terrible deaths. The picture that shows all the corpses isn't very nice either, especially if a lot of the gang died. The potential deaths are:
    • Ava having her body twisted before being throw into the ceiling and crashing into the ground.
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    • Andy having spiders crawl inside his body, eventually choking him to death.
    • Lily being pecked to death by bird-like creatures.
    • Dan having the air sucked from his lungs until he dies of asphyxiation.
    • Lucas having his heart (literally) crushed.
    • Stacy having her neck brutally snapped.

It Lives Beneath
Dragged to a watery grave...
  • In the first chapter, Harper sees how Kyle is dragged to the bottom of the lake by a skeletal monster (pictured). According to both Ned and Parker, this has happened during years, with the number of incidents increasing.
  • Ned tells Harper about how his wife died. Instead of opening the door, the locks looked forced from the inside, which implies that the bars in the windows are to prevent people from getting out, not to keep monsters outside. People from Pine Springs have to live in fear of being forced to drown every night, and are unable to admit there’s an evil force inhabiting the town, because they don’t want to be labeled as crazy pariahs like Ned.
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  • Chapter 4 ends with Harper, Danni, and Parker coming face to face with a Mix-and-Match Critter that resembles a zombified bear with two faces and a snake for a tail, which pounces on Harper.
  • Chapter 8 introduces another Mix-and-Match Critter. This one resembles a zombified Elk with two heads, one of which resembles more of a skull, covered with snakes. The Monster Bear is back. On top of that, the Lake Ghost makes its first full bodied appearance. It resembles a frail skeleton with glowing blue eyes and long green hair, who orders its minions to drown Harper and Elliot.
  • Chapter 13 reveals how the Society draws the Power. Arthur's former wife, Josephine, is staked to the bottom of the lake and every marlinspike ritual for new members to gain the Power just kills her again and again for over 50 years. No wonder she's pissed.
  • Chapter 15 will be the end for the friend with the lowest Nerve score if the group score is too low. The description is very gruesome, and the flashes of red make it worse. Tom is impaled by antlers, Imogen is mauled by a bear monster, Parker's head is bitten and crushed, and Danni is torn apart.
  • Chapter 17. The chapter is initially lighthearted, with Harper hanging out with their friends and family. There are one or two moments when it seems that Josephine is back, but they turn out to be Cat Scares. While you are cooking fishsticks at the end, you get an unwelcome visit from Richard Sutcliffe, who knocks you out with a syringe. He then traps you in a coffin and drops you into the lake. If you fail to break out, you die.

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